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Strobl11 From Abstract to Computational Harmonic Analysis
13. - 19. June 2011 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

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26-27.05.2010: 1st international Audio-Miner Workshop:
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Strobl09 Conference on Time-Frequency
15. - 20. June 2009 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

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18-22.06.2007: International Conference - Strobl07
"Trends in Harmonic Analysis"

[Strobl, Salzburg, AUSTRIA]
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Seminar talks:

[25.03.2010] (13:30) Ulas Ayaz: "Non uniform sparse recovery with Gaussian matrices"
[05.03.2010] (14:00) Massimo Fornasier: "Variational Calculus and Geometric Measure Theory"
[16.11.2007] (13:45) Monika Doerfler: "Localization in time-frequency - quilted frames and related problems"
[11.06.2007] (12:00) Pete Casazza: "The Cocktail Party Problem"
[21.05.2007] (:) Holger Rauhut: "Inverse Problems with Sparsity Constraints"
[14.05.2007] (11:15) Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Local bases of homogeneous functions for refinable SIS,"
[07.05.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Random Sampling of Bandlimited Functions"
[23.04.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Open discussion"
[16.04.2007] (11:15) Demetrio Labate: "Shearlets and Fourier integral operators"
[02.04.2007] (14:00) Demetrio Labate: "Optimally sparse representations using shearlets. Theory and applications."
[26.03.2007] (11:15) Dominik Bayer: "Localization operators and the Berezin transform"
[19.03.2007] (11:15) Tomasz Hrycak: "The MUSIC Algorithm and its Applications in Signal Processing"
[05.03.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "New Criteria for Gabor Frames"
[29.01.2007] (11:15) EUCETIFA team: "EUCETIA meeting (mathematical and other plans of the team?)"
[22.01.2007] (11:15) Mariusz Piotrowski: "An overview over results in the theory of alpha-modulation spaces"
[15.01.2007] (11:15) Bertram Schreiber: "Operator Spaces, Stochastic Processes, Multimeasure Convolution Algebras, and Unitary Group Representations"
[08.01.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor (super) frames with Hermite functions"
[11.12.2006] (10:15) Hans G. Feichtinger: "VORLESUNG FEICHTINGER:"
[04.12.2006] (11:15) Jeff Hogan: "Sampling in PSI spaces and a naive wavelet construction"
[27.11.2006] (11:15) Thierry Paul: "On long time semiclassical propagation of coherent states"
[13.11.2006] (11:15) EUCETIFA team: "EUCETIFA: general discussion"
[06.11.2006] (11::1) Spyros Dendrinos: "A weighted Fourier restriction theorem for $H^1$ functions"
[30.10.2006] (11:15) Mariusz Piotrowski: "Vector Valued Fourier Transforms and Fourier Type Operators"
[23.10.2006] (11:15) Markus Neuhauser: "The metaplectic representation for finite cyclic groups"
[16.10.2006] (11:15) Jeffrey Hogan: "Hypercomplex signal processing"
[09.10.2006] (11:15) Maurice de Gosson: "The Metaplectic Group as a Group of Pseudo-Differential Operators"
[19.06.2006] (11:15) Stephan Dahlke: "Adaptive Wavelet-Verfahren fĂŒr elliptische Operatorgleichungen: Theoretische Analyse und praktische Realisierung"
[12.06.2006] (11:15) Elena Cordero: "Short-Time Fourier Transform Analysis of Localization Operators"
[29.05.2006] (11:15) Holger Rauhut: "Random Sampling of Sparse Trigonometric Polynomials"
[22.05.2006] (11:15) Joel Tropp: "Sublinear Algorithms for Compressed Sensing"
[15.05.2006] (11:15) Edwin Hammerich: "Sampling in shift-invariant spaces with Gaussian generator"
[08.05.2006] (11:15) Andreas Klotz: "Limit operators in the work of Rabinovich, Roch, and Silbermann"
[27.04.2006] (14:10) Dominik Bayer: "Pseudodifferential Operators and Time-Frequency Representations"
[03.04.2006] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor Frames with Hermite Functions"
[27.03.2006] (12:05) Gitta Kutyniok: "Fusion Frames: Redundant Representations under Distributed Processing Requirements"
[20.03.2006] (11:15) Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "The discrete Carleson operator (continuation)"
[13.03.2006] (11:15) Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "The discrete Carleson operator"
[06.03.2006] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Begin of the TIME-FREQUENCY SEMINAR"
[06.03.2006] (11:30) Michael Lamoureux: "Pseudodifferential Operators and Seismic Imaging"
[15.12.2005] (14:10) Nicolas Lerner: "On a Wiener-type algebra of pseudodifferential operators Wiener-type algebra of pseudodifferential operators"
[22.11.2005] (15:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Random Sampling of Trigonometric Polynomials"
[14.11.2005] (15:00) Holger Rauhut: "Uniform Uncertainty Principle for the Fourier bases"
[..20] (:) Mariusz Piotrowski: "On the degree of compactness of embeddings between weighted modulation spaces"

regular events:

Wed., 11:15-12:45 D103 [Prof. Feichtinger]:
Mon., 11:15-13:00 D107:
[31.10.2016] (11:00) Bayram Uelgen: "Signal- und Bildverarbeitung im Kontext Höherer Mathematik. Grundlegende Vorstellungen und Chancen aus der Sicht der Mathematikdidaktik"
[28.06.2010] (11:15) Fernando Cobos: "Limiting real interpolation spaces"
[06.04.2009] (11:00) Hans G. Feichtinger: "MATLAB for Spline type spaces at NuHAG"
[14.05.2007] (11:15) Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Local bases of homogeneous functions for refinable SIS,"
[07.05.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Random Sampling of Bandlimited Functions"
[23.04.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Open discussion"
[16.04.2007] (11:15) Demetrio Labate: "Shearlets and Fourier integral operators"
[26.03.2007] (11:15) Dominik Bayer: "Localization operators and the Berezin transform"
[19.03.2007] (11:15) Tomasz Hrycak: "The MUSIC Algorithm and its Applications in Signal Processing"
[05.03.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "New Criteria for Gabor Frames"
[29.01.2007] (11:15) EUCETIFA team: "EUCETIA meeting (mathematical and other plans of the team?)"
[22.01.2007] (11:15) Mariusz Piotrowski: "An overview over results in the theory of alpha-modulation spaces"
[15.01.2007] (11:15) Bertram Schreiber: "Operator Spaces, Stochastic Processes, Multimeasure Convolution Algebras, and Unitary Group Representations"
[08.01.2007] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor (super) frames with Hermite functions"
[04.12.2006] (11:15) Jeff Hogan: "Sampling in PSI spaces and a naive wavelet construction"
[27.11.2006] (11:15) Thierry Paul: "On long time semiclassical propagation of coherent states"
[13.11.2006] (11:15) EUCETIFA team: "EUCETIFA: general discussion"
[06.11.2006] (11::1) Spyros Dendrinos: "A weighted Fourier restriction theorem for $H^1$ functions"
[30.10.2006] (11:15) Mariusz Piotrowski: "Vector Valued Fourier Transforms and Fourier Type Operators"
[23.10.2006] (11:15) Markus Neuhauser: "The metaplectic representation for finite cyclic groups"
[16.10.2006] (11:15) Jeffrey Hogan: "Hypercomplex signal processing"
[09.10.2006] (11:15) Maurice de Gosson: "The Metaplectic Group as a Group of Pseudo-Differential Operators"
[19.06.2006] (11:15) Stephan Dahlke: "Adaptive Wavelet-Verfahren fĂŒr elliptische Operatorgleichungen: Theoretische Analyse und praktische Realisierung"
[12.06.2006] (11:15) Elena Cordero: "Short-Time Fourier Transform Analysis of Localization Operators"
[29.05.2006] (11:15) Holger Rauhut: "Random Sampling of Sparse Trigonometric Polynomials"
[22.05.2006] (11:15) Joel Tropp: "Sublinear Algorithms for Compressed Sensing"
[15.05.2006] (11:15) Edwin Hammerich: "Sampling in shift-invariant spaces with Gaussian generator"
[08.05.2006] (11:15) Andreas Klotz: "Limit operators in the work of Rabinovich, Roch, and Silbermann"
[24.04.2006] (11:15) Marie Wild: "Discrete-time Besov spaces and their characterizations"
[03.04.2006] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor Frames with Hermite Functions"
[27.03.2006] (11:05) Milton Ferreira: "Continuous wavelet transform on the unit sphere using Clifford Analysis"
[27.03.2006] (12:05) Gitta Kutyniok: "Fusion Frames: Redundant Representations under Distributed Processing Requirements"
[20.03.2006] (11:15) Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "The discrete Carleson operator (continuation)"
[13.03.2006] (11:15) Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "The discrete Carleson operator"
[06.03.2006] (11:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Begin of the TIME-FREQUENCY SEMINAR"
[06.03.2006] (11:30) Michael Lamoureux: "Pseudodifferential Operators and Seismic Imaging"

Tue., 15:00-17:00 A101:
[06.11.2012] (15:00) Eugenia Malinnikova: "Uncertainty Principles for Bases and Generating Systems"
[21.02.2012] (15:00) Vaclav Mach: "Informal presentation of Research Collaboration (Audio Inpainting)"
[12.10.2010] (15:30) Tomas Sauer: "The discrete shearlet transform"
[22.11.2005] (15:15) Karlheinz Groechenig: "Random Sampling of Trigonometric Polynomials"
[15.11.2005] (15:00) Lizhong Peng: "Localization operators based on the Weyl transforms"
[08.11.2005] (15:15) Holger Rauhut: "Uniform Uncertainty Principle for the Fourier bases"

Thu., 14:10-15:10 D103:
[19.05.2011] (14:30) Jim Byrnes: "Unimodular Polynomials: Many Problems"
[18.03.2010] (14:00) Helmut Bölcskei: "Capacity of underspread fading channels"
[29.06.2006] (14:10) Harald Stockinger: "Weight functions in time-frequency analysis"
[22.06.2006] (14:10) Esin Esin: "Some basic facts about wavelets (according to M.Holschneider's book)"
[08.06.2006] (14:10) Norbert Kaiblinger: "The finite time-frequency plane"
[01.06.2006] (14:10) LuĂ­s Daniel Abreu: "Density of wavelet frames with a certain system of orthogonal functions on the unit circle"
[18.05.2006] (14:10) Annette Schocher: "Geometry at school (perhaps using GEOGEBRA)"
[11.05.2006] (14:10) Franz Luef: "Gabor analysis over finite abelian groups"
[27.04.2006] (14:10) Dominik Bayer: "Pseudodifferential Operators and Time-Frequency Representations"
[23.03.2006] (14:30) Wojciech Czaja: "Singularity Detection in Images Using Dual Local Autocovariance"
[16.03.2006] (14:10) Måté Matolcsi: "Tiling, spectral sets and complex Hadamard matrices"
[02.03.2006] (14:10) Esin YurdagĂŒl: "System Interpretation Of The Sampling Theorems"
[12.01.2006] (14:10) Ferenc Weisz: "Inversion formulas and multipliers for STFT"
[15.12.2005] (14:10) Nicolas Lerner: "On a Wiener-type algebra of pseudodifferential operators Wiener-type algebra of pseudodifferential operators"
[01.12.2005] (14:15) Hans G. Feichtinger: "Modulation spaces: A look behind the scences..."
[24.11.2005] (14:10) Tomasz Hrycak: "An Introduction to the Fast Multipole Algorithm"
[10.11.2005] (14:10) Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "Time-Frequency Analysis on Finite Abelian Groups"
[03.11.2005] (14:10) Wojciech Czaja: "On a Gabor basis of Hoholdt, Jensen, and Justesen"
[20.10.2005] (14:10) Holger Rauhut: "Reconstruction of Sparse Signals from Random Measurements"
[13.10.2005] (14:10) Stefan Kunis: "Scattered data interpolation by localised trigonometric polynomials"

Thu., 16:00-17:00 D103:
[12.01.2006] (16:00) Simone Wehling: "Assessment of Connectivity Patterns from Multivariate Time Series and results on the Sound-induced Illusory Flashing"
[01.12.2005] (16:00) Konstantin Savov: "Vibration Based Damage Detection in Civil Structures through the Time Domain: A Rewiew and Motivation for Current Work"

[06-11.03.2006 Novi Sad, Serbia]: Workshop "Pseudodifferential operators and microlocal analysis"

Berufungsvorträge Harmonische Analyse:

27.10.05: 15:00 [D101] Krötz, Bernhard (Max-Planck-Institut Bonn)
Holomorphe Aspekte der harmonischen Analysis auf Riemannschen symmetrischen Räumen
27.10.05: 16:15 [D101] Gröchenig, Karlheinz (GSF Neuherberg)
Zeit-Frequenz-Analyse: von der Informationsübertragung zur abstrakten harmonischen Analyse
11.11.05: 12:00 [D101] Flicker, Yuval (University Ohio)
Zahlentheoretische Anwendungen der harmonischen Analysis
17.11.05: 15:00 [D101] Strohmer,Thomas (University California)
Pseudodifferentialoperatoren, Banachalgebren, und Mobilfunk

ALL NuHAG-events:

[20.06.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Michael Lamoureux: "Outer preserving operators and solutions to Polya-Schur problems"
[18.06.2018] (11:00) [Kath. Univ. Eichstaett] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener Amalgam Spaces and Invariance Properties"
[13.06.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "On the zeros of the Wigner distribution"
[08.06.2018] (09::3) [strobl18] Lubos Pick: "Iteration methods in function spaces"
[08.06.2018] (16::3) [strobl18] Mantellini Illaria: "The exponential sampling theorem, related results and its generalizations"
[08.06.2018] (15::3) [strobl18] Carlo Bardaro: "Shannon sampling theorem: a second look through Mellin analysis"
[08.06.2018] (10::3) [strobl18] Jeff Hogan: "An optimization approach to multidimensional wavelets"
[08.06.2018] (11::3) [strobl18] Helmut Harbrecht: "Wavelets meet boundary integral equations"
[08.06.2018] (09::0) [strobl18] Pap Margit: "Hyperbolic wavelet frames and multiresolution analysis in weighted Bergman spaces"
[08.06.2018] (17::0) [strobl18] Tibor Pogany: "On generalized derivative sampling series expansion"
[08.06.2018] (14::0) [strobl18] Isaac Pesenson: "Semigroups, Interpolation and Approximation spaces, Sampling: the mathematics of Paul Butzer"
[08.06.2018] (10::0) [strobl18] Jan Vybiral: "Entropy numbers of embeddings of Schatten classes"
[08.06.2018] (16::0) [strobl18] Ahmed Zayed: "Convolution Theorem for Fractional Integral Transforms"
[07.06.2018] (09::3) [strobl18] Baoxiang Wang: "Modulation spaces and Navier-Stokes equation"
[07.06.2018] (16::0) [strobl18] David Rottensteiner: "A romantic encounter of coorbit theory and decomposition space theory"
[07.06.2018] (09::0) [strobl18] Ondrej Hutnik: "Toeplitz localization operators: spectral functions density"
[07.06.2018] (10::3) [strobl18] Neal Bez: "Harmonic analysis techniques and orthonormal Strichartz estimates"
[07.06.2018] (16::3) [strobl18] Ron Levie: "Sparse continuous wavelet transforms via a wavelet-Plancherel theory"
[07.06.2018] (15::3) [strobl18] Rene Koch: "Analyis of Shearlet Coorbit Spaces as Decomposition Spaces"
[07.06.2018] (14::0) [strobl18] Felix Voigtlaender: "A Guided Tour of Decomposition Spaces"
[07.06.2018] (11::3) [strobl18] Stefan Steinerberger: "New Challenges in Pure and Applied Harmonic Analysis"
[07.06.2018] (10::0) [strobl18] Nicholas Marshall: "Convex domains, lattice points, and Fourier analysis"
[07.06.2018] (14::3) [strobl18] Stephan Dahlke: "Coorbit Spaces with Voice in a Frechet Space"
[06.06.2018] (10::0) [strobl18] Isaac Pesenson: "Weak Weyl's Law and average sampling on metric measure spaces"
[06.06.2018] (11::3) [strobl18] Arieh Iserles: "Skew-symmetric differentiation matrices and spectral methods on the real line"
[06.06.2018] (10::3) [strobl18] Ole Christensen: "Frames and dynamical sampling"
[06.06.2018] (09::0) [strobl18] Markus Faulhuber: "Two Ubiquitous Constants other than E and Pi"
[06.06.2018] (09::3) [strobl18] Stephen Casey: "Poisson Summation, Selberg Trace, and Sampling on General Manifolds"
[05.06.2018] (11::3) [strobl18] Edward Barry Saff: "Bounds for Minimal Discrete Riesz and Gaussian Energy"
[05.06.2018] (09::0) [strobl18] Tetiana Stepaniuk: "Numerical integration, comparison of probabilistic and deterministic point sets"
[05.06.2018] (10::0) [strobl18] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Randomness in time-frequency analysis and acoustical modelling"
[05.06.2018] (10::3) [strobl18] Diana Stoeva: "Formulas for the inversion of frame multipliers"
[05.06.2018] (16::0) [strobl18] Filip Tomic: "Extended Gevrey regularity - new perspectives"
[05.06.2018] (16::3) [strobl18] Pankaj Jain: "Generalized integral transforms and pseudo-differential operators"
[05.06.2018] (09::3) [strobl18] Ujue Etayo: "Minimizing Riesz potentials: a way of distributing points in spheres"
[04.06.2018] (16::0) [strobl18] Karin Schnass: "Dictionary learning - from local towards global and adaptive"
[04.06.2018] (14::0) [strobl18] Miroslav Englis: "Noncommutative coherent states and related aspects of Berezin-Toeplitz quantization"
[04.06.2018] (14::3) [strobl18] Antti Haimi: "Sampling and interpolation sets in several complex variables"
[04.06.2018] (15::3) [strobl18] Stefan Alexander Kahler: "Chain sequences, continued fractions and $L^1$-algebras associated with orthogonal polynomials"
[04.06.2018] (11::3) [strobl18] Michael Speckbacher: "Lower sampling bounds for planar sets of sampling for the STFT"
[04.06.2018] (09::4) [strobl18] Rauhut Holger: "Time-frequency analysis of sparse MIMO radar"
[04.06.2018] (12::0) [strobl18] Ferenc Weisz: "Summability in variable Hardy and Hardy-Lorentz spaces"
[04.06.2018] (11::0) [strobl18] Franz Luef: "Generalized localization operators: Cohen's class and trace class operators"
[30.05.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Thomas Mejstrik: "Computing the joint spectral radius of large matrices"
[24.05.2018] (:) [Abidjan] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples and their applications in Harmonic Analysis"
[23.05.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Vladimir Yu. Protasov: "Approximation by exponential polynomials and stability of dynamical systems"
[16.05.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Alberto Viscardi: "Regularity of Refinable Functions via Non-shift-invariant Tight Frames"
[14.05.2018] (14:00) [Garching bei MĂŻÂżÂœnchen (TU)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis: Robustness Considerations using the Segal Algebra $S_0(R^d)$"
[09.05.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Phase Space Transforms in PDE theory"
[25.04.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Roland Donninger: "Fourier analysis, Strichartz estimates, and dispersive PDE"
[24.04.2018] (11::2) [degosson] Hans Feichtinger: "The shape of Fourier Analysis to come, outlook and dreams"
[24.04.2018] (10::4) [degosson] Diana Stoeva: "Conditions on Banach and Frechet frames, essential for series expansions"
[24.04.2018] (09::5) [degosson] Mads S. Jakobsen: "A naturally occurring space of functions"
[24.04.2018] (09::0) [degosson] Markus Faulhuber: "Modular and Hamiltonian Deformations of Gabor Systems"
[23.04.2018] (15::0) [degosson] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Automorphic forms in the phase space"
[23.04.2018] (16::1) [degosson] Nenad Teofanov: "One apocryphal section of the Wigner Transform"
[23.04.2018] (17::1) [degosson] Balint Koczor: "Generalized parity operator approach to phase-space representations and the Born-Jordan distribution"
[23.04.2018] (09::0) [degosson] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "Sampling in shift-invariant spaces, Gabor frames, and totally positive functions"
[23.04.2018] (14::0) [degosson] Cesare Tronci: "The Hamiltonian setting of Koopman-von Neumann theory and the dynamics of hybrid classical-quantum systems"
[23.04.2018] (10::0) [degosson] Vladimir Kisil: "Squeezed states evolution on the phase space in harmonic potential"
[23.04.2018] (10::5) [degosson] Nuno Dias: "Wigner functions with boundaries"
[23.04.2018] (11::4) [degosson] Joao Prata: "Coordinate Transformations for Wigner Distributions and Simon's Separability Criterion"
[22.04.2018] (:) [degosson] Michael Ruzhansky: "Hypoelliptic functional inequalities"
[22.04.2018] (16::1) [degosson] Monika Dörfler: "Inside the Spectrogram: Time-Frequency Analysis meets Convolutional Neural Networks"
[22.04.2018] (11::0) [degosson] Leonid Polterovich: "Quantum footprints of symplectic rigidity"
[22.04.2018] (15::0) [degosson] Robert Zeier: "Continuous phase-space representations for finite-dimensional quantum states and their tomography"
[22.04.2018] (09::0) [degosson] Luigi Rodino: "Microlocal Analysis vs. Time-Frequency Analysis and Quantum Mechanics"
[22.04.2018] (10::0) [degosson] Elena Cordero: "Symplectic Harmonic Analysis: from quantum mechanics to PDEs"
[22.04.2018] (14::0) [degosson] Joachim Toft: "Pseudo-differential operators and Born-Jordan quantisation with symbols in modulation spaces or Hoermander classes"
[21.04.2018] (:) [degosson] Johannes Keller: "Generalized coherent states in phase space"
[21.04.2018] (15::0) [degosson] Franz Luef: "Generalized phase space representations and Berezin quantization"
[21.04.2018] (15::5) [degosson] Martin Ehler: "Discrepancy kernels on manifolds"
[21.04.2018] (16::5) [degosson] Jean-Pierre Gazeau: "From classical to quantum models: the regularising role of integrals, symmetry and probabilities"
[18.04.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Sarah Koppensteiner: "The Complement Property for Discrete Gabor Measurements"
[11.04.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Thomas Peter: "A multivariate generalization of the matrix pencil method"
[14.03.2018] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Martin Ehler: "Discrepancy kernels on manifolds and their Fourier coefficients"
[02.03.2018] (14:00) [Wigner Institute, BUDAPEST] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A Function Space defined by the Wigner Transform and is Applications"
[21.02.2018] (14:30) [Acoustics Research Institute] Felix Voigtlaender: "Describing sparsity properties of frames using function spaces"
[06.02.2018] (:) [Delhi] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A simplified theory of distributions, for engineering applications and time-frequency analysis"
[02.02.2018] (:) [ISIAM Conference] Hans G. Feichtinger: "An Alternative Approach to Distribution Theory for Engineers, Motivated by Time-Frequency Analysis"
[31.01.2018] (15:00) [Delhi University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Frames for Banach Gelfand Triples"
[31.01.2018] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Youssef: "Laplace meets Markov - An introduction to spectral graph theory"
[30.01.2018] (:) [South Asian University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis from a Function Space point of view"
[29.01.2018] (12:00) [IIT BHU Varanasi] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function spaces for time-frequency analysis: the usefulness of a Banach Gelfand Triple"
[25.01.2018] (16:00) [Harish-Chandra Research Institute] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A timely approach to Fourier Analysis"
[25.01.2018] (:) [Garching bei MĂŻÂżÂœnchen (TU)] Maurice De Gosson: "Properties of Phase Space Distributions in the Cohen Class"
[24.01.2018] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Leon Frischauf: "Bounds for systems of lines"
[23.01.2018] (15:00) [IIT Chennai] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The Kernel Theorem for the Banach Gelfand Triple (S0, L2, S0')and Applications"
[22.01.2018] (14:30) [: RIASM, University of Madras] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis in the 21st Century"
[17.01.2018] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Jordy Timo van Velthoven: "Frame properties of generalised translation-invariant systems"
[10.01.2018] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Univ. of Vienna Karlheinz Groechenig: "Approximation of smooth functions from samples and quadrature rules"
[08.01.2018] (09:00) [IIT Chennai] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A fresh look at Harmonic Analysis (20 Lectures)"
[22.12.2017] (:) [Charles University, Prague] Nenad Teofanov: "Gelfand-Shilov spaces, Gevrey classes, and related topics"
[13.12.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Daniel Haider: "Adaptive multiwindow and multilayered Gabor expansions."
[06.12.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Valentina Turati: "Multigrid and Subdivision"
[30.11.2017] (13:45) [Kosice (Slovakia)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A simplified theory of distributions, for engineering applications and time-frequency analysis"
[29.11.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Dennis Elbraechter: "Super-resolution from (Short Time) Fourier Transform Information"
[28.11.2017] (13:00) [Kosice (Slovakia)] Maurice De Gosson: "The role of the metaplectic group for time-frequency analysis; applications to the fractional Fourier transform"
[26.11.2017] (10:45) [Slovak Math. Meeting] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis in the 21st Century"
[26.11.2017] (11:30) [Jasna (Slovak Math. Meeting 2017)] Ondrej Hutnik: "On Kluvanek's sampling theorem"
[22.11.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Gaussian beam parametrices for the acoustic wave equation"
[15.11.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Andreas Klotz: "Heat kernels, frames and sampling on metric measure spaces"
[08.11.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "The Pancharatnam-Sjoeqvist Phase Shift for Metaplectic Isotopies Acting on Gaussians"
[26.10.2017] (11:20) [Novi Sad] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The time-frequency approach to distribution theory and Banach Gelfand triples"
[25.10.2017] (11:20) [Novi Sad] Lubos Pick: "Optimality and interpolation"
[24.10.2017] (09:30) [Novi Sad] Onrej Hutnik: "Vertical Toeplitz operators on poly-analytic Bergman spaces over the upper half-plane"
[24.10.2017] (11:20) [Novi Sad] Vit Musil: "Positioning of Orlicz space and Optimality"
[24.10.2017] (11:50) [Novi Sad] Alena Skalova: "Inverse images of open sets under gradient mapping"
[24.10.2017] (11:00) [Novi Sad] Nenad Teofanov: "Localization operators on modulation spaces"
[24.10.2017] (12:00) [Novi Sad] Diana Stoeva: "On Frechet frames and series expansions in Frechet spaces"
[24.10.2017] (13:00) [Novi Sad] Smiljana Jaksic: "Spaces of ultradistributions on a positive orthant"
[18.10.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Sebastian Schmutzhard: "Mathematical modeling of woodwind instruments"
[11.10.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Thomas Sauer: "Anisotropy: Why and How"
[09.10.2017] (14:00) [esi17] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener amalgam spaces and iterative methods for irregular sampling"
[04.10.2017] (14:00) [Prague, Charles University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis in the 21st Century"
[04.10.2017] (09:00) [Charles University Prague] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener Amalgam Spaces and their Use in Time-Frequency and Gabor Analysis"
[04.10.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Hrushikesh N. Mhaskar: "On a Tauberian theorem"
[26.09.2017] (14:30) [esi17] Martin Ehler: "Quasi-Monte Carlo methods and importance sampling on the Grassmannian"
[19.09.2017] (:) [Bedlewo Conference NPFSA-2017] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Robustness considerations in time-frequency and Fourier analysis via modulation spaces"
[18.09.2017] (13:30) [The Workshop on Mathematical Signal Processing and Data Analysis, Bremen, Germany] Monika Doerfler: "Inside the Spectrogram: Time-Frequency Analysis meets Convolutional Neural Network"
[15.09.2017] (11:00) [esi17] Sander Dielemann: "Deep learning for music recommendation and generation"
[15.09.2017] (09:30) [esi17] Matthias Dorfer: "Learning Correspondences between Audio and Sheet-Music Images"
[15.09.2017] (10:10) [esi17] Oriol Nieto: "Cold-Start Music Recommendation Using Multimodal Deep Architectures"
[14.09.2017] (10:45) [esi17] Grégoire Montavon: "Explaining the Predictions of Deep Neural Networks"
[14.09.2017] (09:30) [esi17] Guido Montufar: "Exponential advantages of deep and distributed representations"
[14.09.2017] (12:00) [esi17] Hendrik Vincent Koops: "Learning Shared Chord Representations for Annotator Subjectivity"
[14.09.2017] (14:30) [esi17] Sebastian Stober: "Automatic Speech Recognition (on a Budget) - Transfer Learning and Introspection"
[14.09.2017] (15:10) [esi17] Olga Slizovskaia: "Correspondence between audio and visual deep models for musical instrument detection in video recordings"
[14.09.2017] (15:40) [esi17] Mishra Saumitra: "Interpretable machine learning for music content analysis"
[13.09.2017] (10:15) [esi17] Stefan Balke: "Literature Review: Deep Neural Networks in MIR"
[13.09.2017] (14:30) [esi17] Karen Ullrich: "Bayesian Neural Networks: Techniques and Applications"
[13.09.2017] (12:00) [esi17] Aggelos Gkiokas: "Causal Time Series Processing with Convolutional Neural Networks. An application to Real Time Beat Tracking"
[13.09.2017] (09:30) [esi17] Simon Durand: "Deep learning for downbeat tracking of music audio signals"
[13.09.2017] (15:15) [esi17] Andre Holzapfel: "Bayesian meter tracking on learned signal representations"
[13.09.2017] (11:25) [esi17] Pavol Harar: "Voice Pathology Detection Using Deep Learning: a Preliminary Study"
[12.09.2017] (14:45) [esi17] Roswitha Bammer: "Invariance and Stability of Gabor Scattering for Music Signals"
[12.09.2017] (09:30) [esi17] Irene Waldspurger: "Inversion of the wavelet transform modulus"
[12.09.2017] (15:30) [esi17] Antoine Deleforge: "Reversed Mixture-of-Experts Networks for High- to Low-Dimensional Mapping"
[12.09.2017] (11:00) [esi17] Joakim Andén: "Joint Time-Frequency Scattering Networks"
[12.09.2017] (11:45) [esi17] Vincent Lostanlen: "The spiral and the snowball: deeper enhancements to time-frequency scattering"
[11.09.2017] (15:20) [esi17] Emmanuel Vincent: "When mismatched training data outperform matched data"
[11.09.2017] (14:30) [esi17] Fabio Anselmi: "Invariant and selective representations with applications to Deep learning"
[11.09.2017] (11:15) [esi17] Philipp Grohs: "Deep learning as a mathematician: Conjectures, proofs and open questions "
[11.09.2017] (09:30) [esi17] Jan Schlueter: "Deep learning as an engineer: The nuts and bolts and dirty tricks "
[06.09.2017] (15:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Smiljana Jaksic: "Spaces of ultradifferentiable functions and applications"
[25.08.2017] (09:30) [PECS, Academy of Sciences] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Standard Spaces: A comprehensive class of function spaces"
[16.08.2017] (09:30) [Linne University, Vaexjoe, ISAAC2017] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The role of Banach Gelfand Triples in the context of Conceptual Harmonic Analysis"
[13.07.2017] (10:30) [TUM, Mathematik, Garching] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Standard Spaces and the Kernel Theorem"
[06.07.2017] (10:15) [SampTA 2017] Monika Doerfler: "Multi-Window Weaving Frames"
[05.07.2017] (11:05) [SampTA 2017] Monika Doerfler: "Inside the Spectrogram: Convolutional Neural Networks in Audio Processing"
[29.06.2017] (:) [Charles University, Prague] Filip Tomic: "Superposition and propagation of singularities for extended Gevrey regularity"
[28.06.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Ciprian Demeter: "Decouplings and applications"
[22.06.2017] (10:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Ondrej Hutnik: "Approximate invertibility in non-unital topological algebras with applications"
[21.06.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Ian Vibyral: "Carl's inequality: Optimality and Lower Bounds in Approximation Theory"
[21.06.2017] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Petr Honzik: "Multilinear singular operators"
[21.06.2017] (15:00) [NuHAG seminar] Lubos Pick: "Optimal partner function spaces for operators, embeddings and traces"
[14.06.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Martin Ehler: "From dyadic cubes to equal area partitions"
[07.06.2017] (16:15) [atfa2017] Dorin Dutkay: "Fuglede's conjecture in dimension one"
[07.06.2017] (15:50) [atfa2017] Margit Pap: "Voice transform on the slice regular Hardy space"
[07.06.2017] (15:25) [atfa2017] Jean-Pierre Gabardo: "Weighted Beurling densities and sampling theory"
[07.06.2017] (12:30) [atfa2017] Nenad Teofanov: "Propagation of singularities for extended Gevrey regularity"
[07.06.2017] (15:00) [atfa2017] Mads Sielemann Jakobsen: "The duality principle for multi-window Gabor frames"
[07.06.2017] (11:40) [atfa2017] Patrik Wahlberg: "Fourier integral operators with quadratic phase functions and Shubin amplitudes"
[07.06.2017] (12:05) [atfa2017] Markus Faulhuber: "Extremal Problems in Complex and Harmonic Analysis"
[07.06.2017] (10:20) [atfa2017] Joachim Toft: "Periodic ultra-distributions and periodic elements in modulation spaces"
[07.06.2017] (09:30) [atfa2017] Michael Ruzhansky: "Nonharmonic analysis of pseudo-differential operators"
[06.06.2017] (09:30) [atfa2017] Maurice de Gosson: "Quantum Harmonic Analysis in Phase Space"
[06.06.2017] (12:30) [atfa2017] Johannes Keller: "Spectrogram approximations of Wigner functions"
[06.06.2017] (10:20) [atfa2017] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor expansions of signals: Computational aspects and open questions"
[06.06.2017] (12:05) [atfa2017] Franz Luef: "Noncommutative Tauberian theorems and localization operators"
[06.06.2017] (16:40) [atfa2017] Ahmed Zayed: "A New Two-Dimensional Fractional Fourier Transform"
[06.06.2017] (17:05) [atfa2017] Stevan Pilipovic, Bojan Prangoski, Jasson Vindas : "Weyl asymptotic formulas for infinite order PSDOs and Sobolev type spaces. Parts I,II,III."
