From Abstract to Computational Harmonic Analysis
June 13 - 19, 2011 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA 


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  1. "Asymptotics of the short-time Fourier transform"
    Aceska, Roza

  2. "Balian-Low in shift-invariant spaces with additional invariance"
    Aldroubi, Akram

  3. "Partial inner product spaces, a unifying concept in functional analysis"
    Antoine, Jean-Pierre

  4. "Using Continuous Zak Transform to Construct Generalized Gabor Frames"
    Arefijamaal, Ali akbar

  5. "Frames and Semi-Frames"
    Balazs, Peter

  6. "The Derivative of the Phase Around the Zeros of the Short-Time Fourier Transform"
    Bayer, Dominik

  7. "Frames: CAZAC sequences, and potential theory for sampling and classification"
    Benedetto, John

  8. "Diffusive wavelets - theory and applications"
    Bernstein, Swanhild

  9. "Foundation of Digital Signal Processing: Signal Spaces, System Representation, and Quantization Effects"
    Boche, Holger

  10. "Weyl-Heisenberg frames and the capacity of fading channels"
    Boelcskei, Helmut

  11. "Extensions of basic relations valid for Bernstein spaces to wider spaces"
    Butzer, Paul; Schmeisser, Gerhard; Stens, Rolf L.,

  12. "An update on the Feichtinger Conjecture"
    Casazza, Pete

  13. "Classical and modern aspects of atomic decomposition - a tribute to Hans Feichtinger"
    Christensen, Ole

  14. "Shearlet Coorbit Spaces: General Setting, Compactly Supported Shearlets, Traces, and Embeddings"
    Dahlke, Stephan

  15. " Harmonic Analysis applied to the study of fine arts"
    Daubechies, Ingrid

  16. "Born-Jordan pseudo-differential operators "
    de Gosson, Maurice

  17. "Construction, computation, and properties of solutions of the acoustic and elastic wave equations with coefficients of limited smoothness: An approach using wave packets"
    de Hoop, Maarten V.

  18. "Mathematics as a reading glass for music"
    Doerfler, Monika

  19. "Numerical experiments about the inversion of the spherical Radon transform on SO(3)"
    Ferreira, Milton

  20. "New applications of compression in numerical simulation in high dimension"
    Fornasier, Massimo

  21. "Characterizing abelian admissible groups"
    Führ, Hartmut

  22. "Discrete Gabor transform on finite non-abelian groups"
    Ghaani Farashahi, Arash

  23. "Hans Feichtinger: From Abstract to Computational Harmonic Analysis"
    Groechenig, Karlheinz

  24. "Local Approximation of Dual Atom for Gabor Frames"
    Grybos, Anna

  25. "A tale of two conjectures"
    Heil, Chris

  26. "From Harmonic Analysis to Compressive Channel Estimation"
    Hlawatsch, Franz

  27. "Hypercomplex signal processing"
    Hogan, Jeff

  28. "Multistep nonstationary Gabor frames for adaptive signal analysis"
    Holighaus, Nicki; Velasco, Gino,

  29. "A Szegö-Result for Doubly-Dispersive Communication Channels"
    Jung, Peter

  30. "Dilation of the Weyl symbol and Balian-Low Theorem"
    Kaiblinger, Norbert; Feichtinger, Hans G.; Ascensi, Gerard,

  31. "Covariant transform"
    Kisil, Vladimir

  32. "Norm-controlled inversion by smoothness principles"
    Klotz, Andreas

  33. "Periodic tight wavelet frames with optimal uncertainty constants"
    Lebedeva, Elena

  34. "Wiener's Theorem on hypergroups"
    Leinert, Michael

  35. "Compactly supported shearlet frames and optimally sparse approximations of functions in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^3)$"
    Lemvig, Jakob

  36. "Continuous and Discontinuous Shearlets."
    Lim, Wang-Q

  37. "Some Gabor transforms with complex coloring"
    Lócsi, Levente

  38. "Feichtinger's algebra and the Stone-von Neumann Theorem"
    Luef, Franz

  39. "Gabor frames from Hermite function"
    Lyubarskii, Yurii

  40. "Convergence and Summability of Cardinal Series"
    Madych, W.

  41. "High Dimensional Classification with Multiscale Group Invariants"
    Mallat, Stephane

  42. "Almost Painless Nonstationary Gabor Frames"
    Matusiak, Ewa

  43. "Irregular Anisotropic Wavelets"
    Molter, Ursula

  44. "Quaternionic Wavelets"
    Morris, Andrew

  45. "Pointwise multipliers of modulation spaces"
    Narimani, Ghassem

  46. "The metaplectic representation for finite groups"
    Neuhauser, Markus

  47. "On the wavelet shift operator"
    Paluszynski, Maciej

  48. "Hyperbolic wavelets and multiresolution in $H^2(\Bbb T)$"
    Pap, Margit

  49. "Shannon-Nyquist sampling on combinatorial graphs"
    Pesenson, Isaac

  50. "Adaptive Multiscale Analysis of Data on Graphs and in High Dimensions:a Synchronization-based Approach"
    Pesenson, Isaac

  51. "Rational bases for spaces of holomorphic functions in the disc"
    Petrushev, Pencho

  52. "Some results on multiplier of countinuous frames"
    Rahimi, Asghar

  53. "A New Approach to Multiresolution Analysis Conditions on LCA Groups"
    Raisi Tousi, Reihaneh

  54. "Smooth and compactly-supported multivariate windows for Gabor frames"
    Rashkov, Peter

  55. "Time-frequency structured measurement matrices in compressive sensing"
    Rauhut, Holger

  56. "Calculation of Non Canonical coefficients In Frame Expansion"
    Samarah, Salti

  57. "Extrapolation in Variable RKHSs with Application to the Blood Glucose Reading"
    Sampath, Sivananthan

  58. "On generalized K - Functionals and moduli of smoothness related to trigonometric approximation"
    Schmeisser, Hans-J.

  59. "MRA based wavelet frame and applications"
    Shen, Zuowei

  60. "Sufficient and necessary conditions for the invertibility of multipliers"
    Stoeva, Diana

  61. "The Fundamental Theorem of Harmonic Analysis and its Socio-Philosophical Implications"
    Strohmer, Thomas

  62. "The inclusion relation between Sobolev and modulation spaces"
    Sugimoto, Mitsuru

  63. "Greedy Approximation"
    Temlyakov, Vladimir

  64. "Gabor and time-frequency transforms in the context of acoustic signal processing"
    Torresani, Bruno

  65. "Generalized coorbit space theory and inhomogeneous function spaces of Besov-Lizorkin-Triebel type"
    Ullrich, Tino

  66. "Embeddings of $\alpha$-modulation spaces in Besov spaces"
    Wahlberg, Patrik

  67. "On the characterization of harmonic functions on weighted spaces"
    Weit, Yitzhak

  68. "Digital Shearlet Transform on Pseudo-Polar Grids"
    Zhuang, Xiaosheng

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