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Today: Monday, 29. May 2017

... no events today

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[05.06.2017 atfa2017] (09:30) : Karlheinz Groechenig "Gabor frames, non-uniform sampling in shift-invariant spaces, and totally positive functions"
[05.06.2017 atfa2017] (10:20) : Stephan Dahlke "Recent Progress in Coorbit Space Theory"
[05.06.2017 atfa2017] (11:40) : Filippo De Mari "Shearlets, wavelets and the Radon transform"
[05.06.2017 atfa2017] (12:05) : Michael Speckbacher "A planar large sieve and sparsity of time-frequency representations"
[05.06.2017 atfa2017] (12:30) : Felix Voigtlaender "Structured Banach frame decompositions of decomposition spaces"

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