The project team


Mag. Manuela Mayer

Copy-editing and supplementary research for volume II of the Pez letters.

Dr. Ines Peper

Correspondences with Viennese court, Italy, Leipzig. Teaching material for schools.

MMag. Dr. Irene Rabl                                 

Preparation of the digital Pez papers for the database Unidam.

Dr. Thomas Wallnig MAS

Correspondences with central Germany. Project leader, administrator.

Researchers associated on the basis of work contracts

Dr. Cornelia Faustmann

Correspondences with J. Buchels, J.G: Eckhart and O. Legipont after 1721.

Dr. Claudia Sojer

Correspondences with A. Calmet, C. Freschot, J. Edlinger and Italian Benedictines, 1716–1720.

Joëlle Weis, MA

Correspondence with J.F. Schannat.

MMag. Gabriela Winkler

Correspondence with L. Wydemann, 1721–1724.

"Thesaurus Mellicensis" project

Dr. Cornelia Faustmann

Editing of the volume "Thesaurus Mellicensis 2: Die Brüder Pez und die barocke Gelehrsamkeit im Stift Melk".

Partner project "The virtual library of the Charterhouse of Gaming"

MMag. Patrick Fiska

Contributor to the "Thesaurus Mellicensis". 2008-2011: correspondences of Anselm Schramb and Leopold Wydemann. Public relations. Researcher in the partner project "The virtual library of the Charterhouse of Gaming"

Project members currently without contract

Abubakar Sidyk Bisayew

2009–2012: Digitisation, technical duties (non-research staff).

Dr. Thomas Stockinger MAS

Contributor to the "Thesaurus Mellicensis". Co-Editing of volume II of the Pez correspondence. 2008–2011: correspondences with southern German Benedictines. Homepage, project library.


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