[06.06.2017] (15:00) [atfa2017] Emil Solsbaek Ottosen: "Nonlinear approximation with nonstationary Gabor frames"
[06.06.2017] (11:40) [atfa2017] Mitsuru Sugimoto: "Remarks on nonlinear operations on modulation spaces"
[06.06.2017] (15:50) [atfa2017] Davide Barbieri: "CalderĂłn-type inequalities for frames on LCA groups"
[05.06.2017] (17:05) [atfa2017] Rima Alaifari: "Phase Retrieval in Infinite Dimensions"
[05.06.2017] (15:50) [atfa2017] Demetrio Labate: "Detection of singularities by discrete directional multiscale representations"
[05.06.2017] (16:40) [atfa2017] Deguang Han: "Phase-retrievable representation frames"
[05.06.2017] (17:55) [atfa2017] Roza Aceska: "Frames as systems of iterations"
[05.06.2017] (17:30) [atfa2017] Antonio Cicone: "The Iterative Filtering method for the decompostion of nonlinear signals: new insights into its properties"
[05.06.2017] (12:05) [atfa2017] Michael Speckbacher: "A planar large sieve and sparsity of time-frequency representations"
[05.06.2017] (12:30) [atfa2017] Felix Voigtlaender: "Structured Banach frame decompositions of decomposition spaces"
[05.06.2017] (10:20) [atfa2017] Stephan Dahlke: "Recent Progress in Coorbit Space Theory"
[05.06.2017] (15:00) [atfa2017] Pier Luigi Dragotti: "On time-frequency resolution and the power of sparsity"
[05.06.2017] (11:40) [atfa2017] Filippo De Mari: "Shearlets, wavelets and the Radon transform"
[31.05.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Julius Berner: "Equiangular frames: bounds and constructions"
[26.05.2017] (13:00) [NTU Trondheim] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The Vast Family of Fourier Standard Spaces (invariant function spaces between $S_0$ and $S_0'$)"
[24.05.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Roswitha Bammer: "Invariance and Stability of Gabor Scattering for Music Signals"
[17.05.2017] (16:00) [Univ. Eichstaett] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The role of Banach Gelfand Triples for Conceptual Harmonic Analysis"
[17.05.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Vladimir Protasov: "Regularity of Wavelets - Recent Progress"
[03.05.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Anna Breger: "Dimension reduction with orthogonal projectors and numerical applications in biomedical image analysis"
[26.04.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Embeddings of Decomposition Spaces - A Brief Introduction into the Recent Work of F. Voigtlaender through Examples"
[20.04.2017] (13:15) [NuHAG seminar] Wilhelm Schlag: "On structure results for intertwining operators II"
[19.04.2017] (15:00) [Sky Lounge Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1] Wilhelm Schlag: "On structure results for intertwining operators"
[05.04.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Nira Dyn: "Reconstruction of 3D objects from their 2D cross-sections by subdivision"
[29.03.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] : "Discussion"
[22.03.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "Recent adavances in positivity questions for trace class operators."
[17.03.2017] (:) [Math. Inst. Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art, Belgrade] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Standard Spaces"
[15.03.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Radu Joan Bot: "Convex Optimization Methods for Signal Processing"
[08.03.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier standard spaces"
[28.02.2017] (15:00) [OMP1] Markus Faulhuber: "Exrtremal Bounds of Gaussian Gabor Frames and Properties of Jacobi's Theta Functions"
[25.01.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Youssef: "The maximal function and almost everywhere convergence of Fejer means"
[18.01.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Susanna Haziot: "Divergence of Fourier series and the sliding hump method"
[18.01.2017] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Manuel Seitz: "Counter-examples in phase-retrieval"
[11.01.2017] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Anna Breger: "A supervised learning pipeline for quantification of retinal fluid in medical OCT images"
[ay. m.2017] (:) [dans14] Katica R. (Stevanovic) Hedrih: "Elements of mathematical phenomenology and phenomenological approximate mappings"
[16.12.2016] (13:00) [University LUND] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematical Aspects of Gabor Analysis"
[14.12.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Thomas Mejstrik: "Joint Spectral Radius and Multiple Subdivision Schemes"
[07.12.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Philipp Grohs: "Mathematics of Phase Retrieval"
[06.12.2016] (13:00) [University Aalborg (DK)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "An Alternative Approach to Convolution and the Fourier Transform"
[30.11.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Jeff Hogan: "Bandpass prolates, prolate shift frames and Riesz bases"
[30.11.2016] (13:15) [University of Linkoeping] Hans G. Feichtinger: "An Alternative Approach to Convolution and the Fourier Transform"
[25.11.2016] (09:30) [Faculty of Mathematics UNIVERSITY of VIENNA] Roswitha Bammer: "Innovative Signal Representation in Machine Learning (ISiRIM) - Methods for Music (PhD Project presentation)"
[23.11.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Emil Ottosen: "A PHASE VOCODER BASED ON NONSTATIONARY GABOR FRAMES"
[18.11.2016] (14:00) [ÖMG-Tag der Mathematik] Philipp Grohs: "Infinite-Dimensional Phase Retrieval"
[16.11.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Philipp Petersen: "Shearlet frames for Sobolev spaces: frame and approximation properties on R^2 and bounded domains"
[09.11.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "Sampling in shift-invariant spaces with totally positive generator and Gabor frames"
[27.10.2016] (13:30) [NuHAG seminar] Philippe Jaming: "Heisenberg Uniqueness Pairs"
[19.10.2016] (13:15) [Linne University S-351 95 VÄXJÖ ( Vaexjoe)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "An Alternative Approach to Convolution and the Fourier Transform"
[19.10.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "Sampling for solutions of the heat equation"
[13.10.2016] (13:15) [DTU Copenhagen, Lynby] Hans G. Feichtinger: "An Alternative Approach to Convolution and the Fourier Transform"
[13.10.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "Sampling for solutions of the heat equation"
[12.10.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Thomas Peter: "Multivariate Prony Method"
[05.10.2016] (14:) [Charles University Prague] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis: A classical field with widespread applications in modern technology"
[27.09.2016] (15:15) [University of Buenos Aires] Jose Luis Romero: "Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena"
[03.08.2016] (16:30) [Korean Institute of Advanced Study] Jose Luis Romero: "Gabor analysis, sampling and interpolation."
[15.07.2016] (14:30) [WDI (Univ. Passau)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Irregular Sampling and Wiener Amalgam Spaces"
[22.06.2016] (15:00) [Univ. Vienna. (Math. Junior Kolloquium)] Jose Luis Romero: "Phase-space geometry and applications in signal analysis"
[22.06.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Alberto Viscardi: "Upper Bounds for Sphere Packings via Poisson Summation Formula"
[15.06.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] R. Bammer and M. Dörfler: "Dee Convolutional Neural Networks -structural results"
[10.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Markus Faulhuber: "Optimizing Frame bounds for the Gaussian window over separable lattices"
[10.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Arpad Benyi: "Commutators and weighted estimates: a unified approach"
[10.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Antonio Galbis: "Gabor systems and almost periodic functions"
[10.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Ole Christensen: "Partition of unities and construction of frames"
[10.06.2016] (14:00) [strobl16] Daniel Potts: "High dimensional approximation with trigonometric polynomials and sparse FFTs"
[10.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Nicki Holighaus: "Adaptive time-frequency representations through warping - new developments"
[10.06.2016] (14:30) [strobl16] Thomas Strohmer: "You can have it all: Rapid, robust, and reliable blind deconvolution"
[10.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Maurice de Gosson: "On Weyl and Born--Jordan Operators with Symbol in the Shubin Classes"
[10.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Joao Pereira: "Orthogonal Pseudo eigenfunctions of Toeplitz Localization Operators"
[10.06.2016] (11:30) [strobl16] Maciej Zworski: "Scattering resonances and inverse problems"
[10.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Miroslav Englis: "Laguerre polynomials, Barut-Girardello Fock space, and Toeplitz operators"
[09.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Joachim Toft: "Small test function and large distribution spaces, which are invariant under Fourier transformation"
[09.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Nenad Teofanov: "Beyond Gevrey regularity"
[09.06.2016] (14:00) [strobl16] Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "MUB, phase retrieval, chirps and biunimodular vectors"
[09.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Thomas Peter: "A multivariate generalization of Prony’s method"
[09.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Roza Aceska: "Fusion Frames and Local Sparsity"
[09.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Ubertino Battisti: "Characterization of Sobolev spaces via Stockwell frames"
[09.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Marco Cappiello: "Microlocal Analysis on quasi-analytic Gelfand-Shilov spaces"
[09.06.2016] (14:00) [strobl16] Axel Flinth: "PROMP - An Algorithm for Recovery of Sparse Lattice-Valued Signals"
[09.06.2016] (14:30) [strobl16] Stefan Steinerberger: "Nonlinear Fourier Analysis via Blaschke products"
[09.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Frank Filbir: "Recovery of the Support of Atomic Measures"
[09.06.2016] (15:00) [strobl16] LuĂ­s Daniel Abreu: "Harmonic Analysis of the Landau Levels equation"
[09.06.2016] (14:30) [strobl16] Rene Schulz: "Detection of global singularities by integral transforms"
[09.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Wojciech Czaja: "Solving Fredholm integrals from incomplete measurements"
[09.06.2016] (11:30) [strobl16] Rachel A. Ward: "Extracting governing equations in chaotic systems from highly corrupted data"
[09.06.2016] (15:00) [strobl16] Antti Haimi: "Completeness of Gabor Systems"
[08.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Isaac Pesenson: "Parseval frames on compact manifolds with applications"
[08.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Armenak Petrosyan: "Frames and Bessel systems from iterative actions of normal operators"
[08.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Joachim Stoeckler: "Extension of the finite section method for computing dual Gabor windows"
[08.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Diana Stoeva: "Invertible frame multipliers with not necessarily semi-normalized symbols"
[08.06.2016] (11:30) [strobl16] Hans Triebel: "PDE models for chemotaxis in supercritical function spaces"
[08.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Jose Luis Romero: "Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena"
[08.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Leszek Skrzypczak: "Some properties of multi-radial function"
[08.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Jakob Lemvig: "On the frame set of B-splines and Hermite functions"
[08.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Ilya Krishtal: "On the spectral theory of operator polynomials with coefficients in a Banach algebra."
[07.06.2016] (16:30) [strobl16] Jayson Cunanan: "On $L^p-$boundedness of pseudo-differential operators of Sjoestrand class"
[07.06.2016] (16:00) [strobl16] Elena Cordero: "Gaussian Beams for the Schrödinger equation"
[07.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Hartmut Fuehr: "Wavefront set characterization using continuous wavelet transforms"
[07.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Michael Speckbacher: "Reproducing pairs and Gabor systems at critical density"
[07.06.2016] (16:30) [strobl16] W. R. Madych: "Spline summability of cardinal sine series and the Bernstein class"
[07.06.2016] (09:00) [strobl16] Tino Ullrich: "Haar projection numbers and failure of unconditional convergence"
[07.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Maria Charina: "Multiwavelets via system theory"
[07.06.2016] (16:00) [strobl16] Stephen Casey: "Sampling in Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Domains: A Unified Approach"
[07.06.2016] (11:30) [strobl16] Anders C. Hansen: "What is the Solvability Complexity Index (SCI) of your problem? - On the SCI Hierarchy and the foundations of computational mathematics"
[07.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Stephan Dahlke: "The alpha-modulation transform: Admissibility, coorbit theory, and frames of compactly supported functions"
[07.06.2016] (10:00) [strobl16] Franz Luef: "Rational Gabor frames"
[07.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Ville Turunen: "Theory and applications of time-frequency analysis"
[07.06.2016] (09:30) [strobl16] Fabio Nicola: "Time-frequency Analysis of the Feynman path integral"
[06.06.2016] (11:30) [strobl16] Palina Salanevich: "Phase Retrieval for Gabor Measurements: Algorithm and Stability"
[06.06.2016] (15:30) [strobl16] Felix Voigtlaender: "Embeddings of Decomposition Spaces"
[06.06.2016] (12:00) [strobl16] Franziska Nestler: "Particle simulation based on the nonequispaced FFT"
[06.06.2016] (12:00) [strobl16] Ron Levie: "New uncertainty principles for generalized wavelet transforms"
[06.06.2016] (16:30) [strobl16] Stefan Alexander Kahler: "Harmonic analysis of orthogonal polynomials"
[06.06.2016] (11:30) [strobl16] Paolo Boggiatto: "An Uncertainty principle of Donoho-Stark type for localization operators"
[06.06.2016] (09:05) [strobl16] Albrecht Boettcher: "Five short stories about large Toeplitz matrices"
[06.06.2016] (16:30) [strobl16] Therese Mieth: "Weighted Sobolev embeddings and Dirichlet-Neumann bracketing in $L_p$"
[06.06.2016] (16:00) [strobl16] Davide Barbieri: "Noncommutative shift-invariant spaces"
[06.06.2016] (16:00) [strobl16] Henning Kempka: "Function spaces with variable smoothness and integrability"
[06.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Alessandro Oliaro: "Local Uncertainty Principles for the Cohen Class"
[06.06.2016] (15:30) [strobl16] Jan Vybiral: "Carl's inequality for quasi-Banach spaces"
[06.06.2016] (14:00) [strobl16] Gitta Kutyniok: "Shearlets on Bounded Domains: Theory and Applications"
[06.06.2016] (10:30) [strobl16] Martin Ehler: "Kernel-based function approximation and Quasi Monte Carlo integration on Grassmannians"
[06.06.2016] (11:00) [strobl16] Ferenc Weisz: "Lebesgue points of two-dimensional Fourier transforms"
[06.06.2016] (11:00) [strobl16] Goetz Pfander: "Time-frequency shift invariant spaces and the Balian Low theorem"
[03.06.2016] (11:00) [Inst. f. Math., Univ. Innsbruck] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Zwei neue funktionalanalytische Konzepte: Banach Frames und Banach Gelfand Triples (mit Anwendungen in der Fourier Analysis)"
[01.06.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Monika Doerfler: "Deep Learning: convolutional neural networks and their connections to time-frequency analysis"
[25.05.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Michael Speckbacher: "SIC-POVMs, equiangular tight frames and Zauner's conjecture"
[18.05.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Florian Kelma: "The shape of objects"
[17.05.2016] (12:00) [Wrocław University of Science and Technology] Hans G. Feichtinger: "From Abstract to Conceptual Harmonic Analysis (the life-time experiences of an harmonic analyst)"
[17.05.2016] (15:00) [Wrocław University of Science and Technology] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A MODERN APPROACH TO FOURIER ANALYSIS: Foundations of Gabor Analysis (10 units)"
[12.05.2016] (13:30) [TU Wien] Jose Luis Romero: "Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena"
[11.05.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Xian Yin: "DCTNet and PCANet for Acoustic Signal Feature Extraction"
[10.05.2016] (:) [Muenchen, MATLAB Conf. 2016] : "Fourier und Zeit-Frequenzanalyse: MATLAB basierte Lehre und Anwendungen"
[10.05.2016] (:) [MATLAB EXPO 2016] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Ein neuer didaktischer Ansatz in der Hochschulmathematik [Angewandte Lehre mit Fourier- und Zeit-Frequenzanalyse]"
[04.05.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Boaz Nadler: "Vectorial Phase Retrieval"
[28.04.2016] (14:00) [UniversitÀt Passau (Math. Kolloquium)] Jose Luis Romero: "Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena"
[20.04.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Faulhuber M., Fendler G.: "Gravitational Wave Bursts and Time Frequency Analysis."
[19.04.2016] (14:00) [Lund University - Analysis Seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Deformation of Gabor systems"
[13.04.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Faulhuber: "Minimal frame operator norms via minimal theta functions"
[11.04.2016] (14:00) [Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Frames and Banach Gelfand Triples, with applications to Time-Frequency Analysis"
[07.04.2016] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Nira Dyn: "Linear multiscale transforms based on reverse subdivision schemes"
[06.04.2016] (15:05) [Centre for Mathematics, University of Coimbra] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Frames and Banach Gelfand Triples, with applications to Time-Frequency Analysis"
[06.04.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Nira Dyn: "Linear multiscale transforms based on reverse subdivision schemes"
[04.04.2016] (14:00) [SR13] Jose Luis Romero: "Applications of the Hahn-Banach theorem"
[04.04.2016] (14:00) [WCOAS09] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Harmonic Analysis (and Inverse Problems), PhD School, Aveiro"
[03.04.2016] (14:00) [SR13] Jose Luis Romero: "Applications of the Hahn-Banach theorem"
[16.03.2016] (:) [NuHAG seminar] Andreas Klotz: "Functions of variable bandwidth"
[16.03.2016] (14:30) [Princeton Ideas Seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena"
[14.03.2016] (15:15) [Inst. f. Math., Univ. Salzburg] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Zwei neue funktionalanalytische Konzepte: Banach Frames und Banach Gelfand Triples (mit Anwendungen in der Fourier Analysis)"
[09.03.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Multi-taper spectral estimation and accumulation phenomena"
[12.02.2016] (15:45) [JENA, Main Lecture Hall] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function Spaces, Concepts and Goals (Construction Principles and Applications)"
[27.01.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Michael Speckbacher: "Signal Recovery and the Large Sieve"
[25.01.2016] (11:00) [HIM (Hausdorff Center)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis and the numerical realization using MATLAB"
[20.01.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Roswitha Bammer: "Mallat's Scattering transform and its applications to audio processing"
[14.01.2016] (14:00) [HIM Bonn] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "Gabor Frames"
[13.01.2016] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Simone Zappala: "Prony methods for recovery of structured functions"
[12.01.2016] (15:00) [AG Algebraische Geometrie] Martin Ehler: "Polynomials on unions of Grassmannians"
[08.01.2016] (10:30) [HIM Bonn] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis via the Banach Gelfand Triple"
[16.12.2015] (16:00) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Hans G. Feichtinger: "45 Years of Fourier Analysis in Vienna"
[16.12.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Valentina Turati: "Multigrid methods and Subdivision schemes"
[16.12.2015] (15:00) [Skylounge (12. OG) OMP 1] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Anmerkungen zur Diskreten Fourier Transformation vom Standpunkt der Linearen Algebra"
[09.12.2015] (13:30) [Lulea Technical University (WPML-2015)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A Fast Track to Fourier Analysis"
[09.12.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "The spectrum of the Gabor frame operator: part II, Lipschitz continuity of the spectrum"
[04.12.2015] (11:30) [OMP1] Markus Faulhuber: "Presentation of PhD Topic (Geometric Aspects related to Gabor Frames)"
[02.12.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Sobotnik: "The spectrum of the Gabor frame operator: part I, continuity on the lattice"
[25.11.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Martin Ehler: "Harmonic analysis in unions of Grassmannians"
[18.11.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Multi-tapering, synchrosqueezing and ConceFT"
[11.11.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "Weak values: something for TFA?"
[04.11.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Joachim Stöckler: "Construction of tight wavelet frames by methods of real algebraic geometry"
[04.11.2015] (16:00) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Maurice De Gosson: "Born-Jordan Quantization and Pseudodifferential Operators"
[28.10.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Faulhuber: "An optimal Gabor frame setup"
[22.10.2015] (10:00) [ARI Vortragsraum] Jose Luis Romero: "Completeness of Coherent State Subsystems"
[21.10.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Hartmut Fuehr: "Biunimodular vectors for unitary matrices"
[14.10.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Vladimir Protasov: "Applications of subdivision in combinatorial number theory"
[07.10.2015] (11:30) [NuHAG seminar] Antti Sakari Haimi: "Completeness of Gabor systems"
[05.10.2015] (14:15) [Analysis Seminar, NTNU] Franz Luef: "The Balian-Low theorem and noncommutative tori"
[10.08.2015] (10:00) [HS 11] Peter Berger: "Sampling and reconstruction in distinct subspaces using oblique projections"
[28.07.2015] (15:00) [OMP1] Gino Angelo Velasco: "Defensio: Time-Frequency Localization and Sampling in Gabor Analysis"
[16.07.2015] (13:15) [HS 2] Markus Faulhuber and Jose Luis Romero: "Image Compression with Time-Scale Analysis"
[15.07.2015] (16:00) [University of Buenos Aires] Jose Luis Romero: "Deformation of Gabor systems"
[03.07.2015] (14:30) [Argentinian Institute of Mathematics Alberto CalderĂłn] Jose Luis Romero: "Time-frequency covers"
[30.06.2015] (11:45) [HS 13] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Abschlussvorlesung SS2015 zur Bild- und Signalverarbeitung"
[29.06.2015] (15:00) [HS 14] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Harmonic Analysis over LCA Groups: A distributional approach (using Banach Gelfand Triples)"
[17.06.2015] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Gino Angelo Velasco: "STFT sampling of time-frequency localized functions"
[08.06.2015] (09:35) [TU Trondheim] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The role of Wiener Amalgam Spaces in the theory of irregular sampling"
[03.06.2015] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Sarah Koppensteiner: "Simplifying the Eigenvector Problem of the Discrete Fourier Transform"
[20.05.2015] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Anna Grybos: "Event based sampling"
[13.05.2015] (11:45) [NuHAG seminar] Xiaofeng Qiang: "Gabor Dual Window Computation Based on Zak Transform and Block Matrix"
[06.05.2015] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Maria Charina: "Joint spectral radius and applications"
[29.04.2015] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Gitta Kutyniok: "Imaging Science meets Compressed Sensing"
[22.04.2015] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Krzystof Stempak: "Potential operators associated with different orthogonal expansions"
[17.04.2015] (14:00) [Imperial College (London)] Maurice De Gosson: "Weyl correspondence versus Born--Jordan quantization"
[16.04.2015] (15:00) [ARI Vortragsraum] Frederik J. Simons: "Slepian Functions and their Use in Signal Estimation and Spectral Analysis: Theory and Applications"
[15.04.2015] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "Weaving frames"
[25.03.2015] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Faulhuber: "SuGAR Frames - Gabor Frame Sets of Invariance"
[18.03.2015] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Peter Berger: "Sampling and reconstruction in distinct subspaces using oblique projections"
[13.03.2015] (:) [University of Oslo, Colloquium] Franz Luef: "noncommutative geometry and time-frequency analysis"
[11.03.2015] (:) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice de Gosson: "The Canonical Group of Transformations of a Frame"
[11.03.2015] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "The Canonical Group of Transformations of a Gaussian or Hermitean Frame"
[11.03.2015] (:) [University of Oslo] Franz Luef: "sigma model solitons on noncommutative spaces"
[04.03.2015] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Daniel Abreu: "Multi-window spectral estimators"
[30.01.2015] (12:15) [OMP1] Markus Faulhuber: "The symplectic and metaplectic group and Schrödinger's equation"
[29.01.2015] (11:00) [Luminy (Marseille/France): CIRM] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wavelet theory, coorbit spaces and ramifications"
[28.01.2015] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Sarah Koppensteiner: "Lattices, Theta functions, and Fourier series"
[23.01.2015] (:) [30 Years of Wavelets: Impact and Future, CIRM Marseille] Franz Luef: "Noncommutative geometry and time-frequency analysis"
[14.01.2015] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Discussion"
[13.01.2015] (:) [morletsmwks] Maurice de Gosson: "The metaplectic group Mp(n): 50 years after AndrĂŻÂżÂœ Weil"
[17.12.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Yurii Lyubarskii: "On summation of non-harmonic Fourier series"
[17.12.2014] (16:00) [NuHAG seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Nilpotent Lie Groups, Flat Orbits and Square-int. Representations PART III"
[16.12.2014] (14:30) [NuHAG seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Nilpotent Lie Groups, Flat Orbits and Square-int. Representations PART II"
[11.12.2014] (10:00) [C 209] Hans Georg Feichtinger: "Gabor Multipliers: From theory to applications"
[10.12.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Wallner Johannes: "Subdivision in nonlinear geometries"
[09.12.2014] (16:00) [NuHAG seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Nilpotent Lie Groups, Flat Orbits and Square-int. Representations"
[03.12.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Andreas Klotz: "Functions of time-varying bandwidth"
[28.11.2014] (09:30) [Marburg DFG meeting] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function Spaces - State of the Art and Recent Developments"
[26.11.2014] (12:00) [NuHAG seminar] Andreas Weinmann: "Reconstructing functions with jumps"
[25.11.2014] (16:15) [NuHAG seminar] Costanza Conti: "Active contours for biomedical images based on Hermite exponential splines"
[19.11.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maria Charina: "Algebra for subdivision"
[17.11.2014] (:) [flame14] Hans G. Feichtinger: "What is a good Gabor system and how can we find good Gabor systems"
[11.11.2014] (15:15) [Dissertantenraum, Freihaus, Turm A] Mourad Ismail: "Combinatorics of 2 D polynomials"
[05.11.2014] (14:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Pete Casazza: "Phase Retrieval"
[31.10.2014] (14:00) [morlet-conf] LuĂ­s V. Pessoa: "On the structure of polyharmonic Bergman spaces"
[31.10.2014] (10:10) [morlet-conf] LuĂ­s Daniel Abreu: "Gabor-Toeplitz and polyanalytic ensembles"
[31.10.2014] (11:50) [morlet-conf] Davide Barbieri: "A Bargmann transform for semidirect products"
[31.10.2014] (11:10) [morlet-conf] Nicola Arcozzi: "Invariant metrics for the quaternionic Hardy space"
[31.10.2014] (09:00) [morlet-conf] Haakan Hedenmalm: "Weighted integrability of polyharmonic functions and the uniqueness theorem of Holmgren"
[31.10.2014] (14:40) [morlet-conf] Yurii Lyubarskii: "Direct and inverse problem of multichannel scattering"
[30.10.2014] (14:00) [morlet-conf] Nir Lev: "Sampling on quasicrystals"
[30.10.2014] (17:05) [morlet-conf] Brett Wick: "Bounds for localized operator with matrix Muckenhoupt weights"
[30.10.2014] (14:55) [morlet-conf] Konstantin Fedorovskiy: "$L^1$-estimates of derivatives of univalent rational functions and related topics"
[30.10.2014] (16:10) [morlet-conf] Grigori Rozenblioum: "Finite rank operators in the Fock space and the $\bar{\partial}$ equation in certain spaces of distributions"
[30.10.2014] (14:00) [morlet-conf] Dragan Vukotic: "The Krzyz conjecture: an extremal problem for non-vanishing bounded analytic functions"
[30.10.2014] (09:00) [morlet-conf] Alexander Olevskii: "On Fourier quasicrystals"
[30.10.2014] (14:55) [morlet-conf] Konstantin Dyakonov: "Differentiation and factoring: Gauss-Lucas type theorems on the disk"
[30.10.2014] (11:10) [morlet-conf] Omar El Fallah: "On the Dirichlet type spaces"
[30.10.2014] (10:10) [morlet-conf] Carl Sundberg: "The transitive algebra problem"
[30.10.2014] (18:00) [morlet-conf] Miroslav Englis: "Analytic continuation of Toeplitz operators"
[30.10.2014] (16:10) [morlet-conf] Frederic Bayart: "Bohr radius and infinite dimensional holomorphy"
[30.10.2014] (11:50) [morlet-conf] Roman Bessonov: "Atomic decomposition of coinvariant subspaces of $H^1$"
[30.10.2014] (17:05) [morlet-conf] Gady Kozma: "Riesz bases of exponentials for finite unions of intervals"
[29.10.2014] (09:00) [morlet-conf] Kristian Seip: "Hankel and composition operators on spaces of Dirichlet series"
[29.10.2014] (11:50) [morlet-conf] Olivia Constantin: "Some similar aspects of Fock spaces and Bergman spaces with rapidly decreasing weights"
[29.10.2014] (10:10) [morlet-conf] Artur Nicolau: "Minimal interpolation by Blaschke products"
[29.10.2014] (11:10) [morlet-conf] Evgenia Malinnikova: "Composition operators on model spaces"
[29.10.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Sampling and interpolation of analytic functions"
[28.10.2014] (14:00) [morlet-conf] Eero Saksman: "Sobolev and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces via hyperbolic fillings"
[28.10.2014] (16:10) [morlet-conf] Sandrine Grellier: "Multiple singular values of Hankel operators and weak turbulence"
[28.10.2014] (11:10) [morlet-conf] Stefan Richter: "Hankel operators and invariant subspaces of the Dirichlet shift"
[28.10.2014] (11:50) [morlet-conf] Yuri Tomilov: "From prime numbers to damped waves"
[28.10.2014] (14:00) [morlet-conf] Friedrich Haslinger: "Spectral properties of the d-bar-Neumann operator"
[28.10.2014] (17:05) [morlet-conf] Anton Baranov: "Strong M-bases of reproducing kernels and spectral theory of rank-one perturbations of selfadjoint operators"
[28.10.2014] (14:55) [morlet-conf] Felix VoigtlÀnder: "Embeddings between decomposition spaces"
[28.10.2014] (14:55) [morlet-conf] Paul Mozolyako: "On a theorem of M. Cartwright in higher dimensions"
[28.10.2014] (10:10) [morlet-conf] Götz Pfander: "Symbol modulation spaces and boundedness of multilinear pseudodifferential operators"
[28.10.2014] (09:00) [morlet-conf] Kehe Zhu: "Products of Toeplitz operators on the Fock space"
[27.10.2014] (18:20) [morlet-conf] Nikolai Vasilevski: "Commutative algebras of Toeplitz operators on the unit ball"
[27.10.2014] (16:20) [morlet-conf] Mishko Mitkowski: "Function theory in Hilbert spaces with a generalized frame"
[27.10.2014] (14:00) [morlet-conf] Joaquim Ortega-CerdĂ : "Orthonormal flat polynomials in the sphere"
[27.10.2014] (11:10) [morlet-conf] Kryzstof Nowak: "Szegö type spectral asymptotics of Gabor phase space localization operators"
[27.10.2014] (09:00) [morlet-conf] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function spaces in harmonic analysis and coorbit theory"
[27.10.2014] (11:50) [morlet-conf] Margit Pap: "The voice transforms of the Blaschke group, discretization results"
[27.10.2014] (15:20) [morlet-conf] Yuri Belov: "How to sum a Fourier series?"
