From Abstract to Computational Harmonic Analysis
June 13 - 19, 2011 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA 


Plenary talks:
John Benedetto
University of Maryland
»Frames: CAZAC sequences, and potential theory for sampling and classification
Holger Boche
»Foundation of Digital Signal Processing: Signal Spaces, System Representation, and Quantization Effects
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Ingrid Daubechies
Duke University
» Harmonic Analysis applied to the study of fine arts
Maarten V. de Hoop
Purdue University
»Construction, computation, and properties of solutions of the acoustic and elastic wave equations with coefficients of limited smoothness: An approach using wave packets

Invited talks:
Akram Aldroubi
Department of Mathematics Vanderbilt University Nashville
»Balian-Low in shift-invariant spaces with additional invariance
Jean-Pierre Antoine
Université catholique de Louvain
»Partial inner product spaces, a unifying concept in functional analysis
Helmut Boelcskei
ETH Zurich
»Weyl-Heisenberg frames and the capacity of fading channels
Paul Butzer
RWTH Aachen University
Gerhard Schmeisser
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
»Extensions of basic relations valid for Bernstein spaces to wider spaces
Pete Casazza
University of Missouri
»An update on the Feichtinger Conjecture
Ole Christensen
University of Denmark
»Classical and modern aspects of atomic decomposition - a tribute to Hans Feichtinger
Stephan Dahlke
Philipps-Universität Marburg
»Shearlet Coorbit Spaces: General Setting, Compactly Supported Shearlets, Traces, and Embeddings
Maurice de Gosson
NuHAG, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna
»Born-Jordan pseudo-differential operators
Monika Dörfler
NuHAG, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna
»Mathematics as a reading glass for music
Massimo Fornasier
Austrian Academy of Sciences
»New applications of compression in numerical simulation in high dimension
Karlheinz Gröchenig
University of Vienna
Chris Heil
School of Mathematics Georgia Tech Atlanta
»A tale of two conjectures
Franz Hlawatsch
Institute of Telecommunications, Vienna University of Technology
»From Harmonic Analysis to Compressive Channel Estimation
Michael Leinert
Universität Heidelberg
»Wiener's Theorem on hypergroups
Franz Luef
NuHAG Univ. Vienna
»Feichtinger's algebra and the Stone-von Neumann Theorem
Yurii Lyubarskii
Department of Mathematics Trondheim
»Gabor frames from Hermite function
W. Madych
Univ. of Connecticut, USA
»Convergence and Summability of Cardinal Series
Stephane Mallat
Ecole Polytechnique
»High Dimensional Classification with Multiscale Group Invariants
Ursula Molter
Buenos Aires, Argentina
»Irregular Anisotropic Wavelets
Isaac Pesenson
Temple University, Philadelphia
»Shannon-Nyquist sampling on combinatorial graphs
Pencho Petrushev
University of South Carolina
»Rational bases for spaces of holomorphic functions in the disc
Holger Rauhut
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, University of Bonn
»Time-frequency structured measurement matrices in compressive sensing
Hans-Juergen Schmeisser
University of Jena
»On generalized K - Functionals and moduli of smoothness related to trigonometric approximation
Zuowei Shen
Department of Mathematics National University of Singapore
»MRA based wavelet frame and applications
Thomas Strohmer
University of California, Davis
»The Fundamental Theorem of Harmonic Analysis and its Socio-Philosophical Implications
Mitsuru Sugimoto
Nagoya University
»The inclusion relation between Sobolev and modulation spaces
Vladimir Temlyakov
Department of Mathematics, University of South Carolina
»Greedy Approximation
Bruno Torresani
University of Marseille
»Gabor and time-frequency transforms in the context of acoustic signal processing
Yitzhak Weit
University of Haifa
»On the characterization of harmonic functions on weighted spaces

Poster session I (Wednesday) 
Roza Aceska
   »Asymptotics of the short-time Fourier transform
Ali akbar Arefijamaal
   »Using Continuous Zak Transform to Construct Generalized Gabor Frames
Dominik Bayer
   »The Derivative of the Phase Around the Zeros of the Short-Time Fourier Transform
Milton Ferreira
   »Numerical experiments about the inversion of the spherical Radon transform on SO(3)
Hartmut Führ
   »Characterizing abelian admissible groups
Anna Grybos
   »Local Approximation of Dual Atom for Gabor Frames
Jeff Hogan
   »Hypercomplex signal processing
Holighaus, Nicki; Velasco, Gino
   »Multistep nonstationary Gabor frames for adaptive signal analysis
Peter Jung
   »A Szegö-Result for Doubly-Dispersive Communication Channels
Kaiblinger, Norbert; Feichtinger, Hans G.; Ascensi, Gerard
   »Dilation of the Weyl symbol and Balian-Low Theorem
Vladimir Kisil
   »Covariant transform
Andreas Klotz
   »Norm-controlled inversion by smoothness principles
Elena Lebedeva
   »Periodic tight wavelet frames with optimal uncertainty constants
Levente Lócsi
   »Some Gabor transforms with complex coloring
Ewa Matusiak
   »Almost Painless Nonstationary Gabor Frames
Ghassem Narimani
   »Pointwise multipliers of modulation spaces
Markus Neuhauser
   »The metaplectic representation for finite groups
Peter Rashkov
   »Smooth and compactly-supported multivariate windows for Gabor frames
Patrik Wahlberg
   »Embeddings of $\alpha$-modulation spaces in Besov spaces

Poster session II (Friday) 
Peter Balazs
   »Frames and Semi-Frames
Swanhild Bernstein
   »Diffusive wavelets - theory and applications
Miroslav Englis
   »Wigner transform on symmetric spaces
Arash Ghaani Farashahi
   »Discrete Gabor transform on finite non-abelian groups
Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol
   »On the ContinuousWavelet Transforms Associated to a Semidirect Product Group and homogeneous Spaces
Jakob Lemvig
   »Compactly supported shearlet frames and optimally sparse approximations of functions in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^3)$
Wang-Q Lim
   »Continuous and Discontinuous Shearlets.
Andrew Morris
   »Quaternionic Wavelets
Maciej Paluszynski
   »On the wavelet shift operator
Margit Pap
   »Hyperbolic wavelets and multiresolution in $H^2(\Bbb T)$
Isaac Pesenson
   »Adaptive Multiscale Analysis of Data on Graphs and in High Dimensions:a Synchronization-based Approach
Asghar Rahimi
   »Some results on multiplier of countinuous frames
Reihaneh Raisi Tousi
   »A New Approach to Multiresolution Analysis Conditions on LCA Groups
Salti Samarah
   »Calculation of Non Canonical coefficients In Frame Expansion
Sivananthan Sampath
   »Extrapolation in Variable RKHSs with Application to the Blood Glucose Reading
Diana Stoeva
   »Sufficient and necessary conditions for the invertibility of multipliers
Nenad Teofanov
   »Wave-front sets and modulation spaces
Tino Ullrich
   »Generalized coorbit space theory and inhomogeneous function spaces of Besov-Lizorkin-Triebel type
Xiaosheng Zhuang
   »Digital Shearlet Transform on Pseudo-Polar Grids

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