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Student Papers

Memory: A Paradigm for Reductionism?
mehrdad farahmand
A computational cognitive model of performance in the Iowa Gambling Task. Are Somatic Markers indicators of risk?
Sandra Theresia Weber
Analysis of conceptual metaphors of emotions in Slovak language
Dana Retova
Plasticity of the primary motor cortex in learning new movement trajectories
Andreas Kalckert
Situational Representation in Language Comprehension
Peter Jankovic
Mastering Architecture – Effects of explicit style related information and knowledge on appreciation of contemporary architecture
Petra Pesak
Enabling Spaces for Knowledge Creation and Innovation
Stefan Wiltschnig
How to communicate about language?
Birgit Peterson
What a Difference a Brain Makes - Motor Cortex Representations and Plasticity in Pianists vs. Non-Pianists
David Thallinger
Schopenhauer‘s Last Will
Ronald Sladky
Deficiency of Cognitive Control as a Predictor of Memory Intrusions
katharina anna turecek
Connectionist modelling of irregular verb flection in Williams Syndrome using two different learning algorithms
Isabella Hinterleitner
A Simple Model of Transferable Reputation
Andreas Schneeberger
How can we make sense of what we perceive?
Erik Hörtnagl
Why do people behave fair ?
Johanna Alexopoulos
False memory
Tomas Princ

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