[27.10.2014] (14:40) [morlet-conf] Evgeny Abakumov: "Localization of zeroes for Cauchy transforms"
[27.10.2014] (17:00) [morlet-conf] Pascal Thomas: "Lifting maps to the spectral ball"
[27.10.2014] (17:40) [morlet-conf] Jan-Fredrik Olsen: "On a sharp estimate for Hankel operators and Putnam's inequality"
[27.10.2014] (10:10) [morlet-conf] Wolodymyr Madych: "Convergence and summability of cardinal sine series"
[23.10.2014] (11:00) [morletsmwks] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Coorbit Theory: Survey, Motivation and Background, 25 years after the publication of the main papers on the subject: [1]"
[21.10.2014] (14:30) [Garching bei MĂŒnchen (TU)] Maurice de Gosson: "The symplectic camrl and the uncertainty principle"
[21.10.2014] (11:00) [NuHAG] Wei-Hsuan Yu: "New bounds for spherical two-distance sets and equiangular line sets"
[15.10.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Time-Frequency Analysis on the Heisenberg Group"
[10.10.2014] (11:00) [University of Potsdam] Franz Luef: "From noncommutative geometry to wireless communication"
[08.10.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] : "Sampling in non-linear spaces (open problems, discussion)"
[07.10.2014] (:) [morletsmwks] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Decomposition spaces, Banach frames and Riesz projection bases"
[29.09.2014] (15:30) [Imperial College (London)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On a Banach Gelfand Triple (and its use in Engineering and Mathematics)"
[15.09.2014] (15:00) [Marseille, Analysis Seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples and their use in Fourier Analysis"
[03.09.2014] (:) [St.Charles, Marseille] : "Function Spaces and Harmonic Analysis"
[17.08.2014] (:) [Linne University, Vaexjoe, ISAAC2017] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The role of Banach Gelfand Triples in the context of Conceptual Harmonic Analysis"
[24.07.2014] (13:00) [NuHAG internships] Jose Luis Romero: "Signal compression"
[09.07.2014] (09:00) [] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Numerical Issues in Time-Frequency Analysis"
[25.06.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Group discussion"
[18.06.2014] (09:00) [Noncommutative Geometry and Mathematical Physics, Scalea 2014] Franz Luef: "On non-linear sigma models for noncommutative tori"
[18.06.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Group discussion"
[11.06.2014] (:) [TRIESTE (ICTP)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "From Linear Algebra to Banach Gelfand Triples (Functional Analytic Foundations of Time-Frequency Analysis)"
[11.06.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Ville Turunen: "Born-Jordan quantization"
[06.06.2014] (11:30) [strobl14] Luigi Rodino: "Time-frequency analysis for Fourier integral operators"
[06.06.2014] (14:00) [strobl14] Hartmut Fuehr: "Wavelet coorbit theory in higher dimensions"
[06.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Diana Stoeva: "Ranges of the analysis operators of a frame and its weighed frame"
[06.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Swanhild Bernstein: "Gabor frames on groups and homogeneous spaces."
[06.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Mads Sielemann Jakobsen: "Reproducing formulas for generalized translation invariant systems on LCA groups"
[06.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Jakob Lemvig: "Duality results for Gabor frames on LCA groups"
[06.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Sandra Saliani: "Representation theory of LCA groups for Gabor systems"
[06.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Tatiana Levitina: "Principal component analysis based on the eigenfunctions of the finite Hankel transform"
[06.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Daniel Abreu: "Localization and accumulation"
[06.06.2014] (14:40) [strobl14] Frank Filbir: "Wavelet-like representations of functions on graphs and filtrations"
[06.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Ilya Krishtal: "Localization of matrix factorizations"
[05.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Roza Aceska: "A dynamical sampling scheme for hybrid-type evolutionary systems"
[05.06.2014] (14:40) [strobl14] Apostolos Vourdas: "Harmonic analysis on Q"
[05.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Michele Berra: "A parametrix construction of the wave equation using a frame of Gaussian wave packets via Gaussian beams: A multi-scale approach"
[05.06.2014] (15:10) [strobl14] Dominik Bayer: "Coorbit theory of alpha-modulation spaces"
[05.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Gert Tamberg: "On approximation properties of Kantorovich-type sampling operators."
[05.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Andi Kivinukk: "On variation detracting property of some Shannon sampling operators"
[05.06.2014] (14:00) [strobl14] Arpad Benyi: "From modulation spaces to probabilistic Strichartz estimates"
[05.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Margit Pap: "Analytic wavelets in the Hardy space of the upper half plane"
[05.06.2014] (15:15) [strobl14] Hans-Juergen Schmeisser: "General moduli of smoothness and trigonometric approximation"
[05.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Franz Luef: "Gabor frames and Yang-Mills theory for noncommutative tori"
[05.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Maurice de Gosson: "Weak Hamiltonian deformations of Gabor frames"
[05.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Pankaj Jain: "Weighted integral inequalities in generalized Lebesgue spaces"
[05.06.2014] (14:40) [strobl14] Benjamin Scharf: "Besov regularity of solutions of the p-Laplace equation"
[05.06.2014] (11:30) [strobl14] Veronique Fischer: "Pseudo-differential operators and quantization on Lie group"
[04.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Joachim Toft: "Decomposition properties of matrices and operator kernels with applications to the theory of Schatten-von Neumann operators"
[04.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Stephan Dahlke: "Recent results on Shearlet coorbit theory"
[04.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Antonio Galbis: "Spectral properties for matrix algebras"
[04.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Felix Voigtlaender: "Coorbit spaces as decomposition spaces"
[04.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Nenad Teofanov: "A note on localization operators"
[04.06.2014] (11:30) [strobl14] Amit Singer: "Three-dimensional structure determination of molecules without crystallization"
[04.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Stefano Vigogna: "Coorbit spaces for non integrable representations"
[04.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Goetz Pfander: "Stochastic modulation spaces and applications"
[04.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Philipp Grohs: "Optimal a priori discretization error bounds for geodesic finite elements"
[03.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Deguang Han: "Matrix Fourier multipliers for Parseval multi-wavelet frames"
[03.06.2014] (16:30) [strobl14] Dorin Dutkay: "Fourier frames for measures"
[03.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Victor Zakharov: "Elliptic wavelets in the context of elliptic operators"
[03.06.2014] (11:30) [strobl14] Joel Tropp: "Living on the edge: Phase transitions in convex programs with random data"
[03.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Jan-Christian Huetter: "Consistency of probability measure quantization by means of power repulsion-attraction potentials"
[03.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Maria Charina: "Multivariate tight wavelet frames: An algebraic perspective"
[03.06.2014] (16:30) [strobl14] Tomislav Beric: "On dual and essentially dual frames"
[03.06.2014] (16:00) [strobl14] Jean-Pierre Gabardo: "Frames of multi-windowed exponentials on subsets of R^d"
[03.06.2014] (09:00) [strobl14] Pavel Rajmic: "Audio inpainting using structured sparsity"
[03.06.2014] (16:00) [strobl14] Marco Cappiello: "Microlocal analysis in quasi-analytic Gelfand-Shilov spaces"
[03.06.2014] (09:30) [strobl14] Stefan Kunis: "Fast Fourier and Laplace transforms"
[03.06.2014] (10:00) [strobl14] Martin Ehler: "Signal reconstruction from subspace magnitude measurements"
[03.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Steffen Peter: "Minimization of multi-penalty functionals by alternating iterative thresholding and optimal parameter choices"
[03.06.2014] (:) [strobl14] Markus Faulhuber: "Geometric aspects of the time-frequency plane"
[02.06.2014] (11:00) [strobl14] Miroslav Englis: "Coherent states and orthogonal polynomials"
[02.06.2014] (14:40) [strobl14] Wolodymyr Madych: "Band limited functions and cardinal sine series"
[02.06.2014] (11:30) [strobl14] Jose Luis Romero: "Deformation of Gabor systems"
[02.06.2014] (11:00) [strobl14] Tobias Kloos: "Zak transforms of totally positive functions and exponential B-splines"
[02.06.2014] (15:10) [strobl14] Isaac Pesenson: "Shannon sampling on weighted combinatorial graphs"
[02.06.2014] (15:10) [strobl14] Ole Christensen: "On the duality principle and various R-duals."
[02.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Norbert Kaiblinger: "Some more Fourier eigenfunctions"
[02.06.2014] (10:30) [strobl14] Ville Turunen: "Born-Jordan transform"
[02.06.2014] (09:05) [strobl14] Joachim Stoeckler: "A perspective on Gabor frames from approximation theory"
[02.06.2014] (14:40) [strobl14] Ubertino Battisti: "Window-dependent basis for an efficient representation of the S-transform"
[02.06.2014] (14:00) [strobl14] Mauro Maggioni: "Multiscale geometric methods for statistical learning and data in high-dimensions"
[02.06.2014] (11:30) [strobl14] Yurii Neretin: "Cartier model and integral operators on a torus with theta-kernels"
[30.05.2014] (15:15) [NuHAG seminar] Patrick Muenich: "Foundations of Abstract Harmonic Analysis"
[14.05.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Severin Bannert: "Discretized Gabor Frames of Totally Positive Functions"
[07.05.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Ewa Matusiak: "TBA"
[07.05.2014] (15:00) [Skylounge (12. OG) OMP 1] Karlheinz Gröchenig: "The Kadison-Singer Conjecture"
[02.05.2014] (:) [NuHAG seminar] Ausserhofer Markus: "A short introduction to Bike Sharing Systems and an attempt to the analysis of the bicycle flow."
[30.04.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luef Franz: "Higher rank vector bundles over noncommutative tori and Gabor analysis"
[25.04.2014] (14:30) [TU-Wien] Karin Schnass: "Optimisation Principles for Dictionary Learning"
[23.04.2014] (11:00) [ARI Vortragsraum] Afonso Bandeira: "Phase Retrieval from Coded Diffraction Patterns"
[09.04.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Gabor-Toeplitz and polyanalytic ensembles"
[07.04.2014] (14:15) [NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "Topological properties of Gabor frames"
[02.04.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Antti Sakari Haimi: "Polyanalytic Bergman kernels"
[26.03.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Peter Berger: "Sampling and Reconstruction in Different Subspaces of a Hilbert-Space"
[26.03.2014] (15:00) [Skylounge (12. OG) OMP 1] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gedanken zur Harmonischen Analyse im 21-ten Jahrhundert"
[26.03.2014] (:) [Vienna] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Ideas for Harmonic Analysis in the 21st Century"
[05.03.2014] (:) [NuHAG seminar] Martin Ehler: "Phase retrieval with few measurements"
[06.02.2014] (10:) [NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "From Harmonic Analysis to Noncommutative Geometry and back"
[22.01.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Turunen Ville: "Born-Jordan Time-Frequency Methods with Applications"
[21.01.2014] (13:30) [ISTA, Klosterneuburg] Markus Faulhuber: "Lattice Deformations and Packing Problems"
[19.01.2014] ( :) [esi14] Karlheinz Groechenig: "New results about Gabor frames"
[17.01.2014] (12:30) [OMP] Christoph Wiesmeyr: "DEFENSIO: Construction of frames by discretization of phase space"
[17.01.2014] (09:30) [esi14] Helmut Harbrecht: "Adaptive Wavelet Boundary Element Methods"
[17.01.2014] (14:05) [esi14] Hutnik Ondrej: "Wavelets, analytic function spaces and Toeplitz operators"
[17.01.2014] (11:00) [esi14] Gerard Kerkyacharian: "Regularity of Gaussian processes in a geometrical framework."
[16.01.2014] (14:00) [esi14] Yurii Lyubarskii: "On bandlimited Lipschitz functions"
[16.01.2014] (09:30) [esi14] Isaac Pesenson: "Space-frequency localized frames on Riemannian manifolds"
[16.01.2014] (15:00) [esi14] Joaquim Ortega CerdĂ : "Sampling polynomials in R^n"
[16.01.2014] (11:00) [esi14] Wolfram Bauer: "Heat flow and Berezin-Toeplitz calculus"
[15.01.2014] (11:00) [esi14] Ville Turunen: "Born-Jordan transform"
[15.01.2014] (14:00) [esi14] Jose Luis Romero: "Deformation of Gabor systems"
[15.01.2014] (09:30) [esi14] Elena Cordero: "Time-frequency analysis of Schrodinger equations with bounded potentials"
[15.01.2014] (15:00) [esi14] Basarab Matei: "Sets of Stable Sampling : Construction and Counter-Examples"
[15.01.2014] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Discussion"
[14.01.2014] (09:30) [esi14] Stephan Dahlke: "Shearlet Coorbit Spaces: General Setting, Group Theoretical Background, Trace, and Embeddings"
[14.01.2014] (15:00) [esi14] Margit Pap: "Fundamental analytic wavelet system for the disc algebra of the unit disc"
[14.01.2014] (14:00) [esi14] Hartmut Fuehr: "Wavelet coorbit theory in higher dimensions"
[14.01.2014] (11:00) [esi14] Philipp Grohs: "Ridgelet Discretization of Linear Transport Equations"
[14.01.2014] (16:30) [esi14] Filippo De Mari: "Coorbit spaces with voice in a Fréchet space"
[13.01.2014] (15:00) [esi14] Massimo Fornasier: "Consistency of probability measure quantization by means of power repulsion-attraction potentials"
[13.01.2014] (14:00) [esi14] Joachim Stoeckler: "Gabor frames of totally positive functions and splines"
[13.01.2014] (11:00) [esi14] Qiyu Sun: "The abc-problems for Gabor system"
[13.01.2014] (09:30) [esi14] Philippe Jaming: "A dynamical system approach to Heisenberg Uniqueness Pairs"
[08.01.2014] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Faulhuber: "Lattice Deformations and Packing Problems"
[18.12.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Obstructions to Gabor frames"
[11.12.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Introduction to super-resolution"
[10.12.2013] (14:10) [UC Berkeley] Franz Luef: "Sigma models and instantons for noncommutative tori"
[04.12.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "Quantum Indeterminacy, Polar Duality, and Symplectic Capacities"
[27.11.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Franz Luef: "Topological properties of Gabor frames"
[20.11.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Accumulated spectrograms"
[13.11.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Martin Ehler: "Computational harmonic analysis of high-dimensional data"
[07.11.2013] (:) [Operator Algebra Seminar, NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "Gabor frames as solitons on noncommutative tori"
[06.11.2013] (12:00) [NuHAG seminar] Zouhair Mouayn: "Epsilon frames with polyanalytic coefficients"
[31.10.2013] (:) [Operator Algebra Seminar, NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "From noncommutative geometry to time-frequency analysis"
[30.10.2013] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Radu Frunza: "Introduction to Gabor Analysis"
[23.10.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Approximate dual atoms using small local Gramian matrices"
[22.10.2013] (13:00) [OMP1] Manuel Graef: "Efficient Algorithms for the Computation of optimal Quadrature Points on Riemannian Manifolds"
[17.10.2013] (11:50) [cmmr2013, Marseille] Monika Doerfler: "Identifying novelty and sound objects in texture sounds by sparse adaptation of Gabor coefficients"
[16.10.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] : "MATLAB experiments concerning Gabor Frames (introductory material)"
[15.10.2013] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Tatiana Levitina: "On the number of degrees of freedom of band-limited functions"
[10.10.2013] (:) [Operator Algebra Seminar, NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "Rieffel projections in rotation algebras and Walnut representation"
[09.10.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Finite Sections of Gabor Frames"
[23.09.2013] (:) [OEMG Conference 2013] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Distribution Theory based on Time-Frequency Analysis"
[20.09.2013] (09:30) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Ideas towards Postmodern Analysis"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Wiener’s Lemma in Banach Algebras and Norm-Controlled Inversion"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Hermann J. Eberl: "Cross-Diffusion in Biofilms: Modelling, Simulation, Application"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Brigitte Forster: "Phase in signals and images"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Hartmut FĂŒhr: "Wavelet coorbit spaces over general dilation groups"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] François HAMEL: "Inside Structure of Range-Expanding Populations"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Volkmar Liebscher: "A Poisson process model for monitoring and surveillance data from wildlife diseases"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Jurgen Prestin: "Polynomial Bases for Spaces of Continuous Functions"
[20.09.2013] (:) [MAA - Mathematical Analysis and Application] Holger Rauhut: "Interpolation via weighted l_1-minimization"
[20.08.2013] (:) [Buenos Aires] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis without Integration Theory (Yes we can!)"
[12.08.2013] (09:00) [CIMPA 2013, Mar del Plata, Argentina] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Computational Harmonic Analysis (from foundations to the numerical realization)"
[06.08.2013] (:) [Course at CIMPA 2013, Argentina] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Flexible time-frequency expansions"
[10.07.2013] (10:00) [NuHAG seminar] Elisa Urbanschitz: "Identifikation of the range of linear mappings using RKH"
[05.07.2013] (17:00) [Jacobs Summer School 2013] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis: the Practical Side of Time-frequency Analysis, with MATLAB"
[05.07.2013] (10:15) [Jacobs Summer School 2013] : "Fascination Time-Frequency Analysis: Between real world applications and abstract harmonic analysis"
[01.07.2013] (:) [SampTA13 (Bremen)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Sampling theory and applications: developments in the last 20 years and future perspectives"
[26.06.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Stability of Gabor frames"
[24.06.2013] (17:00) [Toronto] Franz Luef: "Noncommutative geometric and topological aspects of time-frequency analysis"
[19.06.2013] (10:00) [National University of Ireland, Maynooth] H.G. Dales: "Approximate identities in Banach function algebras"
[14.06.2013] (09:30) [UZA4] Peter Berger: "Distributed Field Reconstruction in Hybrid Shift-Invariant Spaces"
[12.06.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Orthogonal pseudoeigenfunctions of localization operators"
[05.06.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Generalized metaplectic operators"
[29.05.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Andrei Khrennikov: "P-adic and adelic wavelets"
[28.05.2013] (14:00) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Monika Doerfler: "Local and Global Aspects of Time-Frequency Analysis with Applications to Sound Analysis"
[25.05.2013] (08:30) [gpots2013] Judith Packer: "Projective modules for noncommutative solenoids"
[25.05.2013] (09:45) [gpots2013] Robert Martin: "A partial order on partial isometries"
[25.05.2013] (11:30) [gpots2013] David Robertson: "$C^*$-algebras associated to Zappa-Szep product semigroups"
[25.05.2013] (10:45) [gpots2013] Andre Kornell: "Dodging the quantum set problem"
[25.05.2013] (:) [gpots2013] Julian Buck: "Smallness and Comparison Properties in Certain Topological Dynamical Systems"
[25.05.2013] (09:30) [gpots2013] Nathan Brownlowe: "Exel-Larsen crossed products associated to compact groups"
[25.05.2013] (11:15) [gpots2013] Aidan Sims: "Simplicity of groupoid algebras"
[24.05.2013] (09:30) [gpots2013] David Blecher: "Arvesons von Neumann algebraic Hardy spaces"
[24.05.2013] (11:45) [gpots2013] Igor Nikolaev: "On a family of Cuntz-Krieger algebras connected to the rational elliptic curves in projective plane"
[24.05.2013] (15:00) [gpots2013] Emily Redelmeier: "Quaternionic Second-Order Freeness"
[24.05.2013] (16:15) [gpots2013] Wai-Kit Chan: "Perturbations of certain crossed product algebras by free groups"
[24.05.2013] (08:30) [gpots2013] Kenneth Davidson: "The Choquet boundary of an operator system"
[24.05.2013] (12:15) [gpots2013] Hannes Thiel: "Semiprojectivity with and without a group action"
[24.05.2013] (09:45) [gpots2013] Joseph Ball: "Convexity analysis for linearly constrained normalized matrix Borel measures and Agler decomposions for the matrix-valued Schur class over a finitely-connected planar domain"
[24.05.2013] (12:00) [gpots2013] Bernard Russo: "Triple derivations on von Neumann algebras"
[24.05.2013] (10:15) [gpots2013] Jamie Gabe: "Classification of C*-algebras with primitive ideal space Ñ"
[24.05.2013] (16:30) [gpots2013] Frederic Latremoliere: "The Quantum Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity"
[24.05.2013] (02:00) [gpots2013] Gilles Pisier: "Quantum Expanders and Geometry of Operator Spaces"
[24.05.2013] (10:30) [gpots2013] David Pitts: "Isomorphisms of Lattices of Bures-Closed Bimodules over Cartan MASAs"
[24.05.2013] (11:00) [gpots2013] Ken Dykema: "A decomposition theorem in II_1-factors"
[24.05.2013] (10:30) [gpots2013] Vrej Zarikian: "Bimodules over Cartan Subalgebras, and Mercer's Extension Theorem"
[24.05.2013] (11:30) [gpots2013] Sara Arklint: "Do phantom Cuntz-Krieger algebras exist?"
[24.05.2013] (15:15) [gpots2013] John Williams: "Quantum Symmetric States on Free Product C*-Algebras."
[24.05.2013] (11:15) [gpots2013] David Larson: "GPOTS, Bill Arveson, and Mathematical Inspiration"
[23.05.2013] (10:00) [gpots2013] Viakalathur Sunder: "E_0 semigroups on (not necessarily) type I factors"
[23.05.2013] (15:45) [gpots2013] E. Eusebio Gardella: "Circle actions with the Rokhlin property"
[23.05.2013] (16:45) [gpots2013] Luis Castro: "Wiener-Hopf and Hankel operators with almost periodic Fourier symbols on standard and variable exponent Lebesgue spaces"
[23.05.2013] (08:30) [gpots2013] Paul Muhly: "Bill Arveson: With and Without Boundaries"
[23.05.2013] (02:00) [gpots2013] Vern Paulsen: "Quotients of Operator Systems and WEP"
[23.05.2013] (09:45) [gpots2013] Joel Rosenfeld: "Densely Defined Multiplication and Reproducing Kernel Extensions"
[23.05.2013] (15:00) [gpots2013] William Grilliette: "Scaled-Free Properties for Matrix-Normed Objects"
[23.05.2013] (09:30) [gpots2013] Adam Broschinski: "Eigenvalues of Toeplitz operators on the Annulus and Neil Algebra"
[23.05.2013] (15:30) [gpots2013] John Quigg: "Exotic coactions"
[23.05.2013] (11:00) [gpots2013] Robert Powers: "E-0-semigroups and q-purity"
[23.05.2013] (10:45) [gpots2013] Anna Skripka: "Taylor approximations of operator functions"
[23.05.2013] (16:30) [gpots2013] Rasmus Bentmann: "Kirchberg X-algebras with real rank zero and intermediate cancellation"
[23.05.2013] (15:15) [gpots2013] David Sherman: "Equivalent operator categories"
[23.05.2013] (12:00) [gpots2013] Daniel Markiewicz: "Aligned Quantum Markov Semigroups"
[23.05.2013] (16:15) [gpots2013] Timothy Rainone: "K-theoretical Dynamics of Quasidiagonal Actions on AF-Algebras"
[23.05.2013] (12:15) [gpots2013] Christopher Jankowski: "Boundary weight maps and E_0-semigroups"
[23.05.2013] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Marco Liuni: "Sound processing with nonstationary Gabor frames"
[23.05.2013] (13:30) [NuHAG seminar] Gino Angelo Velasco: "Time-frequency localization in phase space and local Gabor approximations"
[22.05.2013] (10:15) [gpots2013] Jireh Loreaux: "An infinite dimensional Schur-Horn Theorem and majorization theory: the nonzero kernel case"
[22.05.2013] (12:00) [gpots2013] Efton Park: "Unitary Equivalence of Normal Matrices over Compact Hausdorff Spaces"
[22.05.2013] (11:30) [gpots2013] Mustafa Said: "Almost commuting unitaries that are far from commuting approximates with respect to the schatten p-norms"
[22.05.2013] (10:45) [gpots2013] Fred Shultz: "Complete positivity of the map from a basis to its dual basis"
[22.05.2013] (12:15) [gpots2013] Benjamin Purkis: "Projective Multiresolution Analyses over Irrational Rotation Algebras"
[22.05.2013] (09:45) [gpots2013] Paul Skoufranis: "Closed Unitary and Similarity Orbits of Normal Operators in Purely Infinite C*-Algebras"
[22.05.2013] (:) [gpots2013] Martin Walter: "Non-linear Complete Positivity,Bill Arveson,and Finite Groups"
[22.05.2013] (09:30) [gpots2013] Matthew Kennedy: "The Arveson-Douglas essential normality conjecture"
[22.05.2013] (16:45) [gpots2013] Jonathan Brown: "Decomposing the C*-algebras of groupoid extensions"
[22.05.2013] (08:30) [gpots2013] Ronald Douglas: "Update on Arveson's Essential Normality Conjecture"
[22.05.2013] (17:00) [gpots2013] Geoff Goehle: "Groupoid C*-algebras with Hausdorff Spectrum"
[22.05.2013] (16:30) [gpots2013] Valentin Deaconu: "Group actions on graphs (joint with Alex Kumjian)"
[22.05.2013] (16:15) [gpots2013] Richard M. Timoney: "Universally reversible JC*-triples and operator spaces"
[22.05.2013] (15:00) [gpots2013] Sooran Kang: "Periodicity and the primitive ideal space of a row-finite k-graph C*-algebra"
[22.05.2013] (17:45) [gpots2013] Scott LaLonde: "Nuclearity and Exactness of Groupoid Crossed Products"
[22.05.2013] (15:15) [gpots2013] Adam Fuller: "Non-self-adjoint 2-graph Algebras"
[22.05.2013] (17:30) [gpots2013] Marius Ionescu: "Irreducible Induced Representations of Fell Bundles"
[22.05.2013] (17:15) [gpots2013] Elizabeth Gillaspy: "K-theory and Twisted Group(oid) C*-algebras"
[22.05.2013] (11:15) [gpots2013] Adam Soerensen: "Almost commuting unitary matrices"
[22.05.2013] (11:00) [gpots2013] Franciszek Hugon Szafraniec: "From Sz.-Nagy to Stinespring and back; in few step"
[22.05.2013] (15:30) [gpots2013] David Pask: "Twisted higher rank graph C*-algebras"
[22.05.2013] (16:15) [gpots2013] Danny Crytser: "Continuous-Trace Graph $C^*$-Algebras"
[22.05.2013] (15:45) [gpots2013] Jack Spielberg: "C*-algebras of non-finitely aligned categories of paths"
[22.05.2013] (10:30) [CIME 2006] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Plans for the Morlet Chair (2014), presentation at CIRM (Luminy, Marseille)"
[22.05.2013] (14:00) [gpots2013] Sara Reznikoff: "A uniqueness theorem for k-graph C*-algebras"
[21.05.2013] (17:00) [gpots2013] Martin Mathieu: "Spectrally bounded elementary operators"
[21.05.2013] (11:15) [gpots2013] Adam Dor On: "Operator algebras and subproduct systems from stochastic matrices"
[21.05.2013] (10:45) [gpots2013] Gary Weiss: "Arveson's distance formula and applications, in pictures"
[21.05.2013] (12:15) [gpots2013] Benjamin Hayes: "An l^p version of von Neumann dimension for representations of equivalence relations"
[21.05.2013] (16:45) [gpots2013] Raphael Clouatre: "The unilateral shift as a Hilbert module over the disc algebra"
[21.05.2013] (16:15) [gpots2013] Michael Whittaker: "KMS states for self-similar group actions"
[21.05.2013] (10:00) [gpots2013] John Jasper: "The Schur-Horn theorem for operators with finite spectrum"
[21.05.2013] (11:00) [gpots2013] Gelu Popescu: "Beurling theorem on noncommutative polydomains"
[21.05.2013] (16:00) [gpots2013] Astrid an Huef: "KMS states on the C*-algebras of finite graphs"
[21.05.2013] (15:00) [gpots2013] Nikolai Vasilevski: "Commutative C*-algebras of Toeplitz operators on the Bergman space"
[21.05.2013] (12:00) [gpots2013] Bill Helton: "Free Real Algebraic Geometry"
[21.05.2013] (15:45) [gpots2013] Marcelo Laca: "Equilibrium states for self-similar actions"
[21.05.2013] (15:30) [gpots2013] Nina Zorboska: "Distortion and Fredholm properties of composition operators on the Bloch type spaces"
[21.05.2013] (11:45) [gpots2013] Raul Curto: "A subnormal Toeplitz completion problem"
[21.05.2013] (10:15) [gpots2013] Marcin Bownik: "Spectra of operators with prescribed diagonal"
[21.05.2013] (11:30) [gpots2013] Yanni Chen: "Noncommutative Hardy space with respect to Unitarily Invariant Norm"
[21.05.2013] (08:30) [gpots2013] Richard Kadison: "Diagonals and Spectra -- Arveson's role in recent work on Schur-Horn"
[15.05.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Group discussion on recent topics"
[07.05.2013] (14:00) [Norbert Wiener Center (College Park)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis: Foundations and Recent Progress"
[06.05.2013] (11:00) [Drexel University (CMS)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Group Representation Methods for Efficient Numerical Algorithms in Gabor Analysis"
[03.05.2013] (14:00) [AMCS colloquium at Penn] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis in 2D: From Theory to Applications"
[30.04.2013] (:) [SPIE 2013 Baltimore] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Group theoretical methods and wavelet theory (coorbit theory and applications)"
[24.04.2013] (17:00) [ist-A] Stephen Smale: "The Protein Folding Problem via Relations with Patterns in Data and the Geometry of Kernels"
[24.04.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "A Hamiltonian Approach to Symplectic Deformations of Gabor Frames"
[17.04.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jayakrishnan Unnikrishnan: "Sampling high-dimensional bandlimited fields on low-dimensional manifolds"
[17.04.2013] (:) [Colloquium, SISSA Trieste] Franz Luef: "Operator algebras in time-frequency analysis"
[12.04.2013] (:) [Austrian Numerics Days *Graz] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Numerical Questions in Time-frequency Analysis"
[12.04.2013] (12:00) [Austrian Numerics Days *Graz] Monika Doerfler: "Numerical aspects of audio processing"
[09.04.2013] (11:00) [ESI] John Klauder: "Field Quantization Without Divergences"
[09.04.2013] (:) [SISSA, Trieste] Franz Luef: "Vector bundles over noncommutative tori"
[08.04.2013] (14::0) [ESI] John Klauder: "Completing Canonical Quantization"
[08.04.2013] (:) [SISSA, Trieste] Franz Luef: "Gabor analysis, modulation spaces and noncommutative tori"
[20.03.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Cotlar's lemma"
[14.03.2013] (16:00) [HS 1] Erich Neuwirth: "Was steckt hinter der Wahlhochrechnung und was kann sie aussagen?"
