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Today: Thursday, 30. October 2014

14:00 H1par#---Chair: Baranov: Nir Lev Sampling on quasicrystals"
17:05 H2par#---Chair: Sundberg: Brett Wick Bounds for localized operator with matrix Muckenhoupt weights"
14:55 H1par#---Chair: Baranov: Konstantin Fedorovskiy $L^1$-estimates of derivatives of univalent rational functions and related topics"
16:10 H1par#---Chair: Baranov: Grigori Rozenblioum Finite rank operators in the Fock space and the $\bar{\partial}$ equation in certain spaces of distributions"
14:00 H2par#---Chair: Sundberg: Dragan Vukotic The Krzyz conjecture: an extremal problem for non-vanishing bounded analytic functions"
09:00 G#---Chair: Seip: Alexander Olevskii On Fourier quasicrystals"
14:55 H2par#---Chair: Sundberg: Konstantin Dyakonov Differentiation and factoring: Gauss-Lucas type theorems on the disk"
11:10 G#---Chair: Seip: Omar El Fallah On the Dirichlet type spaces"
10:10 G#---Chair: Seip: Carl Sundberg The transitive algebra problem"
18:00 O#---Chair: Haslinger: Miroslav Englis Analytic continuation of Toeplitz operators"
16:10 H2par#---Chair: Sundberg: Frederic Bayart Bohr radius and infinite dimensional holomorphy"
11:50 G#---Chair: Seip: Roman Bessonov Atomic decomposition of coinvariant subspaces of $H^1$"
17:05 H1par#---Chair: Baranov: Gady Kozma Riesz bases of exponentials for finite unions of intervals"

next event:
[31.10.2014 morlet-conf] (09:00) J#---Chair: Feichtinger: Haakan Hedenmalm "Weighted integrability of polyharmonic functions and the uniqueness theorem of Holmgren"
[31.10.2014 morlet-conf] (10:10) J#---Chair: Feichtinger: Luís Daniel Abreu "Gabor-Toeplitz and polyanalytic ensembles"
[31.10.2014 morlet-conf] (11:10) J#---Chair: Feichtinger: Nicola Arcozzi "Invariant metrics for the quaternionic Hardy space"
[31.10.2014 morlet-conf] (11:50) J#---Chair: Feichtinger: Davide Barbieri "A Bargmann transform for semidirect products"
[31.10.2014 morlet-conf] (14:00) K#---Chair: Madych: Luís V. Pessoa "On the structure of polyharmonic Bergman spaces"

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