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This collection contains currently 2000 Chinese songs by approximately 150 artists on more than 180 albums from about 60 record labels. It is embedded in the record database of the musicology institute of Vienna University.


The collected music embraces many genres and styles (pop, folk, rock, punk, metal, electronic, experimental, jazz, live recordings, field recordings, etc.) and was published between 1990 - 2010, two decades in which China underwent tremendous changes and saw the emerge of popular music.


The Collection was made possible with help by o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik at the sinology department and Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann at the musicology institute of Vienna University. Special thanks go to Mag. Michael Hagleitner, who was responsible for all the technical aspects of the database, and to Miyoung Park, who helped a lot with the translations.
Lukas Kirschner is currently doctoral student of musicology at the University of Vienna. His research focus is on Chinese folk music and popular culture. He studies musicology since 2007 and sinology from 2003-2010 at Vienna University, Qiqihar University, and Fudan University. All the records stored in the KCCCM-database are in his possession, and the collection will be extended.


Search the KCCCM


The music can be searched by artist-, album- and song-titles in English, Chinese Characters and Pinyin respectively. The Pinyin-search follows a few simple rules:

  • add a space between each syllable; e.g. 无能的力量 = wu neng de li liang, 早知道 = zao zhi dao, etc.
  • = er (not "r")
  • = shei (not "shui")
  • ü = v ( nü = nv ; 绿 lü = lv)



    Andreas Steen Collection: Extensive Database on Chinese Music at the University Heidelberg.

    China Music Radar: "An insider's look at China's burgeoning music industry"

    Rock in China: "A collaborative project bringing together information about bands, people, and places related to the underground/independent music scene in China"

    Yaogun: A very comprehensive and detailed "Chinese Rock Database" (in Japanese)

    Mogo: Chinese "Youtube Clone" focused on Musik (in Chinese)

    Keep Making Sense: Website from Jeroen Groenewegen (in Dutch and English)


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