[13.03.2013] (11:45) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Faulhuber: "Powers of Sinc violating Riemann-Lebesgue"
[13.03.2013] (14:30) [ARI Vortragsraum] Nathanael Perraudin: "Design of Gabor dual windows using convex optimization"
[13.03.2013] (15:45) [C 209] Caroline Uhler: "Sphere packing with and without overlap"
[06.03.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Fariba Dehghani-schobesberger: "Orthogonalization Approach on Optimized UWB Impulse Radio"
[27.02.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] HĂ©lĂšne Papadopoulos: "Sparse and structured decomposition of audio signals on hybrid dictionaries using musical priors"
[26.02.2013] (:) [Univ. Central Florida, Orlando] Franz Luef: "Operator algebras in time-frequency analysis"
[20.02.2013] (12:00) [Luncheon seminar, CAS, Oslo] Monika Doerfler: "How to watch the music, how to listen to the computations? Methods from time-frequency analysis applied to audio signals."
[15.02.2013] (:) [OSLO workshop 2013] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Universal usefulness of BUPUs in Harmonic Analysis"
[15.02.2013] (:) [Oslo] Franz Luef: "Robertson-Schroedinger uncertainty relations"
[14.02.2013] (16:15) [OSLO workshop 2013] José Luis Romero: "Phase-space covers"
[14.02.2013] (12:15) [OSLO workshop 2013] Monika Doerfler: "Double orthogonality and an inverse problem for localization operators"
[11.02.2013] (:) [NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "Operator algebras for time-frequency analysis"
[30.01.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Dominik Fuchs: "Structured Sparsity in Gabor-analysis"
[23.01.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Angelika Hoefler: "Density in Homogeneous Groups"
[21.01.2013] (18:00) [Institut f. Musikwissenschaften] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Was den Klang im Innersten zusammenhÀlt - Zeitfrequenz-Methoden aus mathematischer Sicht (und die Rolle der NuHAG in diesem Kontext)"
[16.01.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Elisa Urbanschitz: "Harmonic Hilbert spaces, Sobolev algebras and minimum norm interpolation"
[14.01.2013] (18:00) [Institut fĂŒr Musikwissenschaft der UniversitĂ€t Wien, UniversitĂ€tsring 1] Monika Doerfler: "Musik sehen und Mathematik hören - Wie moderne mathematische Methoden zur Analyse von Klang beitragen können und was die Mathematik aus den KlĂ€ngen lernt."
[09.01.2013] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Peter Berger: "Distributed Field Reconstruction in Hybrid Shift-Invariant Spaces"
[17.12.2012] (14:00) [NuHAG seminar] Hagai Kirshner: "Continuous-time autoregressive models: sampling, uniqueness and estimation"
[12.12.2012] (12:00) [NuHAG seminar] Radu Frunza: "Gabor Analysis: recent progress and MATLAB experiments"
[12.12.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Wolodymyr Madych: "Approximate reconstruction from circular mean data via classical summability"
[08.12.2012] (10:45) [esi12] Gino Angelo Velasco: "The constant-Q transform via Gabor frames"
[08.12.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Nicki Holighaus: "Real-time implementation of frequency-adaptive transforms"
[08.12.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Ewa Matusiak: "Dictionary Learning and the identification of sound texture classes"
[08.12.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Simon Dixon: "Music Information Research: Achievements and Perspectives"
[08.12.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Andre Holzapfel: "Application of nonstationary Gabor transforms in beat tracking"
[07.12.2012] (14:00) [esi12] Arthur Flexer: "Music Information Retrieval and AudioMiner"
[07.12.2012] (16:00) [esi12] Thomas Grill: "Sound quality of textural audio: characterization, modeling and visualization"
[07.12.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Philippe Depalle: "Audiosculpt, and of the structuring role of the phase in time-frequency representation (Tutorial)"
[07.12.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Emmanuel Vincent: "Covariance smoothing and consistent Wiener filtering for artifact reduction in audio source separation"
[07.12.2012] (12:10) [esi12] Joakim Andén: "Translation and Transposition Invariance for Audio Classification Using Scattering Coefficients"
[07.12.2012] (14:45) [esi12] Monika Dörfler: "Mathematical Signal Processing and AudioMiner"
[06.12.2012] (15:30) [esi12] Christian Kasess: "Estimation of the vocal tract shape of nasals using variational Bayes"
[06.12.2012] (10:15) [esi12] CĂ©dric FĂ©votte: "Itakura-Saito nonnegative matrix factorization and friends for music signal decomposition (Tutorial – Part 1)"
[06.12.2012] (11:10) [esi12] CĂ©dric FĂ©votte: "Itakura-Saito nonnegative matrix factorization and friends for music signal decomposition (Tutorial – Part 2)"
[06.12.2012] (14:15) [esi12] Emmanuel Vincent: "How to integrate audio source separation and classification? (Tutorial)"
[06.12.2012] (16:00) [esi12] Saso Musevic: "Variable Bandwidth Distribution Derivative method for robust estimation of highly modulated sinusoids with application to birdsong analysis"
[06.12.2012] (11:50) [esi12] Goetz Pfander: "Sampling of Operators: an overview"
[05.12.2012] (15:30) [esi12] Matthieu Kowalski: "strutured sparse decomposition via social sparsity shrinkage operator."
[05.12.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Thibaud Necciari: "A perfectly invertible and perceptually motivated time-frequency transform for audio representation, analysis and synthesis"
[05.12.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Volker Hohmann: "Time-frequency analysis methods used in psychoacoustic research and auditory modeling"
[05.12.2012] (14:00) [esi12] Nam Sangnam: "Co-Sparsity (Tutorial)"
[05.12.2012] (16:15) [esi12] Kai Siedenburg: "Structured Shrinkage from an Audio Processing Perspective"
[04.12.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Peter Balazs: "Frame Theory and its Acoustical Applications"
[04.12.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Mark Plumbley: "Sustainable Software and Data for Reproducible Research in Signal Processing"
[04.12.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Jonathan Harrington: "Acoustic techniques for measuring stability and change in spoken language communication"
[04.12.2012] (15:40) [esi12] Laurent Daudet: "Compressively sampling the plenacoustic function"
[04.12.2012] (16:20) [esi12] Hau-Tieng Wu: "Nonparametric and adaptive modeling of dynamic seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors. Part II: Applications"
[04.12.2012] (14:00) [esi12] Filip Sroubek: "Space-variant Blind Deconvolution in Image Processing"
[03.12.2012] (10:10) [esi12] Patrick Flandrin: "Uncertainty and spectrogram geometry"
[03.12.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Hau-Tieng Wu: "Nonparametric and adaptive modeling of dynamic seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors. Part I: Tutorial and Introduction to Synchrosqueezing transform"
[03.12.2012] (14:15) [esi12] Bruno Torresani: "Time-Frequency analysis for multi-channel and/or multi-trial signals"
[03.12.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Gianpaolo Evangelista: "Warped Frames: dispersive vs. non-dispersive sampling"
[03.12.2012] (15:50) [esi12] Wojciech Czaja: "Data dependent operators for the spatial-spectral fusion problem"
[28.11.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Christoph Wiesmeyr: "The fully discrete finite dimensional Gabor transform on non-separable lattices"
[28.11.2012] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] Markus Faulhuber: "A covering problem and numerical experiments with Gabor frame constants"
[27.11.2012] (15:45) [esi12] W. Madych: "Convergence of Classical Cardinal Series and Associated Questions"
[27.11.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Krzysztof Nowak: "Analytic and Geometric Features of the Extended Metaplectic Representation"
[22.11.2012] (11:15) [esi12] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis realized via MATLAB: a demo"
[21.11.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Iain Raeburn: "Equilibrium states on operator-algebraic dynamical systems"
[21.11.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Paolo Gibilisco: "Means, covariance, Fisher information: the quantum theory and the uncertainty relations"
[21.11.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Mijail Guillemard: "Groupoid Crossed Products and AF-Algebras in Time-Frequency Analysis"
[21.11.2012] (16:00) [esi12] Michael Frank: "Frames in Hilbert C*-modules and stabilization theorems"
[20.11.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Vern Paulsen: "The Kadison-Singer Problem: An Overview"
[20.11.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Harald Grosse: "On deformed noncommutative tori"
[20.11.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Judith Packer: "Non commutative solenoids and their projective modules"
[20.11.2012] (16:00) [esi12] Benjamin Purkis: "Constructing a Projective Multiresolution Analysis"
[20.11.2012] (16:30) [esi12] Trond Digernes: "Some aspects of physics over local fields and finite approximations"
[19.11.2012] (11:45) [esi12] Andreas Klotz: "Norm-Controlled Inversion in Smooth Subalgebras of Operator Algebras"
[19.11.2012] (10:15) [esi12] Michael Leinert: "Inverse closed subalgebras of noncommutative tori"
[19.11.2012] (16:30) [esi12] Alan Carey: "Spectral Triples"
[19.11.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Giovanni Landi: "Topological aspects of generalized Harper operators"
[19.11.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Franz Luef: "Operator algebras in Gabor analysis"
[16.11.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Nicholas Kevlahan: "Towards a new generation of adaptive climate models using wavelets"
[16.11.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Stephane Kinzel: "On the convergence analysis of Rothe's method"
[16.11.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Stig Larsson: "Wavelet methods for stochastic evolution problems driven by noise"
[16.11.2012] (14:00) [] Sebastian Schmutzhard: "Defensio: Galerkin methods for the numerical evaluation of the prolate spheroidal wave functions"
[15.11.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Angela Kunoth: "Adaptive Approximations for PDE-Constrained Parabolic Control Problems with Stochastic Coefficients"
[15.11.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Peter Maass: "[CANCELED] Uncertainty principles and localization measures"
[15.11.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Helmut Harbrecht: "On the construction of sparse tensor product spaces"
[14.11.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Wolfgang Hackbusch: "L^\infty Estimates for Tensor Truncation"
[14.11.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Reinhold Schneider: "Vector tensorization and advances in tensor approximation"
[13.11.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Sebastian Kestler: "Adaptive wavelet Galerkin methods: Extension to unbounded domains and fast evaluation of system matrices"
[13.11.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Silvia Bertoluzza: "Wavelet collocation for fourth order problems"
[13.11.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Claudio Canuto: "Adaptivity and complexity in high-order discretizations of elliptic problems"
[13.11.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Gerd Teschke: "Generalized Sampling: Extension to Frames and Inverse Problems"
[12.11.2012] (11:40) [esi12] Gantumur Tsogtgerel: "Wavelets as an analysis tool for adaptive numerical methods"
[12.11.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Dominik Lellek: "Adaptive wavelet domain decomposition methods for nonlinear elliptic PDEs"
[12.11.2012] (10:10) [esi12] Rob Stevenson: "Adaptive wavelet Galerkin methods for solving well-posed operator equations"
[12.11.2012] (12:10) [esi12] Ulrich Friedrich: "Piecewise tensor product wavelet bases by extensions and approximation rates"
[12.11.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Thorsten Raasch: "Quarkonial frames of wavelet type - Stability, approximation and compression properties"
[07.11.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Determinantal point processes and localization operators"
[31.10.2012] (11:15) [esi12] Jeff Hogan: "Sampling with Slepian functions and the computation of bandpass Slepians"
[30.10.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Nicolas Lerner: "Composition of Toeplitz pseudodifferential operators with rough symbols"
[26.10.2012] (12:30) [Brno TU] Hans G. Feichtinger: "How to approximate continuous problems by finite discrete ones?"
[26.10.2012] (11:00) [Brno University of Technology] Monika Doerfler: "Structured Sparsity in Audio Processing"
[25.10.2012] (14:00) [Brno University of Technology] Darian Onchis: "Approximate dual Gabor atoms via the adjoint lattice method"
[24.10.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Wavelet frame operators on Lp"
[19.10.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Arpad Benyi: "Compact bilinear operators and commutators"
[19.10.2012] (11:15) [esi12] Rodolfo H. Torres: "A new geometric regularity condition for the end-point estimates of bilinear  Calder\'on-Zygmund operators"
[19.10.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Goetz Pfander: "New results on the boundedness of linear and multilinear pseudodifferential operators on Lp, Sobolev, and modulation spaces"
[18.10.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Michael Ruzhansky: "Gevrey spaces and ultradistributions on compact Lie groups and homogeneous spaces"
[18.10.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Jens Wirth: "Classes of pseudo-differential operators on compact Lie groups and global hypoellipticity"
[18.10.2012] (15:45) [esi12] Julio Delgado: "On the nuclearity of pseudodiferential operators on compact Lie groups"
[18.10.2012] (11:15) [esi12] Ville Turunen: "Sharp Garding inequality on compact Lie groups"
[17.10.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Maarten V. deHoop: " Reverse-time-migration based inverse scattering using the dyadic parabolic decomposition of phase space "
[17.10.2012] (11:15) [esi12] Mitsuru Sugimoto: "Optimal constants and extremisers for some smoothing estimates"
[17.10.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Abdesslam Boulkhemair: "On paradifferential operators and canonical transformations"
[16.10.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Marius Mantoiu: "Quantization rules and coorbit spaces for families of bounded operators"
[16.10.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Elena Cordero: "Gabor Representations of evolution operators"
[16.10.2012] (15:45) [esi12] Joachim Toft: "Multiplication properties in pseudo-differential calculus with small regularity assumptions on the symbols"
[16.10.2012] (11:15) [esi12] Baoxiang Wang: "$\alpha$-Modulation Spaces (I) Scaling, Embedding and Algebraic Properties"
[15.10.2012] (15:45) [esi12] Sundaram Thangavelu: "[CANCELLED!! ] Riesz transforms and mutipliers for the Grushin operator"
[15.10.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Ingo Witt: "Degenerate pseudodifferential operators of Vishik-Grushin type"
[15.10.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Alberto Parmeggiani: "Spectra of polynomial-coefficient differential systems: the case of Non-Commutative Harmonic Oscillators"
[15.10.2012] (10:15) [esi12] Stephane Jaffard: "Pseudodifferential operators and stochastic processes"
[10.10.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Bernhard Bodmann: "Phase retrieval from the roots"
[10.10.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Yang Wang: "A frame construction for fast phase retrieval"
[10.10.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Gregory Beylkin: "On a numerical formulation of phase retrieval problem."
[09.10.2012] (11:45) [esi12] Irene Waldspurger: "Phase recovery with PhaseCut and the wavelet transform case"
[09.10.2012] (15:15) [esi12] Martin Ehler: "Signal reconstruction from the magnitude of subspace components"
[09.10.2012] (10:25) [esi12] Afonso Bandeira: "The angular synchronization problem"
[09.10.2012] (10:50) [esi12] Matt Fickus: "Group-theoretic constructions of erasure-robust frames"
[09.10.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Albert C. Fannjiang: "Phase retrieval with random masks"
[09.10.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Dustin G. Mixon: "Phase retrieval with polarization"
[08.10.2012] (15:30) [esi12] Radu Balan: "Analysis of Iterative Regularized Least-Square Algorithm for Phaseless Reconstruction"
[08.10.2012] (14:45) [esi12] Philippe Jaming: "Phase retrieval for the fractional Fourier transform"
[08.10.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Thomas Strohmer: "PhaseLift: Exact Phase Retrieval via Convex Optimization"
[08.10.2012] (10:30) [esi12] Stephano Marchesini: "Coherent Diffractive imaging"
[04.10.2012] (09:45) [ltfat12] Nicki Holighaus: "The nonstatiomary Gabor Toolbox"
[03.10.2012] (14:00) [Hotel Klaus, Wolkersdorf] Peter Sondergaard: "LTFAT workshop in Wolkersdorf"
[02.10.2012] (09:20) [unlocx12] N.N.: "Cooperative Highlight 1: M-frames (AUAS/TAU - CNRS-UP - UNIVIE) WP1-3"
[02.10.2012] (11:00) [TU Wien] Holger Rauhut: "Compressive sensing with applications in communications and radar"
[21.09.2012] (09:30) [esi12] Hartmut Fuehr: "Coorbit spaces and wavelet coefficient decay over general dilation groups"
[21.09.2012] (10:30) [esi12] Yoshihiro Sawano: "A new framework for generalized Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces"
[21.09.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Can one hear the shape of a localization domain?"
[21.09.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Margit Pap: "Better atomic decomposition results in the weighted Bergman spaces by applying the unified approach of the atomic decompositions of Feichtinger and Groechenig."
[20.09.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Filippo De Mari: "Quadratic symbols: metaplectic reproducing groups"
[20.09.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Ernesto De Vito: "Reproducing formula associated with symbols"
[20.09.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Jens Gerlach Christensen: "On the use of smooth vectors in coorbit theory"
[20.09.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The landscape of COORBIT THEORY: known and less well known terretories: moderated discussion"
[19.09.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Gerd Teschke: "Coorbit theory, multi-alpha -modulation frames and the concept of structured sparsity for medical multi-channel imaging"
[19.09.2012] (10:00) [esi12] Gabriele Steidl: "Shearlet Coorbit Spaces"
[19.09.2012] (12:00) [esi12] Jose Luis Romero: "Phase space covers"
[18.09.2012] (15:00) [esi12] Catherine Schnackers: "Modulation spaces associated to Orlicz spaces and mixed-norm Orlicz spaces"
[18.09.2012] (14:30) [esi12] Tino Ullrich: "Generalized Coorbit Space Theory for Quasi-Banach Spaces"
[18.09.2012] (11:30) [esi12] Pencho Petrushev: "Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in the general framework of Dirichlet spaces"
[18.09.2012] (12:00) [esi12] George Kyriazis: "On the construction of bases and frames for general distribution spaces"
[18.09.2012] (10:00) [esi12] GĂ©rard Kerkyacharian: "From Statistical estimation to frame construction: The heat kernel point of view G. Kerkyacharian (joint work with T. Coulhon, P. Petrushev)"
[17.09.2012] (11:45) [esi12] Philipp Grohs: "On the structure of anisotropic frames"
[17.09.2012] (15:30) [esi12] Jan Vybiral: "Non-smooth atomic decompositions and applications to traces and pointwise multipliers"
[17.09.2012] (10:30) [esi12] Morten Nielsen: "Decomposition type smoothness spaces"
[17.09.2012] (12:15) [esi12] Benjamin Scharf: "Wavelets for reinforced function spaces on cubes"
[06.09.2012] (10:00) [scv12] Wlodzimierz Zwonek: "Geometric function theory in special domains"
[06.09.2012] (14:00) [scv12] Zbigniew Bl ocki: "Suita conjecture and Ohsawa-Takegoshi extension theorem"
[06.09.2012] (11:00) [scv12] Lukasz Kosinski: "The group of automorphisms of the spectral ball"
[06.09.2012] (08:30) [scv12] Blocki: "Minicourse on pluripotential theory "
[06.09.2012] (15:30) [scv12] M. Trybula: "Effective formulas in the symmetrized polydisc"
[06.09.2012] (11:20) [C 209] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Irregular Sampling and Function Spaces"
[05.09.2012] (15:30) [scv12] Tomasz Warszawski: "Lempert Theorem for C^2-smooth strongly linearly convex domains"
[05.09.2012] (10:00) [scv12] Rafal Czyz: "On Dirichlet's principle and problem"
[05.09.2012] (14:00) [scv12] Zywomir Dinew: "The completeness of a metric related to the Bergman metric"
[05.09.2012] (08:30) [scv12] Blocki: "Minicourse on pluripotential theory "
[05.09.2012] (11:00) [scv12] Florian Bertrand: "Holomorphic discs and 2-jets determination of biholomorphic mappings along Levi non-degenerate hypersurfaces"
[05.09.2012] (16:30) [scv12] Giuseppe Della Sala: "Real-analytic local transformations of smooth submanifolds of R^n"
[04.09.2012] (15:30) [scv12] Ngoc Cuong Nguyen: "introduction to Kahler-Ricci flow"
[04.09.2012] (14:00) [scv12] Anne-Katrin Herbig: "Smoothing properties of the Bergman projection"
[04.09.2012] (08:30) [scv12] Blocki: "Minicourse on pluripotential theory "
[04.09.2012] (11:00) [scv12] Slawomir Kolodziej: "The complex Monge-Ampere equation"
[04.09.2012] (10:00) [scv12] Armen Edigarian: "Applications of Poletsky's theory"
[03.09.2012] (10:00) [scv12] Marek Jarnicki: "Separately analytic functions"
[03.09.2012] (14:00) [scv12] Arkadiusz Lewandowski: "Some new results on separately analytic functions"
[03.09.2012] (08:30) [scv12] Blocki: "Minicourse on pluripotential theory "
[03.09.2012] (11:00) [scv12] Slawomir Kolodziej: "Complex Hessian Equations"
[03.09.2012] (16:30) [scv12] Michael Reiter: "Holomorphic Mappings of Hyperquadrics from $\mathbb{C}^2$ to $\mathbb{C}^3$"
[03.09.2012] (15:30) [scv12] Sylwester Zajac: "Hypercyclicicty of composition operators in domains of holomorphy"
[30.08.2012] (10:30) [1st Mining Humanistic Data Workshop (MHDW 2012), 8th AIAI Conference , Greece] Monika Doerfler: "Allocating, Detecting and Mining Sound Structures"
[23.08.2012] (13:30) [Abel Symposium 2012, Oslo] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Postmodern Fourier Analysis: Reconsidering Classical Fourier Analysis from a Time-Frequency View-Point"
[16.07.2012] (:) [Texas A&M] Franz Luef: "Hilbert C*-modules over noncommutative tori"
[04.07.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Ewa Matusiak: "Dictionary Learning"
[29.06.2012] (15:00) [Helsinki] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function spaces for pseudo-differential operators"
[27.06.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] I.V.L. Clarkson: "Lattice Theory"
[13.06.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Ivana Carrizo: "Minimizers of a Mixed Frame Potential"
[12.06.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Orthogonal pseudoeigenfunctions of localization operators"
[06.06.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Gianpaolo Evangelista: "Representations for Sound and Music"
[30.05.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] VĂĄclav Mach: "An application oriented tour through Audio Inpainting"
[30.05.2012] (16:00) [NuHAG seminar] Amos Ron: "Extremely local wavelet bases in several dimensions"
[25.05.2012] (13:00) [UZA4] Daniel Eiwen: "Defensio Daniel Eiwen"
[24.05.2012] (11:30) [FH Hagenberg] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor analysis viewed from a practical point of view"
[23.05.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Afonso S. Bandeira: "Phaseless reconstruction via angular synchronization"
[16.05.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Laszlo Toth: "Counting subgroups of Z_n x Z_n"
[11.05.2012] (12:00) [ANADAY 12] Darian Onchis: "Computational methods for multi-dimensional Gabor analysis"
[09.05.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Anders C. Hansen: "Can everything be computed?"
[08.05.2012] (14:00) [University of Maryland, NWC] Margit Pap: "The voice transform generated by a representation of the Blascke group on the weighted Bergman spaces, connections with atomic decompositions, and multiresolution on the Bergman space"
[08.05.2012] (15:20) [flame12] Sylvia Moosmueller: "Research questions regarding the dark lateral in Modern Standard Albanian and in the Viennese dialect."
[08.05.2012] (11:55) [flame12] Michael Speckbacher: "Time-Frequency Representation adapted to Perception"
[08.05.2012] (11:30) [flame12] Thibaud Necciari: "Design and implementation of the ERBlet transform"
[08.05.2012] (10:40) [flame12] Diana Stoeva: "Canonical forms of unconditionally convergent multipliers"
[08.05.2012] (11:05) [flame12] Wolfgang Kreuzer: "Adaptive Wavelet and Frames for BEM in Acoustics"
[08.05.2012] (10:00) [flame12] Dominik Bayer: "Continuous Frame Multipliers"
[08.05.2012] (16:15) [flame12] Gilles Chardon: "Sparse approximations and some inverse problems in acoustics"
[08.05.2012] (17:10) [flame12] Piotr Majdak: "Denoising of the Room Impulse Responses in the Time-Frequency Domain"
[08.05.2012] (14:00) [flame12] Timo Becker: "Approaches to Forensic Voice Comparison"
[08.05.2012] (14:40) [flame12] Christian H. Kasess: "Estimation of branched tube models for nasals"
[07.05.2012] (10:00) [flame12] Peter Balazs: "Overview of FLAME"
[07.05.2012] (14:00) [Drexel University] Margit Pap: "The voice transform generated by a representation of the Blascke group on the Hardy space of the unit circle, connections with Zernike functions and applications"
[07.05.2012] (11:35) [flame12] Jean-Pierre Gazeau: "Frame quantization or exploring the world like a starfish"
[07.05.2012] (16:50) [flame12] Benjamin Ricaud: "A method for optimizing the Gabor window with respect a time-frequency pattern"
[07.05.2012] (12:15) [flame12] Diana Stoeva: "Characterization of frame concepts in Banach spaces and application to Hilbert frame theory"
[07.05.2012] (15:05) [flame12] Hans G. Feichtinger: "What are optimal Gabor families"
[07.05.2012] (14:10) [flame12] Peter Sondergaard: "Frames in LTFAT"
[07.05.2012] (17:30) [flame12] Franz Hlawatsch: "Pulse-shaping Multicarrier Transmission over Underspread Fading Channels: A Time-Frequency Perspective"
[07.05.2012] (10:40) [flame12] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Continuous frames: variations on a theme"
[07.05.2012] (16:00) [flame12] Nicki Holighaus: "Computation of Gabor transforms on non-separable lattices"
[02.05.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Andreas Klotz: "Norm controlled inversion"
[30.04.2012] (11:00) [TU Wien, Gusshausstrasse] H Bölcskei: "Compressive identification of linear operators"
[27.04.2012] (18:30) [Aula der Wissenschaft] Peter Balazs: "Lange Nacht der Forschung (Wien): 'Schallanalyse: Hören - Sehen - Interpretieren'"
[25.04.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Quantized frame expansions and Littlewood-Offord theory"
[20.04.2012] (11:00) [feit12] Hans G. Feichtinger: "What are good Gabor frames? Function spaces and computational aspects"
[20.04.2012] (14:00) [feit12] Maurice de Gosson: "Transformation Properties of Generalized Gaussians; Applications to Symplectic Gaussian Gabor Frames"
[19.04.2012] (15:30) [feit12] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor analysis: MATLAB based experiments and mathematical theory"
[18.04.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Linnell's linear independence theorem"
[28.03.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Joachim Stöckler: "Frame Potential Minimization for Clustering Short Time Series"
[08.03.2012] (17:30) [2012 New Trends in Complex and Harmonic Analysis, Tenerife] Pap Margit: "Properties of the voice transform of the Blaschke group and atomic decomposition results"
[07.03.2012] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Hartmut FĂŒhr: "Homogeneous Besov spaces on stratified Lie groups and their wavelet characterization"
[.03.2012] (:) [gabor01] Pete Casazza: "Applications of Hilbert space frames to the internet, multiple-antenna coding, quantum mechanics and more."
[29.02.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Shai Dekel: "Duals of Anisotropic Hardy Spaces"
[21.02.2012] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Krzysztof Nowak: "Spectral theory of Gabor-Toeplitz and Calderon-Toeplitz operators from the point of view of time-frequency localization"
[10.02.2012] (10:00) [9th Joint Conference on Mthematics and Computer Science, Siofok, Hugary] Margit Pap: "Discrete orthogonality of the Malmquist Takenaka system for the upper half plane and rational interpolation"
[01.02.2012] (10:15) [Trondheim] Franz Luef: "Construction of equivalence bimodules between noncommutative tori"
[30.01.2012] (14:15) [NTNU Trondheim] Franz Luef: "Duality theory of Gabor analysis and Mortia-Rieffel equivalence of noncommutative tori"
[25.01.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice De Gosson: "SYMPLECTIC SYMMETRIES IN PSEUDO-DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS"
[18.01.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "An Introduction to Polyanalytic Functions"
[11.01.2012] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Landscapes and Consumer Reports for Gabor Algorithms"
[15.12.2011] (11:15) [ICREA conference] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Anti-Wick Calculus and Gabor Multipliers, Functional Analytic Tools and Computations"
[14.12.2011] (09:30) [ICREA Conference on Approximation Theory and Fourier Analysis, Barcelona] Pap Margit: "Multiresolution in the Bergman space"
[14.12.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Severin Bannert: "Frames of totally positive functions and their discretization"
[09.12.2011] (13:00) [Defensio] Elmar Pauwels: "Pseudodifferential Operators, Wireless Communications and Sampling Theorems"
[07.12.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Bruno Torresani: "Uncertainty Relations and the connections to sparsity"
[30.11.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "(draft): Recent Experiments in Numerical Gabor Analysis"
[29.11.2011] (11:15) [Althanstr. 12] Olivia Constantin: "Some classes of operators on the Fock space"
[24.11.2011] (15:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Laurent Daudet: "A few applications of Compressed Sensing in acoustics"
[23.11.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Luis Daniel Abreu: "The inverse problem of time-frequency localization"
[16.11.2011] (12:15) [NuHAG seminar] José Luis Romero: "Phase-space covers and localization operators"
[12.11.2011] (11:20) [univie] Maurice De Gosson: "Schrödinger's equation is classical. Cheers!"
