Publishing the Pez letters

The passive correspondence of the brothers Pez preserved at Melk Abbey Archives comprises some 1000 letters from the years 1709–1763. Their intended publication is calculated to be distributed over four volumes as follows:

Volume I:


267 letters


Volume II:


ca. 270 letters

Volume III:


ca. 280 letters

Volume IV:


ca. 280 letters

The fourth and final volume will also contain an additional ca. 80 letters of hitherto uncatalogued correspondence of Hieronymus Pez, as well as any additions and corrections to the preceding volumes.

With the exception of Volume I (published in 2010), these numbers include only the letters preserved in Melk. The letters are reproduced in their (usually Latin) original text with German summaries and accompanied by detailed commentary. Each volume contains a separate index and bibliography.

Visualizations of the Pez Correspondence, realized with Palladio: geographical range for the entire correspondence - extract from the network graph for the years 1709-1718.

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