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 current event: International Conference on Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics (Strobl/Wolfgangsee (AUSTRIA) )

derstandard: "Ein Wörterbuch für den Datenwald"
Karin Schnass sucht einfache Beschreibungen für komplexe Daten

02.07.2014: Glad to announce that Monika Dörfler gave birth to Flora!

16.06.2014: Karin Schnass received the START project
"Optimisation Principles, Models and Algorithms for Dictionary Learning"
(masterthesis "Gabor Multipliers. A self-contained survey" [2004] advisor Prof. H.G.Feichtinger)

Strobl14 Modern Time-Frequency Analysis
02. - 06. June 2014 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

13.05.2014: NuHAG wird Internships im Rahmen des folgenden Programmes zur Verfuegung stellen. Anmeldung via FFG (Kontaktaufnahme mit Prof. Feichtinger
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Thomas Strohmer and Matthew Herman was one of the five recipients of the Best Paper award by the IEEE Signal Processing Society.
Matthew Herman and Thomas Strohmer,
"High-Resolution Radar via Compressed Sensing",
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing,
Volume: 57, No. 6, June 2009.
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