[11.11.2011] (14:00) [C 209] Massimo Fornasier: "A simple model of flocking of birds"
[11.11.2011] (14:30) [C 209] Massimo Fornasier: "Analysis and simulation of particle systems and kinetic equations modeling interacting agents in high dimensions"
[10.11.2011] (:) [Lorand Eötvös University, Budapest] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor frames and totally positive functions"
[09.11.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Margit Pap: "Properties of a special voice transform and connections with atomic decomposition results in the weighted Bergman spaces"
[09.11.2011] (11:45) [NuHAG seminar] Nelson Faustino: "Vector-valued coherent states on polyanalytic function spaces related with Berezin-Klauder-Toeplitz operators"
[28.10.2011] (:) [Brno University of Technology] Hans G. Feichtinger: "How abstract mathematical analysis can be useful for engineers"
[28.10.2011] (11:00) [Brno University of Technology] Monika Doerfler: "Nonstationary Gabor frames in audio signal processing"
[26.10.2011] (15:30) [Brno University of Technology] Darian Onchis: "Detecting, locating and evaluating damages by means of shift in natural frequencies"
[21.10.2011] (14:30) [TU Wien, Gusshausstrasse] Helmut Boelcskei: "Uncertainty relations and signal recovery"
[19.10.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Discussion on ongoing research topics at NuHAG"
[14.10.2011] (13:00) [NuHAG presentation] Victoria Paternostro: "Informal PhD topic presentation: Shift invariant spaces on LCA groups"
[12.10.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maxime Guillaud: "What is interference alignment (and why should I care) ?"
[10.10.2011] (:) [Technical University Berlin] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor frames and totally positive functions"
[05.10.2011] (11:45) [NuHAG seminar] Anders Hansen: "Generalized Sampling and Semi-Random Sampling in Infinite-Dimensional Compressed Sensing"
[12.09.2011] (:) [NTNU Trondheim, Norway] Monika Doerfler: "Using Gabor Frames for Music Analysis"
[30.08.2011] (14:30) [mulac11] Bernhard Laback: "Additivity of Time-Frequency Masking"
[30.08.2011] (10:15) [mulac11] Roza Aceska: "Reproducing kernels for variable bandwidth spaces"
[30.08.2011] (09:00) [mulac11] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Past and Future of Gabor Multipliers (working title)"
[30.08.2011] (09:45) [mulac11] AnaĂŻk Olivero: "Estimation of Gabor Multipliers between sounds for analysis and synthesis"
[30.08.2011] (14:00) [mulac11] Thibaud Necciari: "Towards the development of a perceptually-motivated non-stationary Gabor transform"
[30.08.2011] (12:15) [mulac11] Peter SĂžndergaard: "An almost perfect reconstruction uniform filterbank using Erb-scaled Gaussians."
[30.08.2011] (15:30) [mulac11] Peter Balazs: "FLAME - an overview (the future)"
[30.08.2011] (11:45) [mulac11] Marco Liuni: "Sound Reconstruction Methods from Multiple Weighted Analyses"
[30.08.2011] (11:15) [mulac11] Nicki Holighaus: "The canonical dual of non-painless Nonstationary Gabor frames"
[29.08.2011] (14:30) [mulac11] Piotr Majdak: "Increasing the Signal-To-Noise Ratio in System Identification With Exponential Sweeps"
[29.08.2011] (11:45) [mulac11] Diana Stoeva: "Multipliers - unconditional convergence, invertibility, inverse multiplier"
[29.08.2011] (15:00) [mulac11] Peter SĂžndergaard: "The Auditory Modelling Toolbox"
[29.08.2011] (10:30) [mulac11] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Frames, Semi-Frames and Hilbert Scales (joint work with Peter Balazs)"
[29.08.2011] (12:15) [mulac11] Bruno Torresani: "Spreading function representations and Plancherel transform"
[29.08.2011] (10:00) [mulac11] Peter Balazs: "MulAC - an overview (the past)"
[29.08.2011] (11:15) [mulac11] Dominik Bayer: "Continuous Frame Multipliers"
[18.08.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Ekaterina Blagoveshchenskaya: "Some links between music and mathematics"
[07.07.2011] (15:00) [Eotvos University H-1117 Budapest] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Multipliers: Applied and Theoretical Aspects"
[06.07.2011] (17:00) [FOCM11 Budapest] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Foundations of Computational Time-Frequency Analysis"
[04.07.2011] (14:00) [Eotvos University H-1117 Budapest] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A Banach Gelfand Triple motivated by and useful for Time-Frequency Analysis (An easy path to distribution theory, also suitable for engineers)"
[29.06.2011] (12:00) [] Kai Siedenburg: "Granular Synthesis in Electronic Music - Origins and Extensions"
[29.06.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Dominik Fuchs: "Introduction and basic ideas of image processing"
[29.06.2011] (15:15) [C 209] Peter Balazs: "New Concepts in Frame Theory Motivated ny Acoustical Applications“"
[18.06.2011] (14:40) [strobl11] Pete Casazza: "An update on the Feichtinger Conjecture"
[18.06.2011] (09:20) [strobl11] Holger Rauhut: "Time-frequency structured measurement matrices in compressive sensing"
[18.06.2011] (11:10) [strobl11] Ole Christensen: "Classical and modern aspects of atomic decomposition - a tribute to Hans Feichtinger"
[18.06.2011] (10:00) [strobl11] Monika Doerfler: "Mathematics as a reading glass for music"
[18.06.2011] (14:00) [strobl11] Massimo Fornasier: "New applications of compression in numerical simulation in high dimension"
[18.06.2011] (11:50) [strobl11] Franz Luef: "Feichtinger's algebra and the Stone-von Neumann Theorem"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Asghar Rahimi: "Some results on multiplier of countinuous frames"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Salti Samarah: "Calculation of Non Canonical coefficients In Frame Expansion"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Xiaosheng Zhuang: "Digital Shearlet Transform on Pseudo-Polar Grids"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Diana Stoeva: "Sufficient and necessary conditions for the invertibility of multipliers"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Margit Pap: "Hyperbolic wavelets and multiresolution in $H^2(\Bbb T)$"
[17.06.2011] (10:20) [strobl11] Yitzhak Weit: "On the characterization of harmonic functions on weighted spaces"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Tino Ullrich: "Generalized coorbit space theory and inhomogeneous function spaces of Besov-Lizorkin-Triebel type"
[17.06.2011] (15:20) [strobl11] Mitsuru Sugimoto: "The inclusion relation between Sobolev and modulation spaces"
[17.06.2011] (09:40) [strobl11] Michael Leinert: "Wiener's Theorem on hypergroups"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Jakob Lemvig: "Compactly supported shearlet frames and optimally sparse approximations of functions in $L^2(\mathbb{R}^3)$"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol: "On the ContinuousWavelet Transforms Associated to a Semidirect Product Group and homogeneous Spaces"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Peter Balazs: "Frames and Semi-Frames"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Swanhild Bernstein: "Diffusive wavelets - theory and applications"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Reihaneh Raisi Tousi: "A New Approach to Multiresolution Analysis Conditions on LCA Groups"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Maciej Paluszynski: "On the wavelet shift operator"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Isaac Pesenson: "Adaptive Multiscale Analysis of Data on Graphs and in High Dimensions:a Synchronization-based Approach"
[17.06.2011] (14:40) [strobl11] Maurice de Gosson: "Born-Jordan pseudo-differential operators "
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Sivananthan Sampath: "Extrapolation in Variable RKHSs with Application to the Blood Glucose Reading"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Andrew Morris: "Quaternionic Wavelets"
[17.06.2011] (09:00) [strobl11] Bruno Torresani: "Gabor and time-frequency transforms in the context of acoustic signal processing"
[17.06.2011] (11:20) [strobl11] Maarten V. de Hoop: "Construction, computation, and properties of solutions of the acoustic and elastic wave equations with coefficients of limited smoothness: An approach using wave packets"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Miroslav Englis: "Wigner transform on symmetric spaces"
[17.06.2011] (14:00) [strobl11] Chris Heil: "A tale of two conjectures"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Wang-Q Lim: "Continuous and Discontinuous Shearlets."
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Nenad Teofanov: "Wave-front sets and modulation spaces"
[17.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Arash Ghaani Farashahi: "Discrete Gabor transform on finite non-abelian groups"
[16.06.2011] (20:15) [strobl11] Thomas Strohmer: "The Fundamental Theorem of Harmonic Analysis and its Socio-Philosophical Implications"
[16.06.2011] (09:00) [strobl11] Helmut Boelcskei: "Weyl-Heisenberg frames and the capacity of fading channels"
[16.06.2011] (11:20) [strobl11] Holger Boche: "Foundation of Digital Signal Processing: Signal Spaces, System Representation, and Quantization Effects"
[16.06.2011] (09:40) [strobl11] Yurii Lyubarskii: "Gabor frames from Hermite function"
[16.06.2011] (10:20) [strobl11] Franz Hlawatsch: "From Harmonic Analysis to Compressive Channel Estimation"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Patrik Wahlberg: "Embeddings of $\alpha$-modulation spaces in Besov spaces"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Elena Lebedeva: "Periodic tight wavelet frames with optimal uncertainty constants"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Vladimir Kisil: "Covariant transform"
[15.06.2011] (11:20) [strobl11] John Benedetto: "Frames: CAZAC sequences, and potential theory for sampling and classification"
[15.06.2011] (09:00) [strobl11] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Partial inner product spaces, a unifying concept in functional analysis"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Ali akbar Arefijamaal: "Using Continuous Zak Transform to Construct Generalized Gabor Frames"
[15.06.2011] (09:40) [strobl11] Vladimir Temlyakov: "Greedy Approximation"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Milton Ferreira: "Numerical experiments about the inversion of the spherical Radon transform on SO(3)"
[15.06.2011] (14:00) [strobl11] Pencho Petrushev: "Rational bases for spaces of holomorphic functions in the disc"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Hartmut FĂŒhr: "Characterizing abelian admissible groups"
[15.06.2011] (15:20) [strobl11] Stephane Mallat: "High Dimensional Classification with Multiscale Group Invariants"
[15.06.2011] (14:40) [strobl11] Ursula Molter: "Irregular Anisotropic Wavelets"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Dominik Bayer: "The Derivative of the Phase Around the Zeros of the Short-Time Fourier Transform"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Peter Rashkov: "Smooth and compactly-supported multivariate windows for Gabor frames"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Markus Neuhauser: "The metaplectic representation for finite groups"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Kaiblinger, Norbert; Feichtinger, Hans G.; Ascensi, Gerard: "Dilation of the Weyl symbol and Balian-Low Theorem"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Levente LĂłcsi: "Some Gabor transforms with complex coloring"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Ghassem Narimani: "Pointwise multipliers of modulation spaces"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Andreas Klotz: "Norm-controlled inversion by smoothness principles"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Jeff Hogan: "Hypercomplex signal processing"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Roza Aceska: "Asymptotics of the short-time Fourier transform"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Ewa Matusiak: "Almost Painless Nonstationary Gabor Frames"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Peter Jung: "A Szegö-Result for Doubly-Dispersive Communication Channels"
[15.06.2011] (10:20) [strobl11] Hans-J. Schmeisser: "On generalized K - Functionals and moduli of smoothness related to trigonometric approximation"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Holighaus, Nicki; Velasco, Gino: "Multistep nonstationary Gabor frames for adaptive signal analysis"
[15.06.2011] (16:00) [strobl11] Anna Grybos: "Local Approximation of Dual Atom for Gabor Frames"
[14.06.2011] (11:50) [strobl11] Stephan Dahlke: "Shearlet Coorbit Spaces: General Setting, Compactly Supported Shearlets, Traces, and Embeddings"
[14.06.2011] (16:25) [strobl11] Isaac Pesenson: "Shannon-Nyquist sampling on combinatorial graphs"
[14.06.2011] (15:45) [strobl11] Akram Aldroubi: "Balian-Low in shift-invariant spaces with additional invariance"
[14.06.2011] (14:40) [strobl11] W. Madych: "Convergence and Summability of Cardinal Series"
[14.06.2011] (11:15) [strobl11] Zuowei Shen: "MRA based wavelet frame and applications"
[14.06.2011] (14:00) [strobl11] Butzer, Paul; Schmeisser, Gerhard; Stens, Rolf L.: "Extensions of basic relations valid for Bernstein spaces to wider spaces"
[14.06.2011] (09:50) [strobl11] Ingrid Daubechies: " Harmonic Analysis applied to the study of fine arts"
[14.06.2011] (09:15) [strobl11] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Hans Feichtinger: From Abstract to Computational Harmonic Analysis"
[08.06.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Rainhard Brunnhuber: "Tauberian Theorem"
[01.06.2011] (17:15) [HS2, 2A122 UZA II] Stephan Paukner: "Digitale Bildverarbeitung und Mustererkennung in der Praxis"
[01.06.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG presentation] Saptarshi Das: "Recovering Electrocardiograph From Measurements Corrupted by CPR"
[25.05.2011] (17:15) [HS2, 2A122 UZA II] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematische Grundlagen der Dig. Signalverarbeitung"
[25.05.2011] (17:15) [Nordbergstrasse] : "Mathematische Grundlagen der Signalverarbeitung"
[25.05.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Andreas Missbauer: "Wavelets: basics"
[24.05.2011] (13:45) [NuHAG presentation] Kai Bittner: "On the Application of Wavelets in Circuit Simulation"
[24.05.2011] (11:35) [ICASSP 2011, Prag, CZ] Daniel Eiwen: "Compressive Tracking Of Doubly Selective Channels In Multicarrier Systems Based On Sequential Delay-Doppler Sparsity"
[24.05.2011] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] H.G. Brachtenberg: "Design and Simulation of Transceivers"
[18.05.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Kirian Doepfner: "Gabor Multipliers: Basics"
[11.05.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG Seminar] Yurii Neretin: "Cartier-Zak transform and integral operators with theta-kernels"
[09.05.2011] (16:00) [University of Heraklion, Crete] Maurice De Gosson: "WEYL AND BORN-JORDAN QUANTIZATION"
[04.05.2011] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Gero Fendler: "A note on regular N-gons"
[03.05.2011] (11:15) [Complex Analysis Seminar, D103] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Lattice sampling in the Bargmann-Fock space of several variables"
[28.04.2011] (15:15) [PAM Seminariet Sverker Holmgren, Uppsala University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematical Background to a Digital World (Fourier based methods in digital signal processing)"
[13.04.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor frames and totally positive functions"
[06.04.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Ali akbar Arefijamaal: "ON ALTERNATE DUAL OF G-FRAMES AND P-FRAMES"
[06.04.2011] (12:00) [NuHAG seminar] Levente LĂłcsi: "Colorful visualization of complex functions"
[23.03.2011] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Kenneth Rasmussen: "Compactly supported frames for decomposition spaces"
[16.03.2011] (16:00) [UnLocX] Christoph Wiesmeyr: "Presentation of the NuHAG Tools"
[14.03.2011] (11:15) [ESI] Gero Fendler: "Remarks on the regular C*-algebras of non-amenable Coxeter groups"
[10.03.2011] (12:30) [C207] Fariba Dehghani-schobesberger: "Mathematical Methods for Efficient Ultra-Wideband Communication Systems"
[10.03.2011] (11:00) [C207] Angelika Hoefler: "Frames over non-commutative index sets"
[10.03.2011] (12:00) [C207] Christoph Wiesmeyr: "Construction of frames by discretization of continuously indexed families"
[10.03.2011] (11:30) [C207] Nicki Holighaus: "Adaptive signal analysis and processing with nonstationary Gabor frames"
[10.03.2011] (:) [conference 'Wavelets, Representations, and Fractals' in Oberwolfach] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Norm-controlled inversion"
[09.03.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Franz Luef: "Projections in noncommutative tori and Gabor frames"
[09.03.2011] (12:20) [NuHAG seminar] Levente LĂłcsi: "Rational complex functions in ECG analysis"
[01.03.2011] (:) [Short course at the Mathematical Research Center (CRM) Barcelona, special semester on 'Complex Analysis and Spectral Methods'] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor Analysis"
[25.02.2011] (14:00) [Imperial College] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Modulation Spaces seen as Coorbit Spaces"
[24.02.2011] (16:30) [London Analysis and Probability Seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Frames and Banach Gelfand Triples (A new category)"
[15.02.2011] (:) [Bressanone/Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics] Franz Luef: "A deformation quantization theory for non-commutative quantum mechanics"
[08.02.2011] (10:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Gilbert-Rainer GILLICH: "A new approach in detecting, locating and evaluating damages by means of shift in natural frequencies"
[26.01.2011] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Monika Dörfler: "Characterization of Modulation spaces by partitions in phase space"
[19.01.2011] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Arash Ghaani Farashahi: "A New Approach to the Convolution Theory and Semi-direct Products of Locally Compact Groups"
[11.01.2011] (11:15) [hcaa11] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples and time-frequency analysis"
[11.01.2011] (14:40) [hcaa11] Maurice de Gosson: "A Characterization of Multivariate Gaussian Frames"
[11.01.2011] (14:00) [hcaa11] Nenad Teofanov: "Wave-front sets in modulation spaces"
[11.01.2011] (09:30) [hcaa11] Margit Pap: "The voice transform generated by a representation of the Blascke group on the weighted Bergman spaces"
[11.01.2011] (10:10) [hcaa11] Paul F. X. MĂŒller: "Brownian Motion, Square Functions and Hardy spaces"
[11.01.2011] (11:45) [hcaa11] Jonathan Arazy: "Minimal and maximal invariant Banach spaces of holomorphic functions on Cartan domains"
[11.01.2011] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Landscapes and Consumer Reports for Gabor Algorithms [except somebody else is volunteering!! hgfei]"
[10.01.2011] (17:15) [hcaa11] Martin Schlichenmaier: "Almost-graded central extensions of Lax operator algebras"
[10.01.2011] (14:00) [hcaa11] Ilkka Holopainen: "$p$-harmonic functions on negatively curved spaces"
[10.01.2011] (15:00) [hcaa11] Christiane Tretter: "Spectral theory and mathematical physics"
[10.01.2011] (14:30) [hcaa11] Miroslav Englis: "Wigner transform on symmetric spaces"
[10.01.2011] (16:45) [hcaa11] Yury Neretin: "Multi-operator colligations and multivariate characteristic functions"
[10.01.2011] (16:00) [hcaa11] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Banach Gabor frames with Hermite functions: polyanalytic spaces from the Heisenberg group"
[10.01.2011] (13:30) [hcaa11] Alexander Vasiliev: "Contour dynamics and integrable systems"
[10.01.2011] (:) [Seminar at the Mathematical Research Center (CRM) Barcelona, special semester on 'Complex Analysis and Spectral Methods'] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Localized Frames"
[07.01.2011] (13:00) [Joint AMS Meeting New Orleans 2011] Franz Luef: "Crossed products in Gabor analysis and Rieffel projections in rotation algebras"
[21.12.2010] (10:30) [dbar10] Zeljko Cuckovic: "Toeplitz operators on Bergman spaces of polyanalytic functions"
[17.12.2010] (09:00) [dbar10] Emil Straube: "Compactness of the complex Green operator on CR-submanifolds of hypersurface type"
[17.12.2010] (10:00) [dbar10] Samangi Munasinghe: "Geometric Sufficient Conditions for Compactness of the Complex Green Operator"
[17.12.2010] (11:30) [dbar10] Xiaojun Huang: "Local holomorphic isometry from M into its product"
[16.12.2010] (14:00) [dbar10] Nordine Mir: "Algebraic approximation in CR geometry"
[16.12.2010] (09:30) [dbar10] Shif Berhanu: "A new class of FBI transforms and applications to holomorphic extendability of CR functions"
[16.12.2010] (11:00) [dbar10] Abdelhamid Meziani: "On the hypoellipticity of differential forms with isolated singularities"
[16.12.2010] (15:30) [dbar10] Siqui Fu: "Comparison of the Bergman and Szegö kernels"
[16.12.2010] (16:30) [dbar10] Takeo Ohsawa: "Variation of the Bergman kernel and the cone of KĂ€hler deformability tangents"
[15.12.2010] (09:30) [dbar10] Jean Ruppenthal: "Compactness of the dbar-Neumann operator on singular complex spaces"
[15.12.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice de Gosson: "A Characterization of Multivariate Gaussian Frames"
[15.12.2010] (11:00) [dbar10] Jeff McNeal: "Regularity of twisted d-bar Neumann problems"
[15.12.2010] (13:30) [dbar10] Giuseppe Zampieri: "Hypoellipticity of the d-bar-Neumann problem in the exponential type "
[14.12.2010] (16:00) [dbar10] Ingo Lieb: "The Neumann problem on non-smooth strictly pseudoconvex domains"
[14.12.2010] (13:30) [dbar10] Debraj Chakrabarti: "The dbar-equation on product domains"
[14.12.2010] (09:30) [dbar10] Joseph Kohn: "PDE with loss of derivatives"
[14.12.2010] (15:00) [dbar10] Christine Laurent: "Stability of embeddability under perturbation of the CR structure for compact CR manifolds"
[14.12.2010] (11:00) [dbar10] Jeff McNeal: "Non-holomorphic projections and extension of biholomorphic maps"
[13.12.2010] (14:00) [dbar10] Al Boggess: "New Formulas for the Fundamental Solution to \Box_b on Certain Quadrics"
[13.12.2010] (15:30) [dbar10] Andrew Raich: "Gaussian estimates for Box_b heat kernels and quantitative smoothness estimates"
[13.12.2010] (16:30) [dbar10] Margit Pap: "Connection between Zernike functions, corneal topography and the voice transform"
[08.12.2010] (:) [University of Lisbon] Maurice de Gosson: "Introduction to Feichtinger’'s Theory of Modulation Spaces"
[01.12.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Nicki Holighaus: "Implementation of Non-stationary Gabor Frames"
[01.12.2010] (13:45) [NuHAG seminar] Gino Angelo Velasco: "A Constant-Q-Type Transform with Non-stationary Gabor Frames"
[25.11.2010] (13:15) [Nordbergstraße] Daniel Eiwen: "Compressive Channel Estimation in Wireless Communications"
[24.11.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Saptarshi Das: "Regularized Low Rank Approximation of Weighted Data Sets"
[19.11.2010] (11:10) [NuHAG seminar] Nir Sochen: "Uncertainty and locality in signal processing with respect to Lie groups with central extension."
[18.11.2010] (:) [Courant Institute, New York University] Franz Luef: "Gabor analysis as noncommutative geometry over noncommutative tori"
[17.11.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Elmar Pauwels: "A discrete-time transmission model and Sjöstrand's symbol class"
[12.11.2010] (:) [Symposiumi: THE BOHM-HILEY INTERPRETATION OF QUANTUM THEORY: WHERE DO WE STAND TODAY?] Maurice de Gosson: "Zeno Paradox for Bohmian Trajectories: The Unfolding of the Metatron"
[10.11.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Margit Pap: "Connection between Zernike functions corneal topography and the voice transform"
[10.11.2010] (14:00) [NuHAG seminar] Harald Schwab: "NuHAG: How to use the library?"
[10.11.2010] (09:30) [44th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers] Sebastian Schmutzhard: "A Lower Bound on the Estimator Variance for the Sparse Linear Model"
[27.10.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Darian Onchis: "Localization of damage using signal processing"
[27.10.2010] (13:45) [NuHAG seminar] Christoph Wiesmeyr: "De-fringing using the Gabor transform"
[20.10.2010] (13:45) [NuHAG seminar] Wolfgang Kreuzer: "Applications and current projects at ARI"
[20.10.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Georg Rieckh: "Frames in acoustic simulations"
[19.10.2010] (:) [Berkeley: Rieffel Seminar] Franz Luef: "Projections in rotation algebras, revisited"
[14.10.2010] (16:30) [Akademie der Wissenschaften] Massimo Fornasier: "Mathematics Enters the Picture. The Restoration of Mantegna's Frescoes in Padua."
[13.10.2010] (09:00) [Defensio] Andreas Klotz: "Nichtkommutative Approximation: Glattheit, Approximation und Invertierbarkeit in Banachalgebren"
[07.10.2010] (08:00) [BerufungsvortrÀge] Massimo Fornasier: "A numerical solution of the Poisson equation on the interval"
[07.10.2010] (08:30) [BerufungsvortrÀge] Massimo Fornasier: "Compression, adaptivity, multiscale, and decomposition in the numerical solution of Partial Differential Equations"
[06.10.2010] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Ewa Matusiak: "Compressed sensing of analog signals"
[29.09.2010] (14:00) [Seminar room 389 (formerly 118), Institut fĂŒr Nachrichtentechnik und Hochfrequenztechnik, TU Wien, Gusshausstrasse 25, 1040 Wien] Monika Doerfler: "Application of mixed norms in retrieving relevant information from audio signals"
[27.09.2010] (14:00) [Oxford University] Maurice de Gosson: "Imprints of the classical word in quantum mechanics"
[27.09.2010] (14:00) [University Bordeaux] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Frames and Banach Gelfand Triples"
[20.09.2010] (13:30) [Vienna Talk 2010] Monika Doerfler: "Timbre in time-frequency domain"
[15.09.2010] (15:00) [UNIorientiert: Probevorlesung] Monika Dörfler: "Mathematische Grundlagen einer digitalen Welt"
[13.09.2010] (16:00) [Univ. Marburg] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Three ages of function spaces: Generalized smoothness, Fourier characterization and Coorbit Spaces"
[26.08.2010] (14:00) [Dept. Math., Univ. of Otago, Dunedin] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples (and modulation spaces from the coorbit view-point)"
[26.08.2010] (10:00) [Institute of Communications and Radio-Frequency Engineering (TU Wien) - Gusshausstrasse 25, 1040 Wien] Peter Balazs: "Frame Multipliers: Theory and Applications in Acoustics"
[05.08.2010] (15:00) [Auckland University NZ] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Frames in the context of Banach Gelfand Triples"
[31.07.2010] (:) [] Darian Onchis: "Image processing using harmonics and topology"
[30.07.2010] (14:30) [nthca] Juergen Saal: "On well-posedness and blow-up of a hyperbolic fluid model"
[29.07.2010] (15:10) [Univ. Canterbury, Christchurch] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematical Foundations of Gabor Analysis"
[29.07.2010] (:) [Canterbury talk, Christchurch] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematics of Time-Frequency Analysis (a motivational presentation)"
[15.07.2010] (:) [anstap10] Constantinos Kardaras: "Forward-convex convergence in probability of sequences of nonegative random variables"
[13.07.2010] (14:45) [IWOTA 2010] Maurice De Gosson: "A representation of the Heisenberg group by operators acting on phase space; applications"
[03.07.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Mark Elin: "Boundary behavior and rigidity of semigroups of holomorphic mappings"
[03.07.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Jurij Kozicki: "Bogoliubov functionals and the dynamics of particles in continuum"
[03.07.2010] (09:00) [nthca] Nikolai Makarov: "Radial explorer"
[03.07.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Santiago Diaz-Madrigal: "A non-autonomous version of the Denjoy-Wolff theorem"
[03.07.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Irina Markina: "Virasoro algebra and distribution in the space of univalent functions"
[03.07.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Yury Neretin: "Multi-operator colligations and multi-variate characterisctic functions"
[03.07.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Igor Zelenko: "Comparison theorems for number of conjugate points along sub-Riemannian extremals"
[03.07.2010] (12:30) [nthca] Darren Crowdy: "A new calculus for two dimensional ideal fluid dynamics"
[02.07.2010] (14:00) [nthca] Erik Lundberg: "Laplacian growth: toward exact solutions in dimensions higher than two"
[02.07.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Dmitry Prokhorov: "Integrability of the Loewner equation"
[02.07.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Christoph Walker: "Stability of steady states in thin film equations with soluble surfactant"
[02.07.2010] (15:00) [nthca] Mark Agranovsky: "Boundary Forelli theorem"
[02.07.2010] (14:00) [nthca] ugo boscain: "The intrinsic hypoelliptic Laplacian and its heat kernel on unimodular Lie groups"
[02.07.2010] (17:00) [nthca] Edriss Titi: "Global regularity for the three-dimensional primitive equations of atmospheric and oceanic dynamics"
[02.07.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Georg Prokert: "Travelling bubbles in Hele-Shaw flows with kinetic undercooling"
[02.07.2010] (16:00) [nthca] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Gabor frames and complex analysis"
[02.07.2010] (:) [] Rene Carmona: "T.B.A."
[02.07.2010] (:) [] Rene Carmona: "T.B.A."
[02.07.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Bogdan-Vasile Matioc: "On a three phase Muskat-like problem"
[02.07.2010] (14:30) [nthca] Filippo Bracci: "Loewner's theory in the abstract"
[02.07.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Filippo Bracci: "Parabolic Attitude"
[02.07.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Pavel Gumenyuk: "Loewner evolution in doubly connected domains"
[02.07.2010] (09:00) [nthca] Michael Shelley: "Novel phenomena and models of active fluids"
[02.07.2010] (13:30) [nthca] Anatoly Golberg: "Weak conformality at a point"
[02.07.2010] (12:00) [nthca] Jonatan Lenells: "A disk rotating around a black hole"
[01.07.2010] (:) [UniversitÀt Potsdam] Maurice de Gosson: "Noncommutative quantum mechanics and Weyl operators in phase space"
[01.07.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Elijah Liflyand: "Representation of a function via the absolutely convergent Fourier integral"
[01.07.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Victor Katsnelson: "Spectral theory of the Fourier operator trunkated on the positive half-axis"
[01.07.2010] (12:00) [nthca] Zoran Grujic: "A regularity criterion for the 3D NSE vorticity in a local version of $BMO$"
[01.07.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Rafaela Guberovic: "Localization of analytic regularity criteria on the vorticity and balance between the vorticity magnitude and coherence of the vorticity direction in the 3D NSE"
[01.07.2010] (09:00) [nthca] Jean-Yves Chemin: "Large global regular solutions of 3-D incompressible Navier-Stokes"
[01.07.2010] (13:30) [nthca] Emmanuel Candes: "Recovery of data matrices from incomplete and corrupted entries: Theory and algorithms"
[01.07.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Yurii Lyubarskii: "Radial behavior of functions in the Korenblum class"
[01.07.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Djoko Wirosoetisno: "Asymptotics in the primitive equations"
[01.07.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Sergiy Vasylkevych: "A family of models for rotating shallow water flow"
[30.06.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Lev Aizenberg: "Remarks on the Bohr and Rogosinski phenomena for power series"
[30.06.2010] (14:00) [nthca] Gabriel Peyre: "Sparse geometric processing of images"
[30.06.2010] (16:00) [nthca] Mirela Kohr: "Boundary value problems for Brinkman operators on Lipschitz domains. Applications"
[30.06.2010] (14:30) [nthca] Jalal Fadili: "3D geometrical sparse representations with application to inverse problems and video processing"
[30.06.2010] (15:30) [nthca] Laurent Demaret: "Anisotropic Delaunay triangulations and denoising"
[30.06.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Demetrio Labate: "Characterization of singularities in multidimensions using the continuous shearlet transform"
[30.06.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Alekos Vidras: "Towards the definition of the Cauchy-Fantappie and Radon transforms"
[30.06.2010] (13:30) [nthca] Gerlind Plonka: "Curvelet-wavelet regularized split Bregman iteration for compressed sensing"
[30.06.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Wang-Q Lim: "Construction and applications of compactly supported shearlets"
[30.06.2010] (12:00) [nthca] Stephan Dahlke: "The continuous shearlet transform in arbitrary space dimensions"
[30.06.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Jakob Lemvig: "Optimally sparse approximations of 3D data using shearlets"
[30.06.2010] (09:00) [nthca] Holger Rauhut: "Compressive sensing and harmonic analysis"
[30.06.2010] (14:00) [nthca] Martin Kohlmann: "The Cauchy problem for the weakly dissipative mu-DP equation"
[30.06.2010] (13:30) [nthca] Erik Wahlen: "Existence and stability of solitary water waves with weak surface tension"
[30.06.2010] (15:00) [nthca] Anca-Voichita Matioc: "On particle trajectories in linear water waves"
[30.06.2010] (15:30) [nthca] Fernando Gomez-Cubillo: "Spectral models for orthonormal wavelets and multiresolution analysis"
[30.06.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Manuel D. Contreras: "Holomorphic self-maps of the disk intertwinig two linear fractional maps"
[30.06.2010] (13:15) [NuHAG seminar] Daniel Eiwen: "PhD work: Progress report and discussion. Segal Algebra talk: cancelled!!"
