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Posters (1st year)

Computational model of olfactory bulb modeled by izhikevich's spiking neurons
Peter Pruzinsky
A Two-Dimensional Simulation of Cooperation in Palaeolithic Societies
Tamas Madl
Processing of music: an fMRI study
Silvia Ursula Maier
Biologically inspired navigation on a mobile robot
Christian Papauschek
Content-based image retrieval using Hierarchical Temporal Memory
Vladimir Oravec
GABA-A Receptors in Anxiety and Fear
Elisabeth Engl
Game of Evolution
Jana Hlavacikova
The effect of study-test modality on long-term memorizing
Martin Sabik
Biologically based simulation of human locomotor neural circuits activated by spinal cord stimulation
Simon Michael Danner
Models of ethical decision making in health care
Simon Mayr
The Effect of Letter Order on Word Recognition
Monika Višňovská
Extending The SERA Project: Long-term Social Engagement with Robots and Agents
Martin Kysel
Representation of language corpus for automatic support system communicating in natural language
Maros Galik
Kaja Smole
Cognitive dysfunction in patients with essential tremor: a P300 pilot study
Tanja Levstek, Peter Petkovsek, Urska Stepanek
Sketch-tracking: Concept of experimental method for visuomotor behavioral analyses.
Milan Uhercik
Model of Sentence Comprehension in Visual Context
Peter Galiovsky
Evaluation of the national program of politics of nutrition 2005-10 and preparation of recommendations for the national program of politics of nutrition 2011-2020
Zeljka Augustinovic
Sasko Djurasevic
Treating children with epilepsy
Mateja / Milharcic

Talk (2nd year)

Correcting Errors in Automatic Speech Recognition in Medical Reports Using Semantic Knowledge
Stephanie Schreitter
Artificial consciousness
Andrej Paholik
Toward Evolutionary Design Optimization by Cellular Representations with Implicit Ontogeny
Jana Hlavacikova
Automatic detection of security issues using the methods from AI
Kristian Valentin
Measuring the capacity of verbal and visuospatial working memory
Hana Stefunkova
The relation of elaboration and liking in aesthetic perception: Aesthetics as the pleasure of enacting meaning
Claudia Muth
Interaction of Psycholinguistics and Pragmatics from the view of Gricean Cooperation Principle
Jan Kreps
Logical cognitive analysis of legal reasoning
Martin Bies
Word Comprehension and its Concept Activations: The Influence of Context on Visual Search Task.
Lukas Trojcak
Simulation of a mobile robot tracking a free rolling ball
Tomas Rapcan
Cognitive structures responsible for movement of a flock
Branislav Malinovsky
Cognitive neurophysiologic models of conscious and nonconscious states
Roberto Cruz Murcia
The influence of sleep deprivation on cognitive functions of human
Miroslav Kunik
Relationship between conceptual and linguistic systems: toward a connectionist modelling approach
Peter Fugger
Emotional decision making in Artificial intelligence
Radoslav Skoviera
Computational models involving mirror neurons as their inspiration to achieve learning by imitation in autonomous robots.
Diego Leonel Rojas Luna
Visual attention and action 3D video games
Michal Badura
Teams in isolated confined environments
Peter Vavra
Voice controlled mouse cursor
Jan Kolek
Modeling joint visual attention using neural networks.
Martin Bezak
Non-verbal Cognitive Dysfunction in Children with Specific Language Impairment
Barbara Plagg
Family Holiday: Addressing collective coherence towards better understanding of emotional group-decision making
Sebastian Bachmann
Utilization of text analysis in blog portal
Dominik Martinicky
Making Sense
Raphael Deimel
Media-philosophy meets cognitive science
Simone Maria Uebelhart
A Human and System Error Approach to Aviation Accident Prevention
Irene Stepniczka

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