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The database is still under construction and will be successively completed over the next couple of months. For the time being, the entries focus on compositions that are up to now unedited and therefore difficult to access.

As the completed catalogue of works will be published in English, the content of the database is also in that language. Please consider this fact in your queries.

In order to provide the user with all the information gathered so far, entries based on secondary literature and not checked in person are already included. Those entries are written in red colour to distinguish them from verified information.

If you have any questions regarding compositions not yet entered into the database please do not hesitate to contact us. Any remarks, corrections, and suggestions are also most welcome and we will gladly receive your message.


List of abbreviated Liturgica

AA = Antiphonarium Augustense, Augsburg: Erhard Ratdolt, 1495 = GW 2062, used copy: D-Mbs 2 Inc.c.a.3159

AM = Antiphonale Monasticum pro diurnis horis, Paris etc., 1934

AP = Antiphonarium [Pataviense], Vienna: Johannes Winterburger, 1519 = VD16 A 2946, used copy: D-Mbs 2 Liturg. 11 e

AR = Antiphonale sacrosanctae romanae ecclesiae pro diurnis horis, Paris etc., 1949

GP = Graduale Pataviense, Vienna: Johannes Winterburger, 1511 = VD16 G 2728, used copy: D-Mbs 2 Liturg. 451 p

GR = Graduale sacrosanctae romanae ecclesiae de tempore et de sanctis, Paris etc., 1957

LU = Liber Usualis Missae et Officii pro dominicis et festis cum cantu gregoriano ex editione vaticana adamussim excerpto, Paris etc., 1964

Montanus & Neuber [1548] = [Responsoria quae annuatim in veteri ecclesia de tempore, festis et sanctis, cantari solent] Liber canticorum quae vulgo responsoria vocantur, secundum anni ordinem, Dominicis & Festis diebus hactenus servatum vaeneunt, Nuremberg: Montanus & Neuber, [ca. 1548] = VD16 R 1198, used copy: D-Mbs Liturg. 704

Neuber 1562 = Responsoria quae annuatim in veteri ecclesia te tempore, festis et sanctis cantari solent. Additis etiam quibusdam aliis communibus canticis, ut in indice omnia cernere licet, Nuremberg: Valentin Neuber, 1562 = VD16 R 1201, used copy: D-Mbs Liturg. 1173

Stuchs 1509 = Responsoria noviter cum notis impressa de tempore et sanctis per totum annum regentibus & scolaribus utilissima, Nuremberg: Johann Stuchs, 1509 = VD16 R 1197, used copy: D-Mu W 4 Liturg. 316