[30.06.2010] (16:30) [nthca] Martin Ehler: "The probabilistic frame potential and random tight fusion frames"
[29.06.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Oliver Roth: "The Loewner and Hadamard variations"
[29.06.2010] (09:00) [nthca] Pete Casazza: "The Kadison-Singer problem in harmonic analysis"
[29.06.2010] (17:00) [nthca] Vladimir Protasov: "Wavelets and random power series: what is in common ?"
[29.06.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Gabriela Kohr: "Parametric representation and Loewner chains in several complex variables"
[29.06.2010] (13:30) [nthca] Helena Mihaljevic-Brandt: "Linearisers of entire maps"
[29.06.2010] (14:00) [nthca] Dzmitry Dudko: "The decoration theorem and symmetries of the Mandelbrot set"
[29.06.2010] (14:30) [nthca] Yauhen Mikulich: "Classification of postcritically finite Newton maps"
[29.06.2010] (15:00) [nthca] Dierk Schleicher: "Newton's method as an efficient root finder for complex polynomials"
[29.06.2010] (12:00) [nthca] Monika Doerfler: "Time-frequency localization in phase-space"
[29.06.2010] (16:00) [nthca] Alexandre Eremenko: "Singular perturbation of polynomial potentials with application to PT-symmetric families"
[29.06.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Santiago Diaz-Madrigal: "Geometry behind chordal Loewner chains"
[29.06.2010] (13:30) [nthca] Stefan Kunis: "Accuracy and stability of the butterfly fast Fourier transform"
[29.06.2010] (11:30) [nthca] Alexander Borichev: "A uniqueness theorem for harmonic functions"
[29.06.2010] (10:30) [nthca] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Beyond analiticity: time-frequency analysis of Bergman and Fock-type spaces"
[29.06.2010] (14:00) [nthca] Peter Rashkov: "The identification problem for time-frequency localizing operators"
[29.06.2010] (11:00) [nthca] Yurii Belov: "Discrete Hilbert transform on sparse sequences"
[29.06.2010] (14:30) [nthca] Kasso Okoudjou: "Beurling-Helson theorem for modulation spaces"
[23.06.2010] (11:15) [] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Isomorphism Properties of Toeplitz Operators and Gabor Multipliers between Modulation Spaces"
[22.06.2010] (:) [nthca] Helene Airault: "Extension of vector fields in the disk and conformal welding"
[16.06.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hattinger Stephan: "Segal Algebras"
[14.06.2010] (16:00) [GPOTS 2010] Franz Luef: "Projections in rotation algebras"
[10.06.2010] (:) [Birkbeck College, U. of London] Maurice de Gosson: "A pseudo-differential calculus on non-standard symplectic space; spectral and regularity results in modulation spaces (joint work with F. Luef, J. Prata, N. Dias)"
[10.06.2010] (10:00) [NuHAG seminar] Pedro Real: "Homology-based Digital Image Processing for nD digital images (using AT-models)"
[08.06.2010] (14:00) [Birkbeck College, U. of London] Maurice de Gosson: "Hamiltonian canonical transformations and the Schr?ger equation (Joint work with Basil Hiley)"
[06.06.2010] (10:30) [gfse10] Maximilian Hasler: "Colombeau type algebras as sequence spaces with exponent weights"
[06.06.2010] (10:00) [gfse10] Diana Stoeva: "Frames for Frechet spaces"
[06.06.2010] (12:50) [gfse10] Dusan Zorica: "A few generalizations of the wave equation within the theory of fractional calculus"
[06.06.2010] (13:10) [gfse10] Dusan Rakic: "Asymptotic properties of the wavelet transform of tempered distributions"
[06.06.2010] (12:00) [gfse10] Yun-Sung Chung: "Identification of Poles of Meromorphic Functions with Finite Number of Poles and Zeros"
[06.06.2010] (11:20) [gfse10] Jea-Hyun Park: "Discrete Operators and Digital Image Processing"
[06.06.2010] (13:30) [gfse10] Suzana Simić: "Frames for weighted shift-invariant spaces and construction of p-frames"
[06.06.2010] (13:50) [gfse10] Smiljana Jaksic: "Weyl transform in space of ultradistribitions"
[06.06.2010] (11:40) [gfse10] Heesoo Lee: "The discrete p-Laplacian with a potential having the smallest nonnegative eigenvalue"
[05.06.2010] (11:20) [gfse10] Joachim Toft: "Wave-front sets of Fourier Lebesgue types"
[05.06.2010] (09:30) [gfse10] Luigi Rodino: "Tensor products of Hermite operators"
[05.06.2010] (16:30) [gfse10] Dimitris Scarpalezos: "internal topological properties for internal objects"
[05.06.2010] (12:20) [gfse10] Jasson Vindas: "The Prime Number Theorem for Beurling's Generalized Numbers. New Cases"
[05.06.2010] (11:50) [gfse10] Sandro Coriasco: "Global Wave Front Set of Modulation Space type"
[05.06.2010] (10:00) [gfse10] Todor Gramchev: "Hyperbolic systems of pseudodifferential equations with non Lipschitz symbols locally in $t$ and for $|x|\to \infty$"
[05.06.2010] (15:30) [gfse10] Andrzej Kaminski: "On the convolution of distributions and ultradistributions"
[05.06.2010] (09:00) [gfse10] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The richness of time-frequency invariant Banach spaces: Generic constructions within Banach Gelfand Triple"
[05.06.2010] (15:00) [gfse10] MiloĆĄ Kurilić: "Compact sets of reals and maximal chains of elementary substructures of the rational line"
[05.06.2010] (10:30) [gfse10] Miodrag Mateljevic: "Quasiconformal and harmonic mappings between Jordan domains"
[05.06.2010] (00:) [gfse10] Vincent Valmorin: "Algebras of generalized functions as Waelbroeck's q-algebras"
[05.06.2010] (16:00) [gfse10] Matti Vuorinen: "Quasiconformal maps and Holder continuity"
[05.06.2010] (09:00) [Novi Sad] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On the richness of Banach spaces within the Rigged Hilbert Space (SO,L2,SO-prime)"
[04.06.2010] (11:50) [gfse10] Claudia Garetto: "Partial differential operators with constant Colombeau coefficients: solvability and generalised hypoellipticity"
[04.06.2010] (15:00) [gfse10] Soon-Yeong Chung: "Positive Definite Generalized Functions and Their Characterizations"
[04.06.2010] (11:20) [gfse10] Jean- Françs Colombeau: "The use of a quotient in generalized functions"
[04.06.2010] (12:20) [gfse10] Hans Vernaeve: "Homogeneous generalized functions"
[04.06.2010] (15:30) [gfse10] Atsuhiko Eida: "On some classes of tempered ultradistributions"
[04.06.2010] (10:00) [gfse10] Dragan Djordjevic: "Recent results in Fredholm theory"
[04.06.2010] (16:00) [gfse10] Patrik Wahlberg: "Representations of almost periodic pseudodifferential operators"
[04.06.2010] (16:30) [gfse10] Jared Tanner: "Sampling at the Information Rate: A tale of three polytopes"
[04.06.2010] (10:30) [gfse10] Gradimir Milovanovic: "Generalized Classes of Quadrature Processes"
[03.06.2010] (15:30) [gfse10] Guenther Hoermann: "On the foundations of microlocal analysis in Colombeau algebras"
[03.06.2010] (12:20) [gfse10] Michael Oberguggenberger: "Various notions of generalized analyticity"
[03.06.2010] (16:30) [gfse10] Irina Melnikova : "Abstract Stochastic Problems in Spaces of Distributions"
[03.06.2010] (12:50) [gfse10] Vladimir Dragovic: "Discriminant separability and Kowalevski integrability"
[03.06.2010] (16:00) [gfse10] Roland Steinbauer: "Some contributions of Stevan Pilipovic to the structural theory of Colombeau algebras"
[03.06.2010] (13:20) [gfse10] Teodor Atanackovic: "Variational Principle with variable order Fractional derivatives"
[03.06.2010] (15:00) [gfse10] Natasa Krejic: "Optimization Methods in Algorithmic Trading"
[02.06.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Jan Vybiral: "$N$-widths of embeddings of function spaces"
[26.05.2010] (11:00) [International Audio-Miner Workshop] Monika Doerfler: "Audio-Miner – the Math point of view"
[26.05.2010] (10:00) [] Arthur Flexer: "Audio-Miner – the MIR point of view"
[26.05.2010] (14:30) [Seminar room, ÖFAI, Vienna] Gino Angelo Velasco: "Classification and detection of sound objects"
[19.05.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Maurice de Gosson: "Weyl operators in phase space: motivation and spectral results"
[12.05.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Elmar Pauwels: "Channel reconstruction from finitely many diagonals"
[12.05.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Sebastian Schmutzhard: "Remarks on Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces"
[07.05.2010] (:) [anstap10] Sergey Nadtochiy: "Tangent Lévy models"
[05.05.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karin Schnass: "Basis Identification from Random Sparse Samples"
[04.05.2010] (14:00) [ARI Vortragsraum] Karin Schnass: "Classification via Incoherent Subspaces"
[28.04.2010] (:) [anstap10] Chris Rogers: "Least-Action Filtering"
[28.04.2010] (11:00) [] SISE group: "SISE Plenary Meeting"
[27.04.2010] (:) [anstap10] Marcel Nutz: "Risk Aversion Asymptotics for Power Utility Maximization"
[26.04.2010] (:) [anstap10] Stefan Gerhold: "Refined volatility expansion in the Heston model"
[24.04.2010] (:) [anstap10] Ales Cerny: "Admissible Strategies in Semimartingale Portfolio Optimization"
[14.04.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Gerard Ascensi: "Dilation of the Weyl Symbol and Balian-Low theorem."
[13.04.2010] (11:00) [mulac10] Dominik Bayer: "The Structure of the Phase Around the Zeros of the STFT with Gaussian Window"
[13.04.2010] (00:00) [mulac10] Asghar Rahimi: "Multipliers of frames in Hilbert and Banach spaces"
[13.04.2010] (10:30) [mulac10] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Unbounded frames"
[13.04.2010] (14:00) [mulac10] Diana Stoeva: "Multipliers - invertibility and representation for the inverse"
[13.04.2010] (14:30) [mulac10] Peter Balazs: "Matrix representation using frames and generalized Bessel multipliers"
[13.04.2010] (15:30) [mulac10] Anaik Olivero: "Estimation of Gabor Multipliers"
[13.04.2010] (11:30) [mulac10] Florent Jaillet: "Nonstationary Gabor Frames"
[12.04.2010] (14:30) [mulac10] Piotr Majdak: "MULAC: Ideas of Potential Applications in Acoustics"
[12.04.2010] (15:00) [mulac10] Georg Rieckh: "Frames and the Boundary Element Method for Acoustic Simulation"
[12.04.2010] (11:15) [mulac10] Thibaud Necciari: "Auditory time-frequency masking, application to the analyzis-synthesis of sound signals"
[12.04.2010] (10:45) [mulac10] Peter Balazs: "Time-Frequency Sparsity By Irrelevance Using a Simultaneous Masking Model"
[12.04.2010] (15:45) [Mulac10, Marseille, France] Monika Doerfler: "Aliasing in the TF-representation of operators - observations and possible remedies"
[12.04.2010] (12:15) [mulac10] Peter Balazs: "Discussion: Extension of the masking / irrelevance algorithm"
[12.04.2010] (11:45) [mulac10] Bernhard Laback: "Additivity of time-frequency masking"
[12.04.2010] (17:00) [mulac10] Wolfgang Kreuzer: "Multipliers in Stx"
[12.04.2010] (16:45) [mulac10] Florent Jaillet: "Mulaclab: a graphical interface for the definition of Gabor multipliers"
[12.04.2010] (16:15) [mulac10] Peter Soendergaard: "Coming of age of the LTFAT toolbox"
[12.04.2010] (:) [anstap10] Paul Embrechts: "From financial mathematics to quantitative risk management"
[25.03.2010] (13:30) [EUCETIFA] Ulas Ayaz: "Non uniform sparse recovery with Gaussian matrices"
[24.03.2010] (11:15) [] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Convergence analysis of the finite section method"
[19.03.2010] (11:20) [ICASSP 2010, Dallas, TX, USA] Daniel Eiwen: "Multichannel-Compressive Estimation of Doubly Selective Channels in MIMO-OFDM Systems: Exploiting and Enhancing Joint Sparsity"
[13.03.2010] (11:15) [GPOTS Spring Miniworkshop] Franz Luef: "Projective modules over noncommutative tori - a different perspective"
[10.03.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Discrete and finite approximations in Gabor Analysis"
[09.03.2010] (08:30) [Jahrestagung der DMV + GDM (MĂŒnchen)] Harald Schwab: "Virtuelle Forschungsumgebungen in der Mathematik und elektronisches Forschungsmanagement"
[08.03.2010] (11:15) [UniversitÀt Potsdam] Maurice de Gosson: "Noncommutative quantum mechanics and Weyl operators in phase space"
[05.03.2010] (14:00) [EUCETIFA] Massimo Fornasier: "Variational Calculus and Geometric Measure Theory"
[02.03.2010] (:) [anstap10] Johannes Ruf: "Optimal trading strategies under arbitrage"
[25.02.2010] (:) [EPFL Lausanne] Maurice De Gosson: "Noncommutative quantum mechanics from the point of view of Weyl calculus: spectral properties and the stargenvalue equation"
[18.02.2010] (10:00) [First AudioMiner Workshop] Monika Doerfler: "Applied harmonic analysis meets MIR"
[18.02.2010] (14:30) [First AudioMiner Workshop] Gino Angelo Velasco: "A comparison of adaptive time-frequency representations"
[18.02.2010] (:) [] Arthur Flexer: "Introduction to Music Information Retrieval"
[18.02.2010] (16:45) [] Ewa Matusiak: "Main concepts and ideas of sparsity and compressed sensing"
[01.02.2010] (16:00) [Queen Mary College London] Monika Doerfler: "Mathematical Signal Analysis and MRI"
[24.01.2010] (14:50) [International Conference on Analysis and Applications, Muscat, Oman] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Frames and Riesz bases of irregular translates"
[22.01.2010] (12:30) [Seminario de Analisis Matematico. University of Seville.] Darian Onchis: "An example of conceptual harmonic analysis: Spline-type spaces"
[20.01.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Daniel Eiwen: "Exploiting joint sparsity in wireless MIMO-OFDM channels for improved channel estimation quality"
[19.01.2010] (09:30) [Seminario de MatemĂĄtica Aplicada I, University of Seville] Darian Onchis: "Computational harmonic analysis meets homology. Time-scaling digital images under topological control."
[19.01.2010] (10:30) [Seminario de MatemĂĄtica Aplicada I, University of Seville] Darian Onchis: "Constructive numerical algorithms. Identi fication of sky objects in astronomical fits data."
[18.01.2010] (09:25) [ofoa] Franz Luef: "Gabor frames: a different perspective"
[17.01.2010] (:) [ofoa] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Frame theory, irregular sampling in spline-type spaces and realizable algorithms"
[16.01.2010] (10:30) [ofoa] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Frames and Riesz bases in the context of Banach Gelfand Triples"
[14.01.2010] (15:30) [AMS Meeting: Algebraic Methods in Signal Processing] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Group theoretical aspects of Gabor Analysis"
[14.01.2010] (16:00) [Seminario de MatemĂĄtica Aplicada I, University of Seville] Darian Onchis: "Wavelet-type transforms. From wavelet bases to Banach frames for alpha -modulation spaces."
[13.01.2010] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Restricted Invertibility"
[12.01.2010] (13:15) [] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Frame Constants of Gabor Frames near the Critical Density"
[12.01.2010] (14:00) [Berkeley: Rieffel Seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Time-Frequency Analysis, Gabor Multipliers, and Banach Gelfand Triples"
[12.01.2010] (16:00) [Seminario de MatemĂĄtica Aplicada I, University of Seville] Darian Onchis: "Multi-windows signal/image processing. Continuous vs. discrete model."
[11.01.2010] (:) [Davis/CA] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples motivated by Time-Frequency Methods"
[16.12.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Monika Doerfler: "Time-Frequency Partitions and Characterizations of Modulation Spaces with Localization Opertors"
[14.12.2009] (:) [LAK Seminar WS09] Bayram ÜLGEN: "Fourier – Analysis und deren Anwendung im Unterricht"
[09.12.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Gerard Ascensi: "Redundancy for localized frames"
[06.12.2009] (16:00) [Pfarrkirche Mistelbach] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Weihnachtsoratorium (J.S.Bach) , Pfarrkirche Mistelbach"
[04.12.2009] (13:45) [IK-Fei] Roza Aceska: "PhD Defense: Functions of Variable Bandwidth: A time-frequency approach"
[03.12.2009] (13:45) [NuHAG seminar] Stevan Pilipovic: "Some results on series expansions by frames"
[02.12.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Sebastian Schmutzhard: "L^2-Boundedness of Pseudo-Differential-Operators with Symbols in alpha-Modulation Spaces"
[02.12.2009] (18:00) [Fachbibliothek MathematikD] Herbert Muthsam: "StĂ¶ĂŸe -- Schallwellen -- Turbulenz: Numerische Modellierung von Strömungen in Sternen"
[01.12.2009] (13:15) [] Barbara Ecker: "Geometrische Aspekte der Mathematik (unter besonderer BerĂŒcksichtigung der Dreiecksgeometrie)"
[25.11.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Elmar Pauwels: "Time-Frequency Methods for Wireless Channel Estimation and Equalization"
[24.11.2009] (13:15) [NuHAG seminar] Fabian Kraler: "Endliche Körper - RSA-Verfahren"
[18.11.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Gero Fendler: "Prony s Method"
[11.11.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Roza Aceska: "TFA methods for variable bandwidth functions"
[10.11.2009] (13:15) [LAK Seminar WS09] Anna Ebersdorfer: "Vektorrechnung in der Schule"
[04.11.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Monika Doerfler: "Time-Frequency Partitions and Characterizations of Modulation Spaces with Localization Opertors, CANCELLED"
[03.11.2009] (:) [Heinrich Hertz Institute Berlin] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Conceptual Harmonic Analysis helping us to handle Problems in Application Areas"
[23.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt2] X. Raynaud (Univ. Oslo): "A Lipschitz metric for the continuous semigroup of solutions to the Hunter–Saxton equation"
[22.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt2] E. Varvaruca (Imperial College): "Steady periodic water waves with constant vorticity: regularity and local bifurcation"
[21.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt2] V. Gerdjikov: "The inhomogeneous Camassa-Holm equation and generalized Fourier expansions"
[21.10.2009] (15:00) [ESI-okt2] C. Bennewitz (Univ. Lund): "Inverse spectral/scattering theory associated to the Camassa- Holm equation"
[21.10.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Isomorphism Properties of Toeplitz Operators and Pseudo-Differential Operators between Modulation Spaces"
[20.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt2] M. Wunsch (Kyoto Univ.): "The Hunter-Saxton system"
[19.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt2] O. Lechtenfeld (Univ. Hannover): "Non-commutative solitons"
[19.10.2009] (15:00) [ESI-okt2] B. Kolev: "The Degasperis-Procesi equation as a non-metric Euler equation"
[17.10.2009] (:) [WCOAS09] Franz Luef: "Projective modules over noncommutative tori and Gabor analysis"
[16.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt] G. Grahovski (Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): "Generalised Fourier Transform and perturbations to soliton equations"
[16.10.2009] (15:00) [ESI-okt] A. Sergyeyev: "A coordinate-free construction of conservation laws and reciprocal transformations for a class of integrable hydrodynamic-type systems"
[15.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt] R. I. Ivanov (DIT, Dublin): "Inverse scattering transform for the Degasperis-Procesi equation"
[15.10.2009] (15:00) [ESI-okt] J. Lenells (Univ. Hannover): "Geometric aspects of the KdV and Camassa-Holm equations"
[14.10.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Computational aspects for constructive iterative algorithms"
[14.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt] G. Teschl (Univ. Vienna): "Long-time asymptotics for the Camassa-Holm equation"
[14.10.2009] (15:00) [ESI-okt] L. Molinet (Univ. Tours): "Sharp ill-posedness results for the periodic cubic Schrödinger and Benjamin-Ono equations"
[13.10.2009] (14:00) [ESI-okt] E. Wahlen (Univ. Lund): "Existence and stability of solitary water waves with weak surface tension"
[13.10.2009] (15:00) [ESI-okt] M. Ehrnström (Leibniz Univ. Hannover): "On two-dimensional steady edge waves"
[12.10.2009] (14:15) [ESI-okt] E. Kartashova (RISC, Linz): "Nonlinear Resonance Analysis - what is it for?"
[06.10.2009] (11:00) [Seminar of the Department of Mathematics, University of Istanbul] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Sampling in Shift Invariant Spaces"
[02.10.2009] (11:30) [ist-A] Harald Schwab: "AskNu: Administor's Swiss Knife by NuHAG"
[28.09.2009] (09:05) [defensio] Saptarshi Das: "Mathematical Methods for Wireless Channel Estimation and Equalization"
[28.09.2009] (14:00) [] Gregor van den Boogaart: "Note Onset Detection for the Automatic Transcription of Polyphonic Piano Music"
[25.09.2009] (14:00) [international conference on ``Harmonic Analysis and Partial Differential Equations'', Nagoya, Japan] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Time-Frequency Methods for Pseudodifferential Operators (invited speaker)"
[24.09.2009] (:) [gf2009] Ricardo Estrada: "Applications of Distributions in Number Theory"
[21.09.2009] (11:00) [Mathematical Society of Japan, Osaka] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Algebras of infinite matrices with off-diagonal decay (invited speaker)"
[20.09.2009] (:) [gf2009] Eduard Nigsch: "Point values in full Colombeau algebras"
[18.09.2009] (14:00) [Univ.Vienna (kl.Festsaal)] Emmanuele Viterbo: "Signal Reconstruction Errors in Jittered Sampling"
[12.09.2009] (:) [gf2009] Joachim Toft: "Continuity and identification properties of modulation spaces"
[04.09.2009] (18:00) [Complex and Harmonic Analysis 2009, Crete] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "On the structure of sampling spaces"
[01.09.2009] (13:25) [ISTA workshop] Ingrid Daubechies: "Harmonic Analysis with Applications to Image Processing"
[01.09.2009] (:) [gf2009] Sadhana Tiwari: "Watson Convolution of Distributions"
[01.09.2009] (16:00) [ISTA workshop] Thomas Strohmer: "The Richness of Sparsity: How Harmonic Analysis will Transform Technology"
[01.09.2009] (14:45) [ISTA workshop] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Wiener's Lemma: Theme and Variations"
[01.09.2009] (13:10) [ISTA workshop] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Harmonic Analysis at NuHAG (from the foundations to real world applications)"
[01.09.2009] (16:55) [ISTA workshop] Yuri I. Manin: "Quantum Theta Functions, Moduli of Noncommutative Tori, and Gabor Frames for Modulation Spaces"
[01.09.2009] (13:00) [ISTA workshop] Thomas Henzinger: "Words of Welcome by the First ISTA president (taking office the same day)"
[01.09.2009] (14:15) [ISTA workshop] Massimo Fornasier: "Numerical Harmonic Analysis and real-life Applications"
[31.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Ingrid Beltita: "Magnetic Weyl calculus on coadjoint orbits of some semidirect products of Lie groups"
[31.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Mohamed Taha Khalladi: "Almost periodic generalized functions"
[31.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Andrei Khrennikov: "p-adic generalized functions and pseudo-differential operators"
[31.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Katharina Brazda: "Variational calculus and regularity in global seismology"
[31.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Joselito Oliveira: "Cosmological models with Signature Change and Colombeau's Algebra"
[31.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dimitrios Scarpalezos: "New classes of generalized functions"
[29.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Annegret Burtscher: "Smooth regularization parameter in special Colombeau algebras"
[28.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Barbara Keyfitz: "Where the Wild Things Might Be: Function Spaces for Multidimensional Conservation Laws"
[28.08.2009] (11:00) [defensio] Jasmin Sahbegovic: "Short-Time Fourier Transform and Modulation Spaces in Algebras of Generalized Functions"
[26.08.2009] (:) [EWM 2009 - 14th meeting] Anna Grybos: "Local Approximation of Dual Atom for Finite Gabor Frames"
[25.08.2009] (14:30) [EWM 2009 - 14th meeting] Roza Aceska: "Variable Bandwidth on the TF plane"
[14.08.2009] (:) [gf2009] Maurice A. de Gosson: "Spectral and regularity properties of an operator calculus related to Landau quantization"
[24.07.2009] (:) [Brussels, NoMaP] Yuri I. Manin: "Quantum theta functions, quantum tori, and Gabor frames for modulation spaces"
[14.07.2009] (15:30) [7th ISAAC Congress] Darian Onchis: "Irregular sampling in multiple-window spline-type spaces"
[08.07.2009] (:) [gf2009] Klaus Keller: "Vector-valued meromorphic functions, finite parts and products of distributions"
[02.07.2009] (:) [gf2009] Michael Oberguggenberger: "Notions of regularity in Colombeau algebras"
[02.07.2009] (:) [gf2009] Marco Mazzotti: "Occurrence of a delta-shock in nonlinear chromatography"
[02.07.2009] (:) [gf2009] Roland Steinbauer: "On the Geroch-Traschen class of metrics"
[23.06.2009] (14:15) [Seminarraum S1, Althanstraße 12-14] Andreas Klotz: "Approximation fastdiagonaler Matrizen durch Bandmatrizen"
[22.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Sanja Konjik: "Wave equation for fractional Zener type viscoelastic media"
[22.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jorge Aragona: "Topology on the full Colombeau algebra of generalized functions on the closure of an open bounded subet of $R^n$"
[22.06.2009] (10:15) [HS 1, UAZ2] Wolfgang Birkfellner: "Bildverarbeitung in der Medizin (und die Mathematik dahinter!)"
[19.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Goetz Pfander: "The Bourgain Tzafiri restricted invertibility theorem in infinite dimensional Hilbert Spaces"
[19.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Georg Zimmermann: "A new proof of the Gasca-Maeztu Conjecture for $n=4$"
[19.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Qasem Narimani: "A characterization of closed shift invariant spaces of $L^2(R^d)$ and applications"
[19.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Wojciech Czaja: "Kaczmarz algorithms and frames"
[19.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Tatiana Levitina: "Kramer's sampling theorem and finite Hankel transform eigenfunctions"
[19.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Radu Balan: "Redundancy for Localized Frames"
[19.06.2009] (14:30) [strobl09] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gelfand Triples, the kernel theorem and Dirac’s symbolic calculus"
[19.06.2009] (14:00) [strobl09] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Four years of the European Center of Time-Frequency Analysis"
[19.06.2009] (11:15) [strobl09] Chris Heil: "Linear Independence of Gabor Systems and Other Open Problems"
[18.06.2009] (16:15) [strobl09] Apostolos Vourdas: "Totally disconnected and locally compact Heisenberg-Weyl groups"
[18.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Peter Hellekalek: "On p-adic characters in the theory of uniform distribution of sequences mod 1"
[18.06.2009] (17:15) [strobl09] Myung-Sin Song: "Spectral Theory of Discrete Processes"
[18.06.2009] (17:15) [strobl09] Ole Christensen: "Pairs of dual Gabor frames"
[18.06.2009] (14:30) [strobl09] Richard S. Laugesen: "Frequency-scale frames and the solution of the Mexican hat problem"
[18.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Stefan Kunis: "High dimensional fast Fourier transforms"
[18.06.2009] (16:15) [strobl09] Sumi Jang: "Multiwindow tight Gabor frames"
[18.06.2009] (16:45) [strobl09] Franz Luef: "Tigth Gabor frames and projections in noncommutative tori"
[18.06.2009] (14:00) [strobl09] Remco Duits: "Left Invariant Convection and Diffusion on Gabor Transforms"
[18.06.2009] (15:00) [strobl09] Manuel Graef: "Sampling sets and quadrature formulae on the rotation group"
[18.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Mohammad Ali Dehghan: "Linear Operators that preserve some properties of Frames"
[18.06.2009] (14:30) [strobl09] Milton Ferreira: "The inversion of the Radon transform on SO(3) by Gabor frame expansions"
[18.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Jeff Hogan: "The Clifford-Fourier transform"
[18.06.2009] (00:00) [strobl09] Peter Balazs: "Frames and Hilbert-Schmidt Operators"
[18.06.2009] (14:00) [strobl09] Daryl Geller: "Spin Wavelets on the Sphere for CMB Polarization Data Analysis"
[18.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Generalized frames: weighted, controlled, unbounded"
[18.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Martin Ehler: "Minimization with sparsity constraints for demixing multispectral data to analyze molecular processes within the human retina"
[18.06.2009] (16:45) [strobl09] Piotr Wojdyllo: "Quantum Approach for Acoustics Reconstruction"
[18.06.2009] (15:00) [strobl09] Pencho Petrushev: "Sub-exponentially localized kernels and frames in the context of classical orthogonal expansions"
[18.06.2009] (11:15) [strobl09] Massimo Fornasier: "Compressive algorithms. Multilevel preconditioning and convergence rates."
[17.06.2009] (00:00) [strobl09] Fabio Nicola: "Boundedness of Fourier intergral operators on Fourer-Lebesgue spaces and related topics"
[17.06.2009] (11:15) [strobl09] Thomas Strohmer: "From Helmholtz to Heisenberg: Sparse Remote Sensing"
[17.06.2009] (00:00) [strobl09] Stephan Dahlke: "The continuous shearlet transform in arbitrary space dimensions"
[17.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Maurice de Gosson: "The symplectic camel: the tip of an iceberg?"
