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Today: Saturday, 25. October 2014

... no events today

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[27.10.2014 morlet-conf] (09:00) : Hans G. Feichtinger "Function spaces in harmonic analysis and coorbit theory"
[27.10.2014 morlet-conf] (10:10) A#---Chair: Zhu: Wolodymyr Madych "Convergence and summability of cardinal sine series"
[27.10.2014 morlet-conf] (11:10) A#---Chair: Zhu: Kryzstof Nowak "Szegö type spectral asymptotics of Gabor phase space localization operators"
[27.10.2014 morlet-conf] (11:50) A#---Chair: Zhu: Margit Pap "The voice transforms of the Blaschke group, discretization results"
[27.10.2014 morlet-conf] (14:00) B#---Chair: Olevskii: Joaquim Ortega-Cerdŕ "Orthonormal flat polynomials in the sphere"

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