[17.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Joachim Toft: "Wave-front set of Fourier Lebesgue and modulation space types"
[17.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Karoline Johansson: "Wave-front sets of Fourier Banach and modulation space types"
[17.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Tino Ullrich: "Coorbit space theory for inhomogeneous spaces of Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin type"
[17.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Philipp Grohs: "Scaling functions for Shearlet MRAs"
[17.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Pankaj Jain: "Grand Function Spaces and Related Inequalities"
[16.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] George Makrakis: "Semiclassical asymptotics of the Wigner equation near caustics"
[16.06.2009] (10:00) [strobl09] Isaac Pesenson: "Eigenmaps and minimal and bandlimited immersions of graphs into Euclidean spaces"
[16.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Abdumalik Rakhimov: "On an estimation of eigenfunctions of Schrödinger's operator in a closed domain."
[16.06.2009] (16:45) [strobl09] Henning Kempka: "Wavelet decomposition of function spaces with variable smoothness and integrability"
[16.06.2009] (14:45) [strobl09] Diana Stoeva: "Perturbation of frames in Banach spaces"
[16.06.2009] (16:15) [strobl09] Markus Hansen: "Best m-term Approximation and Lizorkin-Triebel Spaces"
[16.06.2009] (14:45) [strobl09] Huy-Qui BUI: "New and old Besov spaces"
[16.06.2009] (16:45) [strobl09] Silvia Gandy: "A study of low-rank matrix recovery from independent linear measurements of the column vectors"
[16.06.2009] (15:15) [strobl09] Jan Vybiral: "Traces of radial Sobolev, Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces"
[16.06.2009] (09:00) [strobl09] Frank Filbir: "Kernel based approximation on manifolds"
[16.06.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Miroslav Englis: "Toeplitz quantization on real symmetric domains"
[16.06.2009] (15:15) [strobl09] George Kyriazis: "On the construction of bases and frames for spaces of distributions"
[16.06.2009] (11:15) [strobl09] Kristian Seip: "The Feichtinger conjecture in model subspaces of $H^2$"
[16.06.2009] (16:15) [strobl09] Michael Leinert: "Spectrality of the algebra of convolution dominated operators"
[16.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] James Vickers: "Generalised Differential Geometry and Singular Solutions of Einstein's Equations"
[16.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Evelina Erlacher: "Inversion of a “discontinuous coordinate transformation” in general relativity"
[15.06.2009] (09:15) [strobl09] Emmanuel Candes: "Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization"
[15.06.2009] (00:00) [strobl09] Carlo Cattani: "Sampling and denoising with harmonic wavelets"
[15.06.2009] (11:45) [strobl09] Victor Didenko: "On $L_2$-Solutions of Refinement Equations"
[15.06.2009] (10:45) [strobl09] Lakshminarayan Choudur: "Adaptive Wavelet Filtering in Database Applications"
[15.06.2009] (14:30) [strobl09] Monika Doerfler: "Quilted Gabor frames - progress and challenges"
[15.06.2009] (00:00) [strobl09] Nikolaos D. Atreas: "Non uniform local average sampling reconstuction in subspaces of L_2(R)"
[15.06.2009] (14:00) [strobl09] Luis Daniel Abreu: "Sampling and interpolation in Bargmann-Fock spaces of polyanalytic functions"
[15.06.2009] (11:15) [strobl09] Shai Dekel: "Adaptive compressed sensing using direct sampling of dictionaries"
[15.06.2009] (17:15) [strobl09] Sivananthan Sampath: "Dual regularized total least squares as a two-parameter regularization learning algorithm"
[15.06.2009] (10:45) [strobl09] Holger Rauhut: "Circulant and Toeplitz matrices in compressed sensing"
[15.06.2009] (15:00) [strobl09] Alex Powell: "Regularity for complete and minimal Gabor systems on a lattice"
[15.06.2009] (16:15) [strobl09] Shannon Bishop: "Mixed Modulation Spaces and Pseudodifferential Operators"
[15.06.2009] (14:00) [strobl09] Ferenc Weisz: "Gabor expansions and local Hardy spaces"
[15.06.2009] (16:45) [strobl09] Vladimir Vasilyev: "Discrete singular integrals and related symbolic calculus"
[15.06.2009] (11:15) [strobl09] Josh MacArthur: "Wavelets Based on Crystal Symmetries"
[15.06.2009] (16:15) [strobl09] Pawel Bechler: "Orthogonal matching pursuit and dictionaries with restricted isometry property"
[15.06.2009] (17:15) [strobl09] Michael Frank: "Orthogonality-preserving and conformal mappings on Hilbert C*-modules"
[15.06.2009] (16:45) [strobl09] Sadegh Jokar: "Kronecker Products and Conditions for Uniqueness of the Sparse Solutions to Underdetermined Systems"
[15.06.2009] (11:45) [strobl09] Gitta Kutyniok: "A Sparsity Approach to the Geometric Separation Problem"
[15.06.2009] (14:30) [strobl09] W. R. Madych: "On two issues in analysis"
[15.06.2009] (15:00) [strobl09] Shahaf Nitzan-Hahamov: "Frame-type systems"
[14.06.2009] (:) [strobl09] Jose Luis Romero: "Explicit localization estimates for dual frames"
[14.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Martina Glogowatz: "Factorization of wave operators with non-smooth coefficients"
[12.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Clemens Hanel: "Wave equations and singular spacetimes"
[12.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Maarten de Hoop: "Nonlinear approximation of functions by sums of wave packets and applications"
[12.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Michael Kunzinger: "Embedding tensor distributions into full Colombeau Algebras: Kinematics"
[12.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Michael Grosser: "Embedding tensor distributions into full Colombeau Algebras: Dynamics"
[11.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] James Grant: "Synthetic Lorentzian Geometry"
[11.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jong-Ho Kim: "Comparison principles on nonlinear networks"
[10.06.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Christian Spreitzer: "Hyperbolic first order systems with discontinuous coefficients"
[10.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Katerina Saneva: "Wavelet Expansions and Asymptotic Behavior of Distributions"
[09.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jasmin Sahbegovic: "Modulation spaces in algebras of generalized functions"
[09.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jan Harm van der Walt: "Existence of solutions of partial differential equations"
[08.06.2009] (13:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The NuHAG MATLAB collection of MATLAB toolboxes (overview)"
[07.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Michael Ruzhansky: "Pseudo-differential operators and symmetries"
[03.06.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Qui Bui: "The Calderon reproducing formula in pure and applied harmonic analysis"
[01.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jean-André Marti: "About transport equation with irregular coefficients and data"
[01.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Andrzej Kaminski: "Improvements of some results on the convolution of tempered ultradistributions"
[01.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Svetlana Mincheva-Kaminska: "On diagonal methods in the theory of the product of generalized functions"
[01.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Slawomir Sorek: "Neutrix products of distributions and applications in nonlinear systems"
[01.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Christian Spreitzer: "Hyperbolic first order systems with discontinuous coefficients"
[01.06.2009] (:) [gf2009] Maximilian Hasler: "Point-value characterizations in multi-parameter algebras"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Bert-Wolfgang Schulze: "Operators on Manifolds with Singularities"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Francisco Villarreal: "Wavelets in a problem of signal processing"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Irina Kmit: "Smoothing Solutions to Initial-Boundary Problems for First-Order Hyperbolic Systems"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Milica Zigic: "Suppleness of Colombeau generalized functions on manifolds"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Nadzeya Bedziuk: "Limiting behavior of sums with martingales in algebra of generalized random processes"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dohan Kim: "Demi-distributions"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Tijana Levajkovic: "Generalized solutions of stochastic differential equations"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Plamen Djakov: "Riesz basis properties of Hill operators with singular potentials"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Mitsuru Sugimoto: "Smoothing estimates for dispersive and non-dispersive equations"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Aleh Yablonski: "Stochastic differential equations with Levy processes in the algebra of generalized stochastic processes"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Diana Stoeva: "Invertibility of Multipliers"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Burak Polat: "A distributional approach to classical electrodynamics of bodies in arbitrary nonrelativistic motion"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Andriy Rakhnin: "Subharmonic Almost Periodic Functions of Slowly Growth"
[31.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Arpad Takaci: "On the solutions of the fractional differential equation"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Veranika Navakhrost: "Differential equations with peculiarities in the algebra of mnemofunctions"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dusan Rakic: "Tauberian theorems for quasiasymptotic behavior of tempered distributions"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Ahmed Zayed: "Chromatic Derivatives of Generalized Functions"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] ya-qing Li: "New Generalized Functions defined by nonstandard discrete Functions and difference quotients"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Mirjana Stojanovic: "Extension of Colombeau algebra to derivatives of arbitrary order $D^{alpha},$ $alpha in {\bar{\bf R}}_+$"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Uladzimir Hrusheuski: "Systems of differential equations with discontinuous righthand sides"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Atsuhiko Eida: "A characterization of Laplace ultradistributions"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Marko Nedeljkov: "Approximation of delta like shock waves - entropy solutions and interactions"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dalibor Prazak: "On the sign of Colombeau functions and applications to conservation laws"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] M.W. Wong: "Heat Semigroups of Degenerate Elliptic Operators and Adaptive Sobolev Spaces"
[30.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Shahla Molahajloo: "Hierarchical Weyl Transforms and the Heat Semigroup of the Hierarchical Twisted Laplacian"
[29.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Shantanu Dave: "Regularization of distributional kernels of Fourier Integral operators"
[29.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Hans Vernaeve: "Automatic continuity in algebras of generalized functions"
[29.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Djurdjica Takaci: "On the system of fractional differential equations"
[29.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Hikosaburo Komatsu: "The birth of Micro-Local Analysis during the International Conference on Functional Analysis and Related Topics, Tokyo, 1969"
[29.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Teodor Atanackovic: "Weak Solutions to Differential Equations with Left and Right Fractional Derivatives defined on $mathbb{R}$"
[28.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Luigi Rodino: "Gelfand-Shilov solutions of partial differential equations"
[28.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Khaled Benmeriem: "Generalized ultradistributions and their microlocal analysis"
[28.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Claudia Garetto: "Microlocal analysis of Colombeau generalized functions"
[28.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Ville Turunen: "On Gaussians in signal analysis"
[28.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jelena Aleksic: "Generalised solutions to conservation laws in heterogeneous media"
[28.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Danijela Rajter-Ciric: "Fractional derivatives in algebra of Colombeau generalized stochastic processes"
[27.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Nebojsa Dedovic: "Delta Shock Wave Interactions via Wave Front Tracking Method"
[27.05.2009] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] GĂŒnter Reise: "Distributed Sampling and Reconstruction of non-bandlimited fields in sensor networks based on shift-invariant spaces"
[27.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Gohar Harutyunyan: "Asymptotic structure in the corner calculus"
[27.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Georgy Omel'yanov: "The uniqueness problem for shock wave interaction"
[27.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Hikosaburo Komatsu: "The abstract Fatou theorem and the signal transmission on Thomson cables"
[27.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dietmar Vogt: "A division theorem for real analytic functions"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Alexander Smirnov: "Localization properties of highly singular generalized functions"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Ljubica Oparnica: "Generalized solutions for the Euler-Bernoulli model with distributional forces"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Tokio Matsuyama: "Kirchhoff equation in an exterior domain"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Algebras of infinite matrices with off-diagonal decay"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Tayeb Saidi: "Generalized microlocal analysis and applications"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Todor D. Todorov: "Special Colombeau Algebras with Field Scalars"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dusan Zorica: "Distributional time distributed-order diffusion-wave equation"
[26.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jean François Colombeau: "Nonlinear generalized functions and quantum field theory"
[25.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Marcelo Reicher Soares: "Of Some Generalized Holomorphic Functions Theory Approach"
[25.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Kunio Yoshino: "Daubechies operator in Bargmann-Fock space"
[25.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Youri Egorov: "On a class of generalized functions arising in Elasticity"
[24.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Yauhen Radyna: "Mikusinski type Operational Calculus on the ring of p-adic integers"
[21.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jean-André Marti: "Well-posed Differential Problems in Algebras of Generalized Functions"
[21.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Inessa Matveeva: "On boundary value problems for pseudoparabolic systems in weighted Sobolev spaces"
[21.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Gennadii Demidenko: "Mapping properties of matrix quasielliptic operators in $R^n$"
[20.05.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Katharina Brazda: "Low frequency oscillations of the earth - variational calculus and regularity"
[20.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Chenkuan Li: "The products of distributions on manifolds and invariant theorem"
[19.05.2009] (:) [SAMPTA09] Monika Doerfler: "Representation of operators by sampling in the time-frequency domain"
[19.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Slawomir Michalik: "Summability and fractional linear partial differential equations"
[16.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Irina Melnikova: "Generalized Functions for Abstract Stochastic Problems"
[14.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Norbert Ortner: "Regularization and Convolution of Distributions"
[13.05.2009] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Massimo Fornasier: "Sparse Approximation and Optimization in High Dimensions (Approximation und Optimierung in hoeheren Dimensionen)"
[13.05.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Diana Stoeva: "Invertibility of Multipliers"
[12.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Stanley Orlando Juriaans: "Colombeau Generalized Quaternion Algebras and Holomorphic Functions"
[09.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Marcia Scialom: "A Schrodinger equation with time-oscillating nonlinearity"
[08.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dennis Nemzer: "Poisson's Equation and Generalized Functions"
[06.05.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Nina Engelputzeder: "Approximation of Operator by Gabor Multipliers"
[05.05.2009] (:) [gf2009] Grzegorz ÂŁysik: "Analytic solutions of the Burgers equation"
[29.04.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Explicit localization estimates for dual frames"
[29.04.2009] (13:00) [Symposium Natur ab 4, PH Baden] Monika Doerfler: "Mathematik, Signale und moderne Kommunikation"
[29.04.2009] (:) [Fields Institute, Toronto] FTW: "TUTORIAL on Speech synthesis"
[29.04.2009] (14:00) [Fields Institute, Toronto] FTW: "TUTORIAL on Speech synthesis"
[27.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Manuel De la Sen: "Stabilazation of nonnecessarily inversely stable first-order adaptive systems under saturated input"
[27.04.2009] (14:00) [UC Berkeley] Franz Luef: "Projective modules over noncommutative tori(II)"
[27.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Stevan Pilipovic: "Generalized stochastic Dirichlet problem"
[21.04.2009] (14:15) [] Roza Aceska: "L^1 Approximation: Jackson Theorems revisited"
[20.04.2009] (14:00) [UC Berkeley] Franz Luef: "Projective modules over noncommutative tori"
[20.04.2009] (:) [strobl09] Srdan Maksimovic: "From scaling sets to scaling functions"
[20.04.2009] (:) [strobl09] Haidar Ismael: "Time frequency analysis"
[14.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Peter Wagner: "A new constructive proof of the Malgrange--Ehrenpreis theorem"
[14.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Anatolij Antonevich: "On high order partial differential operators with $ delta$-shaped coefficients"
[09.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Dora Selesi: "Fundamental solutions of singular stochastic partial differential equations"
[05.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Andjela Davidovic: "3-dimensional photon distribution equation with an infinite absorption point"
[01.04.2009] (:) [gf2009] Jose Bonet: "Convolution operators on quasianalytic classes that admit a continuous linear right inverse"
[01.04.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] William Bordeaux Montrieux: "Spectral instability for non-selfadjoint operators : a simple model"
[31.03.2009] (:) [gf2009] Christian Olivera: "Tempered Generalized Functions Algebra via Hermite Expansions"
[25.03.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function Spaces: Three ages: from modulus of continuity to coorbit theory"
[25.03.2009] (13:15) [NuHAG seminar] Peter Hellekalek: "Mathematical Dessert: Some Basic Concepts of Cryptography"
[25.03.2009] (:) [gf2009] Stepan Tersian: "Fast solutions for a second-order difference equation"
[25.03.2009] (:) [gf2009] Kamal Soltanov: "On a nonlinear equation with coefficients which are generalized functions"
[25.03.2009] (:) [gf2009] Vladimir Shelkovich: "Multidimensional delta-shock, transport processes and pressureless mediums"
[23.03.2009] (:) [Sem. Angew. Math. LAK SS09] Linda Schlaffer: "Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie in der Schule"
[17.03.2009] (:) [DAGA09] Monika Doerfler: "Removing Components from a Time-Frequency Representation"
[11.03.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Markus Neuhauser: "A new uncertainty principle for the time-frequency plane"
[05.03.2009] (14:30) [BEST] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematik allgegenwaertig"
[05.03.2009] (:) [Berufsinformationsmesse] Hans G. Feichtinger: "MATHEMATIK: versteckt und doch allgegenwaertig"
[03.03.2009] (:) [gf2009] Antonio Ronaldo Gomes Garcia: "Colombeau's Algebra of full Generalized Numbers"
[28.02.2009] (:) [gf2009] Richard Carmichael: "Asymptotic Analysis For Complex Valued Stieltjes Transforms"
[23.02.2009] (10:30) [EPFL Lausanne] Hans G. Feichtinger: "CONCEPTUAL HARMONIC ANALYSIS: the Bridge between Abstract and Application Oriented Harmonic Analysis"
[16.02.2009] (:) [gf2009] Angela Slavova: "Harmonic balance technique for studying some equations of mathematical physics"
[16.02.2009] (:) [gf2009] Petar Popivanov: "Travelling waves for several equations of mathematical physics - existence, interaction, profiles"
[10.02.2009] (13:00) [NuHAG seminar] Marius Mantoiu: "The magnetic Weyl Calculus"
[06.02.2009] (15:00) [university of Southampton] Gero Fendler: "Aspects of harmonic analysis on non-amenable Coxeter groups"
[26.01.2009] (18:00) [Garching] Hans G. Feichtinger: "NuHAG Presentation at ESO"
[26.01.2009] (:) [Presentation for students] Darian Onchis: "Mathematical models in need of high performance computing, Part I"
[26.01.2009] (:) [Presentation for students] Darian Onchis: "Mathematical models in need of high performance computing, Part II"
[21.01.2009] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Saptarshi Das: "Low-Complexity Time-Domain Equalization of Rapidly Varying Channels in OFDM systems"
[20.01.2009] (15:30) [University of Delhi] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples and their applications in Harmonic and Functional Analysis"
[19.01.2009] (11:15) [Banagalore] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Modulation Spaces and Banach Gelfand Triples"
[19.01.2009] (16:00) [Banagalore] Hans G. Feichtinger: "From Classical Fourier Analysis to Time-Frequency Analysis and Back"
[19.01.2009] (10:00) [univie] Peter Balazs: "Mathematics and Acoustical Signal Processing - From Theory to Applications"
[17.01.2009] (11:30) [Aligarh Muslim University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "CONCEPTUAL HARMONIC ANALYSIS: the Bridge between Abstract and Application Oriented Harmonic Analysis"
[16.01.2009] (13:30) [NuHAG presentation] Stephan Paukner: "Mathematics in Center Communication Systems GmbH"
[15.01.2009] (14:00) [] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Applications of Gabor Analysis to Engineering Problems"
[12.01.2009] (15:30) [IIT New Delhi (Dept.Math.)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On the Benefits of Conceptual Harmonic Analysis for Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis"
[08.01.2009] (14:00) [ws-wpi08] Baoxiang Wang: "Derivative nonlinear Schroedinger equation and modulation spaces"
[01.01.2009] (:) [Aligarh Muslim University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A harmonic analyst’s approach to generalized stochastic processes"
[01.01.2009] (16:00) [University of Delhi] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematical Foundations of Gabor Analysis"
[01.01.2009] (09:30) [strobl09] Roza Aceska: "TBA"
[11.12.2008] (17:00) [ESI] Jean-Pierre Serre: "Variation with p of the number of solutions (mod p) of polynomial equations"
[10.12.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Roza Aceska: "Progress report: Variable bandwidth on the time-frequency plane"
[05.12.2008] (11:30) [Dagstuhl] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A Banach Gelfand Triple Framework for Regularization and Approximation"
[05.12.2008] (11:10) [Dagstuhl] Monika Doerfler: "Generalizing (Gabor)Frame Multipliers"
[03.12.2008] (10:00) [Dagstuhl] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Pseudospectral Fourier reconstruction with IPRM"
[27.11.2008] (10:30) [ws-wpi08-2] Karoline Johansson: "A counter example on nontangential convergence for oscillatory integrals"
[27.11.2008] (09:30) [ws-wpi08-2] Joachim Toft: "Weyl product and twisted convolution for time-frequency spaces and modulation spaces"
[27.11.2008] (11:15) [ws-wpi08-2] Nenad Teofanov: "Remarks on a class of symbol global type operators"
[27.11.2008] (14:25) [ws-wpi08-2] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples and constructive approximations of continuous problems"
[27.11.2008] (13:30) [ws-wpi08-2] Norbert Mauser: "On the time evolution of Wigner measures for Schroedinger equations"
[26.11.2008] (13:30) [ws-wpi08-2] Franz Hlawatsch: "The Wigner distribution: Cross terms, smoothing, and signal synthesis"
[26.11.2008] (15:05) [ws-wpi08-2] George Makrakis: "Evolution of semiclassical Wigner functions (the higher dimensional case)"
[26.11.2008] (10:25) [ws-wpi08-2] Maurice de Gosson: "Density Operators and the Uncertainty Principle"
[26.11.2008] (16:30) [ws-wpi08-2] Demetrio Labate: "Analysis of Singularities and Edge Detection using the Continuous Shearlet Transform"
[26.11.2008] (11:15) [ws-wpi08-2] Thomas Strohmer: "From Helmholtz to Heisenberg: Sparse Remote Sensing"
[26.11.2008] (09:30) [ws-wpi08-2] Norbert Kaiblinger: "Some elements of Feichtinger-Groechenig theory and their use in time-frequency analysis "
[26.11.2008] (14:10) [ws-wpi08-2] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "On the computation of smoothed Wigner transforms"
[25.11.2008] (14:50) [ws-wpi08-2] Fabio Nicola: "Boundedness of Fourier integral operators on Fourier-Lebesgue spaces and related topics"
[25.11.2008] (13:15) [ws-wpi08-2] Thierry Paul: "Delocalization"
[25.11.2008] (14:00) [ws-wpi08-2] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "Regularization of semiclassical limits in terms of smoothed Wigner transforms"
[25.11.2008] (19:00) [Wissenschafterinnen im Film] Monika Doerfler: "Frauen in der Mathematik"
[12.11.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Huang Chunyan: "Trace operators for Modulation, alpha-Modulation and Besov spaces"
[05.11.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Molecular decompositions and automatic robustness"
[04.11.2008] (17:00) [ESI] Vaughan Jones: "Flatland, a great place do to algebra"
[30.10.2008] (09:30) [NuHAG seminar] Karin Schnass: "Dictionary/Frame/Basis Identification (work in progress)"
[29.10.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Atoms and molecules in analysis"
[22.10.2008] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Dr. Darian Onchis: "Stochastic processes and signal analysis. A look ahead."
[16.10.2008] (14:00) [IK-seminar] Hagai Kirshner: "On the Role of Exponential Functions in Image Interpolation"
[23.09.2008] (14:30) [Acoustics Research Institute] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The relation between continuous and discrete Gabor multipliers"
[23.09.2008] (09:45) [Acoustics Research Institute] Peter Balazs: "The MULAC Project"
[23.09.2008] (11:45) [Acoustics Research Institute] Anna Grybos: "Numerical results for weighted Gabor frames"
[23.09.2008] (16:30) [Acoustics Research Institute] Monika Doerfler: "Generalizing Gabor multipliers"
[17.09.2008] (10:30) [NuHAG seminar] Harald Schwab: "What you probably should know about the NuHAG system..."
[14.09.2008] (10:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Weighted frames and Wavelet Multipliers"
[04.09.2008] (10:15) [ws-wpi08] Maurice de Gosson: "A pseudodifferential calculus related to Landau quantization"
[04.09.2008] (11:25) [ws-wpi08] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Almost diagonalization of pseudo-differential operators using Gabor expansions"
[04.09.2008] (14:40) [ws-wpi08] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Modulation spaces and Banach Gelfand Triples"
[04.09.2008] (14:00) [ws-wpi08] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "On the use of quadratic phase-space transforms in computation"
[04.09.2008] (15:40) [ws-wpi08] Thierry Paul: "Unexpected phase spaces"
[03.09.2008] (14:00) [ws-wpi08] Chunyan Huang: "Frequency-uniform decomposition method for the generalized nonlinear schrodinger equations"
[03.09.2008] (10:15) [ws-wpi08] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener amalgam spaces and modulation spaces: a concept for time-frequency analysis"
[03.09.2008] (11:30) [ws-wpi08] Franz Luef: "Time-frequency description of some function spaces"
[03.09.2008] (15:00) [ws-wpi08] Nenad Teofanov: "Wave-front sets in time-frequency analysis"
[02.09.2008] (11:30) [ws-wpi08] Norbert Mauser: "Wigner functions and homogenization in phase space"
[02.09.2008] (10:30) [ws-wpi08] Thierry Paul: "Coherent states, quantum mechanics and phase-space"
[02.09.2008] (14:00) [ws-wpi08] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "Regularization of semiclassical limits in terms of the smoothed Wigner "
[02.09.2008] (15:05) [ws-wpi08] George Makrakis: "Semiclassical asymptotics of the Wigner equation near caustics"
[27.07.2008] (10:00) [Åskloster 2008, Sweden] Maurice de Gosson: "The Dependence of Density Operators on Planck's Constant h"
[24.07.2008] (:) [Brussels, NoMaP] Franz Luef: "Quantum Theta Functions, Moduli of Noncommutative Tori, and Gabor Frames for Modulation Spaces"
[21.07.2008] (:) [Mathematics in Biosciences] Hans G. Feichtinger: "From Classical Fourier Analysis to Time-Frequency Analysis and Back"
[19.07.2008] (10:00) [5European Congress of Mathematics, Amsterdam 2008] Roza Aceska: "Variable Bandwidth : a Time-Frequency Approach"
[15.07.2008] (14:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Peter Soendergaard: "The envelope and the fine structure carry the same information"
[09.07.2008] (:) [strobl08] Franz Luef: "Some (new) observations on the Heisenberg group"
[07.07.2008] (:) [strobl08] Maurice de Gosson: "A class of pseudodifferential operators related to deformation quantization"
[07.07.2008] (17:00) [strobl08] Harald Schwab: "What you probably know..."
[07.07.2008] (14:00) [strobl08] Monika Doerfler: "Approximation by Gabor multipliers and generalization of Gabor multipliers"
[07.07.2008] (11:00) [strobl08] Georg Zimmermann: "Polynomial Reproduction in Vector Subdivision: New Results on the Unstable Case"
[01.07.2008] (15:00) [WPI Seminar] Iserles Arieh: "oscillatory Fredholm operators: from spectral methods to modified Fourier expansions"
[25.06.2008] (10:15) [IK-seminar] Simon Haller: "Set-valued maps and differential inclusion equations"
[18.06.2008] (12:00) [IK-seminar] Harald Stockinger: "Symbol calculi for operators - a heuristic approach"
[18.06.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Andreas Klotz: "Noncommutative approximation: approximation of matrices by banded matrices"
[11.06.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Saptarshi Das: "Wireless Channel Estimation With Fourier Basis Expansion Model"
[09.06.2008] (11:00) [PEOPLE- Marie Curie Workshop (FFG), Haus der Forschung, Vienna] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Spline-like function spaces with applications to scattered data approximation"
[04.06.2008] (16:15) [Habilitation Coll.] Holger Rauhut: "Sparse Recovery"
[04.06.2008] (14:30) [Habilitation Coll.] Massimo Fornasier: "Compressive Algorithms. Adaptive Solutions of PDEs and Variational Problems"
[04.06.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Nenad Teofanov: "Micro-local analysis in modulation spaces"
[03.06.2008] (13:00) [SampTA07] Monika Doerfler: "Spreading function representations of operators and Gabor Multiplier Approximation"
[28.05.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Dominik Bayer: "On the work of Tomita and Sugimoto on pseudodifferential operators"
[27.05.2008] (14:30) [ESI talk] Fritz Gesztesy: "Some Remarks on Generalized Polar Decompositions of Closed Hilbert Space Operators"
[21.05.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] David Rottensteiner: "Bochner Integrals II"
[16.05.2008] (10:15) [IK-seminar] Maarten V. De Hoop: "TBA"
[07.05.2008] (13:00) [EE Dept., Univ. of Edinburgh] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematical Foundations of Gabor Analysis (Time-Frequency Methods for Signal Processing)"
[07.05.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "The finite section method"
[02.05.2008] (15:30) [icms08] Roza Aceska: "Variable bandwidth"
[02.05.2008] (10:00) [icms08] Morten Nielsen: "Frame decomposition of smoothness spaces"
[02.05.2008] (10:50) [icms08] Jeffrey Blanchard: "MSF Composite Dilation Wavelets"
[02.05.2008] (11:20) [icms08] Shai Dekel: "Adaptive anisotropic frames"
[02.05.2008] (16:00) [icms08] Andrej Zlatos: "Speed-up of reaction-diffusion fronts by flows"
[02.05.2008] (17:10) [icms08] Tony Carbery: "Some problems in classical harmonic analysis needing an applied harmonic analysis approach?"
[02.05.2008] (09:30) [icms08] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On the motivation for alpha-modulation spaces"
[01.05.2008] (15:15) [icms08] Nico Spronk: "Operator space structure on Feichtinger's Segal algebra"
[01.05.2008] (11:00) [icms08] Holger Rauhut: "Sparsity in Time-Frequency Representations"
[01.05.2008] (14:30) [icms08] Vladimir Kisil: "Analytic/Harmonic Functions from Group Representations"
[01.05.2008] (16:15) [icms08] Apostolos Vourdas: "Harmonic analysis on p-adic numbers"
[01.05.2008] (09:30) [icms08] Shai Dekel: "Adaptive compressed image sensing based on wavelet-trees"
[01.05.2008] (10:20) [icms08] Goetz Pfander: "Uncertainty in time-frequency representations on finite abelian groups"
[01.05.2008] (11:45) [icms08] Jared Tanner: "Phase transition phenomenon in sparse approximation."
[30.04.2008] (16:45) [icms08] Kasso Okoudjou: "Local well-posedness of nonlinear dispersive equations on modulation spaces"
[30.04.2008] (15:00) [icms08] Elena Cordero: "Sparse Approximation of Fourier Integral Operators using Gabor frames"
[30.04.2008] (16:05) [icms08] Chris Stolk: "Computing in the x-k domain for seismic imaging"
[30.04.2008] (10:15) [icms08] Igor Verbitsky: "Harmonic analysis and potential theory methods for Schroedinger and general second order differential operators"
[30.04.2008] (11:10) [icms08] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "Coarse-scale representations and applications to phase-space homogenization"
[30.04.2008] (11:50) [icms08] Francisco Villarroya Alvarez: "Modulation invariant singular integrals"
[30.04.2008] (14:30) [icms08] Stefan Kunis: "Computing sparse fast Fourier transforms"
[30.04.2008] (11:15) [room D103] Franz Luef: "Multivariate Hardy-type Uncertainty Principles"
[22.04.2008] (10:00) [NuHAG seminar] Holger Rauhut: "Eine stetige nirgends differenzierbare Funktion"
[11.04.2008] (12:00) [NCRG Seminar Schedule ASTON Univ. Birmingham] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Time-frequency analysis and Gabor multipliers: From numerical linear algebra to conceptual harmonic analysis"
[10.04.2008] (16:30) [Dept. of Pure Mathematics, Univ. of Birmingham] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples and their applications in Harmonic and Functional Analysis"
[02.04.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Maurice de Gosson: "On Hardy's uncertainty principle and the notion of symplectic capacity"
[12.03.2008] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Johannes Sjoestrand: "Spectrum and pseudo-spectrum for non-self-adjoint (pseudo-)differential operators"
[05.03.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Wavelets"
[29.02.2008] (16:00) [YORK, Dept. Math.] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis: Sampling Viewpoint versus Atomic Decompositions"
[29.02.2008] (16:45) [YORK, Dept. Math.] Massimo Fornasier: "Compressive Algorithms"
[26.02.2008] (15:00) [Leeds, Dept. of Mathematics] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples for Classical Fourier Analysis"
[14.02.2008] (16:15) [Queen Mary University of London, Dept. of Elect. Engin.] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis and Gabor Multipliers with a Musical Signal Processing Perspective"
[13.02.2008] (12:00) [Departamento de MatemĂĄtica Aplicada I, University of Seville] Darian Onchis: "Efficient ways to investigate distributed data"
[08.02.2008] (15:00) [Dept. Math., Univ. Edinburgh] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Time-frequency analysis and Gabor multipliers: From numerical linear algebra to conceptual harmonic analysis"
[31.01.2008] (:) [Cambridge Appl.Math.Sem.] Hans G. Feichtinger: "From Conceptual to Computational Harmonic Analysis and back (Gabor Analysis, Time-Frequency Methods and Applications)"
[29.01.2008] (16:45) [YORK, Dept. Math.] Massimo Fornasier: "Sampling theorems on homogeneous spaces: coobit space theory and alpha-modulation spaces"
[28.01.2008] (15:30) [RICAM Linz] Massimo Fornasier: "PDE models for image processing"
[23.01.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] GĂŒnther Ljubica Oparnica: "A fourth-order initial-boundary value problem with discontinuous coefficients"
[22.01.2008] (10:00) [Workshop Adaptive numerical methods for PDE's] Rob Stevenson: "Optimality of adaptive wavelet and finite element methods"
[22.01.2008] (13:30) [Workshop Adaptive numerical methods for PDE's] Christoph Schwab: "Deterministic, nonlinear approximation of stochastic PDEs"
[21.01.2008] (16:15) [Workshop Adaptive numerical methods for PDE's] Albert Cohen: "Nonlinear approximation and adaptivity"
[17.01.2008] (13:00) [Edinburgh] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Local Fourier Analysis in our Daily Life (how mathematical theory is involved in the realization of good engineering solutions)"
[16.01.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Gerard Ascensi: "Generators of Lp(R) by translations on time and frequency."
[09.01.2008] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Christian Spreitzer: "The Hadamard Parametrix Construction"
[01.01.2008] (08:00) [Acoustics Research Institute] Monika Doerfler: "Test"
[.24.2007] (:) [Oberwolfach (Math.Forschungsinstitut)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On a converse to Cohen's Factorization Theorm for commutative Banach convolution algebras"
[18.12.2007] (:) [UST-AGH, Cracow, Poland] Anna Grybos: "Selected Topics on Time-Frequency Analysis"
[14.12.2007] (10:00) [NuHAG seminar] Thomas Strohmer: "Kashin Representations and Sparse Approximations in Signal Processing and Communications"
[13.12.2007] (17:15) [Seminarraum C 2.09] Roza Aceska: "Weighted modulation spaces and functions of variable bandwidth"
[13.12.2007] (11:00) [HS1 UZA2] Thomas Strohmer: "Computational Harmonic Analysis and the Future of Scientific Computing"
[12.12.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Anna Gryboś: "Some remarks on local dual atoms"
[10.12.2007] (14:15) [University of Lisbon] Maurice de Gosson: "Introduction to Feichtinger’'s Theory of Modulation Spaces"
[05.12.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Nina Engelputzeder: "Some ideas on the localization of the spreading function"
[28.11.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Saptarshi Das: "Wireless Channel Estimation."
[23.11.2007] (09:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Multi-Window Spline-type spaces and their duals"
[21.11.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Julio Estevez: "Semiregular Gabor Families"
[16.11.2007] (10:00) [C207] McLaughlin Joyce: "Imaging Shear Stiffness in Tissue: Can cancerous and benign lesions be distinguished?"
[16.11.2007] (13:45) [EUCETIFA] Monika Doerfler: "Localization in time-frequency - quilted frames and related problems"
[14.11.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Harald Stockinger: "Some Observations Concerning Groups and Frames"
[05.11.2007] (15:30) [ESI talk] Marc Rieffel: "Towards Dirac operators for 'Matrix algebras converge to the sphere'"
[02.11.2007] (:) [C207] Hans G. Feichtinger: "PRESENTATION to the SAB: NuHAG overview"
[31.10.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Roza Aceska: "Functions of Variable Bandwidth"
[31.10.2007] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Marc Rieffel: "Physicists say 'Matrix algebras converge to the sphere'"
[24.10.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Jasmin Sahbegovic: "Short Time Fourier Transform in Colombeau algebras"
[17.10.2007] (11:15) [IK-seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Foundation of coorbit theory"
[10.10.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "Smoothed Wigner calculus and applications to the homogenization of differential equations"
[21.09.2007] (11:00) [TU MĂŒnchen] Holger Rauhut: "Compressed Sensing"
[03.08.2007] (14:00) [Oberwolfach (Math.Forschungsinstitut)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples for Classical Fourier Analysis"
[30.07.2007] (12:00) [Wavelet and Multiscale Methods, Oberwolfach] Holger Rauhut: "Identification of Sparse Matrices"
[17.07.2007] (16:00) [ICIAM07 Zurich] Holger Rauhut: "Algorithms for Inverse Problems with Joint Sparsity Constraints"
[11.07.2007] (16:00) [Sparse representations and high dimensional geometry, Snowbird, Utah] Holger Rauhut: "Identification of Matrices Having a Sparse Representation"
[29.06.2007] (10:00) [defensio] Ewa Matusiak: "Some aspects of Gabor analysis on elmentary locally compact Abelian groups"
[28.06.2007] (:) [Applied Inverse Problems, Vancouver] Holger Rauhut: "Algorithms for Inverse Problems with Joint Sparsity Constraints"
[27.06.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Vladimir Temlyakov: "On Lebesgue type inequalites in greedy approximation"
[22.06.2007] (14:00) [strobl07] Luigi Rodino: "Fourier integral operators and multidimensional wavelets"
[22.06.2007] (11:30) [strobl07] Abdumalik Rakhimov: "Localization of spectral expansions of distributions"
[22.06.2007] (11:00) [strobl07] Elena Cordero: "Strichartz Estimates in Wiener Amalgam Spaces for the Schrödinger Equation"
[22.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Henning Kempka: "Generalized 2-microlocal Spaces"
[22.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Piotr Wojdyllo: "Non-Separable Wilson Tight Frames for 2D"
[22.06.2007] (11:00) [strobl07] Patrik Wahlberg: "Weyl product algebras and modulation spaces"
[22.06.2007] (11:30) [strobl07] Agissilaos Athanassoulis: "Generalization of the Weyl-Moyal calculus and computational homogenization of wave propagation"
[22.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Maria Perel: "New exact integral representations of solutions of the wave equation based on continuous wavelet analysis"
[22.06.2007] (14:45) [strobl07] Thomas Strohmer: "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Banach Algebras in Numerical Analysis"
[22.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Ferenc Weisz: "Some summability results for Gabor series"
[22.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Norbert Kaiblinger: "Connecting discrete and continuous Gabor frames"
[22.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Ziemowit Rzeszotnik: "Banach algebras of pseudodifferential operators and their almost diagonalization"
[21.06.2007] (14:00) [strobl07] Loukas Grafakos: "Gabor Ridge Functions: theory and applications"
[21.06.2007] (15:45) [strobl07] Ataollah Askari Hemmat: "Fractal sets and their relation with wavelet sets"
[21.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Parasar Mohanty: "Extensions of Bilinear Multipliers"
[21.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Shobha Madan: "Structure of the spectrum and Fuglede's Conjecture for three intervals"
[21.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Smbat Gogyan: "Renormalized Haar system as quasi-greedy basis in $L^1(0,1)$"
[21.06.2007] (15:15) [strobl07] Ole Christensen: "Pairs of explicitly given Gabor frames"
[21.06.2007] (15:15) [strobl07] Martin Ehler: "N-term approximation by nonseparable wavelet bi-frames"
[21.06.2007] (15:45) [strobl07] Franz Luef: "The density theorem of Gabor analysis: an operator algebraic approach"
[21.06.2007] (16:15) [strobl07] Maurice de Gosson: "The Weyl Representation of Metaplectic Operators and the Conley-Zehnder Index"
[21.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Pawel Bechler: "Frames and n-term approximation"
[21.06.2007] (16:15) [strobl07] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Locally supported orthogonal wavelet bases on the sphere via stereographic projection"
[21.06.2007] (11:00) [strobl07] Roman Vershynin: "Uncertainty principles, frames and vector quantization"
[21.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Karin Schnass: "Average Performance Analysis for Thresholding"
[21.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Mohammad Ali Dehghan: "Biframe Duals and Reflexivity"
[20.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Alex Powell: "Signal estimation from noisy dense measurements."
[20.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Holger Rauhut: "Identification of matrices having a sparse representation"
[20.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Apostolos Vourdas: "Harmonic analysis on a Galois field"
[20.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Philippe Jaming: "Nazarov's uncertainty principle in higher dimension"
[20.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Goetz Pfander: "Sampling and sparsity: from vectors and functions to matrices and operators"
[20.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] W. R. Madych: "Harmonic Polysplines"
[20.06.2007] (11:00) [strobl07] Vladimir Temlyakov: "Convergence of Greedy Approximation for the Trigonometric System"
[19.06.2007] (17:20) [strobl07] Mihaela Dobrescu: "Circular and Hyperbolic Rotations and MRA Wavelets"
[19.06.2007] (16:50) [strobl07] Jeffrey Blanchard: "Minimally supported frequency composite dilation wavelets"
[19.06.2007] (16:20) [strobl07] Damir Bakic: "Orthonormal wavelets with general integer dilations"
[19.06.2007] (17:20) [strobl07] Brendan Farrell: "Inverse-Closedness of a Banach Algebra of Integral Operators on the Heisenberg Group"
[19.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Massimo Fornasier: "The theory of iterative thresholding algorithms and their acceleration methods"
[19.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Jared Tanner: "The surprising structure of Gaussian point clouds and its implications for signal processing"
[19.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Przemyslaw Wojtaszczyk: "Tresholding and compressed sensing"
[19.06.2007] (16:20) [strobl07] Richard Rochberg: "Discrete Models for Spaces of Holomorphic Functions"
[19.06.2007] (11:00) [strobl07] Albert Cohen: "Near optimal recovery of arbitrary signals from uncomplete measurements"
[19.06.2007] (14:00) [strobl07] Maarten V. De Hoop: "Dyadic parabolic decomposition, approximation of functions by wave packets, and evolution equations"
[19.06.2007] (16:50) [strobl07] Miroslav Englis: "Toeplitz operators and Segal-Bargmann analysis"
[19.06.2007] (10:00) [strobl07] Sofia Olhede: "The Hyperanalytic Wavelet Transform"
[19.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Andreas Klotz: "Approximation by Banded Matrices and Application to Wireless Communications"
[19.06.2007] (09:00) [strobl07] Dusanka Perisic: "Kernel Theorem for the space of generalized Gelfand-Shilov spaces"
[19.06.2007] (09:30) [strobl07] Yurii Lyubarski: "Vector-valued Gabor frames with Hermite functions"
[18.06.2007] (10:45) [strobl07] Peter Balazs: "Weighted and controlled frames"
[18.06.2007] (16:15) [strobl07] Victor Didenko: "Estimates of the spectral radius for refinement and subdivision operators"
[18.06.2007] (15:15) [strobl07] Richard S. Laugesen: "Affine synthesis onto Lebesgue and Hardy spaces"
[18.06.2007] (16:15) [strobl07] Milton Ferreira: "Spherical Continuous Wavelet Transforms arising from sections of the Lorentz group"
[18.06.2007] (09:15) [strobl07] Pete Casazza: "The Feichtinger Conjecture in Mathematics and Engineering"
[18.06.2007] (11:45) [strobl07] Stefan Kunis: "Efficient reconstruction of functions on the sphere from scattered data"
[18.06.2007] (11:45) [strobl07] Ilya Krishtal: "Slanted matrices, sampling, and Banach frames"
[18.06.2007] (15:15) [strobl07] Daryl Geller: "Nearly Tight Frames and Space-Frequency Analysis on Manifolds"
[18.06.2007] (14:00) [strobl07] Stephan Dahlke: "Shearlet Coorbit Spaces and Related Banach Frames"
[18.06.2007] (15:45) [strobl07] Hartmut Fuehr: "Painless Gabor expansions on homogeneous manifolds"
[18.06.2007] (10:45) [strobl07] Daniel Potts: "Fast Fourier transform at nonequispaced knots and applications"
[18.06.2007] (11:15) [strobl07] Daniela Rosca: "Spherical quadrature formulas with equally-spaced nodes on latitudinal circles"
[17.06.2007] (:) [poma] Dusanka Perisic: "Kernel theorem for the spaces of tempered ultradistibutions"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Swanhild Bernstein: "Application of spherical wavelets in texture analysis"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Sadek Gala: "Decomposition of distribution in BMO spaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Alexey Rozhdestvenskii: "On necessary conditions for Fourier multipliers"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Zouhair Mouayn: "Coherent state transforms and representation theory of Lie groups. Application to uniform magnetic field on two-dimensional surfaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Binod Prasad Dhakal: "Degree of approximation of a function belonging to Lipschitz class by [E,1][C,1] means of its Fourier series"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Khairia El-Said Abd El-Fattah El-Nadi: "On the stability of some stochastic integral equations"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Mahmoud Mohammed Mostafa El-Borai: "On a stochastic robust control"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Hamidreza Karimi: "Multisensor Image Fusion Using Redundant Wavelet Transform"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Diana Stoeva: "Frames for Frechet spaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Isaac Pesenson: "Plancherel-Polya inequalities on symmetric spaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Peter Soendergaard: "The Linear Time Frequency Analysis Toolbox, version 1.0"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Georg Zimmermann: "Polynomial Reproduction: The unstable case"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] david kalaj: "Quasiconformal harmonic maps"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Manuel L. Esquivel: "A characterization of random Asymptotic behavior of solutions of elliptic pseudodifftempered distributions having a mean"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Joachim Toft: "Fourier integral operators with symbols and derivatives of phase functions in modulation spaces."
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Anastasia Zakharova: "On the properties of generalized frames"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Jakob Lemvig: "The Canonical and Alternate Duals of a Wavelet Frame"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Zakiya Yamaldinova: "MODELING OF ONE METHOD OF KINOFORMS SYNTHESIS"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Michael Sone Ekonde: "FPGA-based lossless transmitter/receiver using the lifting scheme and the residue number system"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Rodolfo Torres: "Recent results about bilinear pseudodifferential operators"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Niklas Grip: "Deconvolution Based Analysis of Perturbed Integer Sampling in Shift-Invariant Spaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Peter Rashkov: "Uncertainty in time-frequency representations on finite abelian groups"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Shahaf Nitzan-Hahamov: "Sparse exponential systems: completeness with estimate"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Frederic Bernicot: "$L^p$ estimates for multi-linear operators, generalizing multilinear para-products"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Azita Mayeli: "Nearly Tight Wavelet Frames for Stratified Lie Groups"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Vladimir Vasilyev: "Asymptotic behavior of solutions of elliptic pseudodifferential equations near corner"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Salti Samarah: "Bernstein-type inequalities for modulation spaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Sofian Obeidat: "On a property of frames in A Hilbert space"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Anastasia Arkhipova: "Polynomischen Algorithmen in der Analyse der Investitionstrategien"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Bouchta Bouali: "A qualitative uncertainty principle for exponentiel solvable Lie groups."
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Pavel Rajmic: "The algorithm of Segmented wavelet transform"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Roza Aceska: "Functions of Variable Bandwidth"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Vitezslav Vesely: "Four-step Basis Pursuit with Applications"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Remi Gribonval: "Average performance analysis of multichannel greedy algorithms"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Damiana Lazzaro: "An Adaptive Thresholding Algorithm for 3D Images Denoising"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Igor Novikov: "Asymptotics of zeros of Bernstein polynomials used in the construction of Daubechies wavelets"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Serena Papi: "Feature Preserving Image Denoising using Inter-and-intrascale Dependencies of Wavelet Coefficients"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Zlatko Udovicic: "Determining the Threshold of Compression in the Wavelet Transform with Orthonormal Wavelets"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Radouan Daher: "Generalized Hardy's Theorem for Jacobi Transform"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Sandra Saliani: "On Stable Refinable Function Vectors with Arbitrary Support"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Dominik Bayer: "Time-Frequency Localization Operators and the Berezin Transform"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Maja Taskovic: "A structural theorem for generalized Gelfand-Shilov spaces, quasianalytic and nonquasianalytic case"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Sampling Spaces"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Hammad Qureshi: "Comparative Analysis of Discriminant Wavelet Packet Features and"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Damian Marelli: "A Continuous-Time System Identification Method for Slowly Sampled Data"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Markus Neuhauser: "The metaplectic representation for finite cyclic groups"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Anna Grybos: "Weighted Gabor Frames"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Ioan Goletz: "On almost periodic random signals"
[17.06.2007] (:) [strobl07] Sunggeum Hong: "Weak type estimates for cone type mutipliers associated with convex polygons"
[13.06.2007] (09:00) [Time-Frequency workshop] Peter Soendergaard: "The Linear Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox"
[11.06.2007] (12:00) [EUCETIFA] Pete Casazza: "The Cocktail Party Problem"
[07.06.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener's third Tauberian Theorem (a short survey)"
[06.06.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Dominik Bayer: "Complex and real interpolation: Applications and Examples"
[02.06.2007] (30:) [SampTA07] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Localized Frames via Coorbit Theory"
[23.05.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Katharina Brazda: "Normal Modes and the Spectral Theory of the Earth (continued)"
[21.05.2007] (:) [EUCETIFA] Holger Rauhut: "Inverse Problems with Sparsity Constraints"
[16.05.2007] (11:00) [IK-Fei] Thomas Strohmer: "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Banach Algebras in Numerical Analysis"
[16.05.2007] (15:45) [] Guenter Schlichting: "Neutral subgroups and bounded representations of locally compact groups"
[09.05.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Katharina Brazda: "A First Approach to Normal Modes and Spectral Theory of the Earth"
[05.05.2007] (15:00) [AES Vienna 2007] DamiĂĄn Marelli: "A Zero-Pole Vocal Track Model Estimation Method Accurately Reproducing Spectral Zeros"
[05.05.2007] (16:00) [AES Vienna 2007] Piotr Majdak: "Multiple Exponential Sweep Method for Fast Measurement of Head Related Transfer Functions"
[02.05.2007] (16:15) [TU Seminar, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 3. Stock, Seminarraum101B] Simone Wehling: "Minisymposium - Modelle in der Neurowissenschaft"
[30.04.2007] (11:00) [Courant Institute, New York University] Holger Rauhut: "Sparse Recovery"
[27.04.2007] (14:00) [FNRS Contact Group] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener Amalgams for Gabor Analysis"
[26.04.2007] (17:10) [Austrian Numerics Day TU 2007] Peter Balazs: "Double preconditioning for Gabor Frames"
[25.04.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Michael Oberguggenberger: "Multiplication of distributions"
[24.04.2007] (14:35) [Jacobs University Bremen] Franz Luef: "Operator algebras in time-frequency analysis and Gabor analysis"
[23.04.2007] (17:30) [University of Bonn] Holger Rauhut: "Sparse Recovery"
[19.04.2007] (13:00) [] Ignace Loris: "L1-norm regularization, sparsity and wavelets applied to inverse problems in seismology"
[18.04.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Guenther Hoermann: "Fundamental kernels, Green's 'functions', and Resolvents"
[18.04.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Guenther Hoermann: "What IK fellows want/need to know! (questions and answers by the team)"
[16.04.2007] (15:30) [] Dr. Monika Doerfler, Ao. Prof. Dr. Maria Hoffmann-Ostenhof und Mag. EvaHolleschek: "Berufsbilder nach dem Studium - Drei Mathematikerinnen im GesprÀch"
[16.04.2007] (09:15) [] Peter Soendergaard: "The Linear TF-Toolbox: Concept and Gabor related Appications"
[11.04.2007] (13:00) [eu-net] Hans G. Feichtinger: "EU-network preparation"
[08.04.2007] (13:25) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] VLmexOonRRuCQcsrS pEpvnqBhRGryY: "EPGUhgHo"
[02.04.2007] (14:00) [EUCETIFA] Demetrio Labate: "Optimally sparse representations using shearlets. Theory and applications."
[25.03.2007] (11:40) [Wavelet Conference (Tokyo)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Modulation Spaces and Gabor Analysis"
[24.03.2007] (13:30) [Wavelet Conference (Tokyo)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples for Harmonic Analysis"
[24.03.2007] (13:30) [Tokyo Woman's Christian University] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Banach Gelfand Triples for Harmonic Analysis"
[21.03.2007] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Wilhelm Schlag: "Blowup phenomena for energy critical nonlinear wave equations"
[21.03.2007] (14:45) [Habil. Koll.] Norbert Kaiblinger: "Gabor frames and shift-invariance"
[20.03.2007] (14:15) [Jacocs University Bremen] Holger Rauhut: "Sparse representations and sparse recovery"
[14.03.2007] (15:45) [Mathematisches Kolloquium (C209)] Michael Oberguggenberger: "Regularitaetstheorie fĂŒr semilineare hyperbolische Systeme"
[12.03.2007] (09:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On the USE of MATLAB at NuHAG (basics, toolboxes, organization)"
[12.03.2007] (15:00) [] Wolfgang Mayer: "Mathematical Databases at UniVie: How to make best use of them!"
[07.03.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Semiregular Gabor families and double preconditioning"
[01.03.2007] (:) [Bressanone/Mathematical Methods in Quantum Mechanics] Franz Luef: "A symplectic geometry approach to Hardy's uncertainty principle"
[22.02.2007] (11:30) [] Ole Christensen: "Explicit given pairs of dual Gabor frames"
[21.02.2007] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Wenchang Sun: "Local Sampling Theorems for Spaces Generated by Splines with Arbitrary Knots"
[13.02.2007] (10:30) [NuHAG seminar] Jose Luis Romero: "Perturbation of sampling sets in irregular spline-type spaces"
[07.02.2007] (16:15) [gsf MĂŒnchen] Holger Rauhut: "Topics in compressed sensing"
[31.01.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] IK-Team:: "Where does everybody stand, what do we plan?"
[24.01.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Karlheinz Groechenig: "The Zak transform and Floquet theory"
[22.01.2007] (16:15) [TU Seminar, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 5. Stock, Zi. 104] Franz Schuster: "Geometrische Tomographie und Harmonische Analysis"
[18.01.2007] (14:00) [MOHAWI] Karlheinz Groechenig: "WWTF visit to MOHAWI PROJECT"
[17.01.2007] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Generalized stochastic processes and distribution theory"
[17.01.2007] (16:00) [Salzburg] Annette Schocher: "Geogebra: A mathematical software package (Salzburg)"
[16.01.2007] (19:00) [Univ.Vienna (kl.Festsaal)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Experiences of a successfull EU-project leader (HGFei)"
[15.01.2007] (10:10) [IK-seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Interpolation in Spline-type Spaces"
[10.01.2007] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Function space theory: from Lipschitz Spaces to Shubin Classes"
[09.01.2007] (09:15) [ESI course] Miroslav Englis: "Analysis on Complex Symmetric Spaces"
[13.12.2006] (11:15) [ESI-Nov06] Gerd Teschke: "Iterative concepts for inverse ill-posed problems"
[13.12.2006] (12:00) [ESI-Nov06] Stephan Dahlke: "Optimal Approximation of Elliptic Problems by Linear and Nonlinear Mappings: Frames"
[12.12.2006] (14:00) [ESI-Nov06] Bruno Torresani: "Sparse signal expansions, transform domain modeling and structured decompositions"
[11.12.2006] (10:15) [EUCETIFA] Hans G. Feichtinger: "VORLESUNG FEICHTINGER:"
[06.12.2006] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Anna Grybos: "Weighted Gabor Frames (progress report on PhD thesis)"
[01.12.2006] (:) [Banff, International Research Station] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Inverse-closed Banach algebras and some applications"
[01.12.2006] (:) [Fields Institute, Toronto] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Time-frequency analysis: from wireless communication to abstract harmonic analysis"
[30.11.2006] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Functions of variable bandwidth"
[27.11.2006] (16:15) [TU Seminar, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10, 5. Stock, Zi. 104] Christoph Überhuber: "Scientific Computing: Aktuelle Entwicklungen"
[27.11.2006] (10:10) [] Monika Doerfler: "Representation and approximation of operators in the TF-domain, "
[27.11.2006] (16:00) [Institut f. Schallforschung, Reichsratsstr. 17/1.Stock/rechts, A-1010 Wien, SE-Raum] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Wavelet analysis, from the line to the two-sphere"
[22.11.2006] (11:15) [ESI-Nov06] Pierre Vandergheynst: "Modeling multimodal signals with redundant dictionaries. Application to audio-visual data"
[22.11.2006] (12:00) [ESI-Nov06] Yurii Lyubarskii: "Uncertainty Principles and Vector Quantization"
[22.11.2006] (10:30) [ESI-Nov06] Remi Gribonval: "Some thoughts on source separation, compressed sensing and sparsity"
[21.11.2006] (13:15) [ESI-Nov06] Holger Rauhut: "Topics in compressed sensing"
[21.11.2006] (14:00) [ESI-Nov06] Nenad Teofanov: "Quasianalytic classes, ultradistributions and localization operators"
[21.11.2006] (15:00) [ESI-Nov06] Jeffrey Andrew Hogan: "BMO, boundedness of affine operators, and frames"
[20.11.2006] (11:15) [ESI-Nov06] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Partial inner product spaces"
[13.11.2006] (16:15) [Wissenswerters in der Mathematik (TU)] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Von der NachrichtenĂŒbertragung zur abstrakten harmonischen Analyse"
[08.11.2006] (11:15) [NuHAG seminar] Peter Soendergaard: "The Linear TF-Toolbox: features and open problems"
[03.11.2006] (11:00) [ESI-Nov06] Ruskai Mary Beth: "Issues in adiabatic quantum computation"
[01.11.2006] (:) [University of British Columbia, Vancouver] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Time-frequency analysis: from wirelss communication to abstract harmonic analysis"
[25.10.2006] (16:00) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Maurice de Gosson: "Density Operators and the Uncertainty Principle"
[25.10.2006] (10:15) [NuHAG seminar] Groechenig, Hoermann: "DIANA meets NuHAG (continued)"
[20.10.2006] (14:45) [TU Seminar, Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Von der Linearen Algebra zur Zeit-Frequenzanalyse"
[19.10.2006] (15:15) [] Feichtinger (and Schwab): "Internal NuHAG meeting"
[18.10.2006] (11:15) [IK-Fei] K. Groechenig and G.Hoermann: "DIANA meets NuHAG"
[11.10.2006] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Karin Schnass: "Preconditioning for Redundant Dictionaries"
[04.10.2006] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Hans G. Feichtinger: "IK startup seminar"
[02.10.2006] (11:15) [IK-Fei] Hans G. Feichtinger: "STARTUP meeting for IK TFA-MA (Feichtinger)"
[25.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Hans G. Feichtinger: "On the use of Banach Gelfand Tripels"
[21.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Feichtinger, Grybos: "MATLAB at NuHAG: The linear time-frequency analysis toolbox"
[20.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Feichtinger, Hampejs: "MATLAB at NuHAG: Numerical Gabor Analysis (basic features)"
[18.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Wiener Amalgam spaces and their applications"
[14.09.2006] (15:00) [Noncommutative Geometry / Isaac Newton Institute Cambridge] Franz Luef: "From signal analysis and coherent states to the construction of projective modules over non-commutative tori"
[12.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Andreas Klotz: "MATLAB at NuHAG (how to get started!)"
[12.09.2006] (10:30) [Hassip 06] Pawel Bechler: "Wavelet approximation of distributions with BV derivatives"
[07.09.2006] (14:15) [sept06-intro] Zlatko Udovicic: "On the threshold of compression in wavelet transform with Haar's coefficients"
[07.09.2006] (14:45) [sept06-intro] Bechler Pawel: "Inequivalence of wavelet systems in $L_1(R^d)$ and $BV(R^d)$"
[05.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Mathematical topics studied at NuHAG"
[04.09.2006] (14:00) [sept06-intro] Grybos, Anna; Schwab, Harald: "Basic Orientation"
[04.07.2006] (11:00) [NuHAG seminar] Samuel Matej: "Fully 3D PET reconstruction - interpolation issues"
[21.06.2006] (09:30) [CIME 2006] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Multipliers (I - IV)"
[21.06.2006] (11:00) [RICAM Linz] Holger Rauhut: "Random Sampling of Sparse Trigonometric Polynomials"
[20.06.2006] (:) [CIME 2006] Franz Luef: "Wiener amalgam spaces for the Fundamental Identity of Gabor analysis"
[14.06.2006] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Franz Luef: "On the construction of projective modules over twisted group C*- algebras"
[07.06.2006] (16:00) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Wieners Lemma: Thema und Variationen"
[06.06.2006] (14:15) [Technical University of Chemnitz, Faculty of Mathematics] Holger Rauhut: "Random Sampling of Sparse Trigonometric Polynomials"
[26.05.2006] (:) [Convegno Nazionale di Analisi Armonica, Cortona 2006] Wojciech Czaja: "Beurling dimension and wave packets of Cordoba and Fefferman"
[23.05.2006] (:) [Zagreb] Wojciech Czaja: "Recent developments in the Balian-Low theorem"
[21.05.2006] (:) [esi05] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Spline-type Spaces in Gabor Analysis"
[21.05.2006] (:) [esi05] Alex Powell: "Sigma-Delta quantizers for finite frames: error estimates and stability."
[21.05.2006] (:) [esi05] Rosa Maria Figueras i Ventura: "Sparse Image Approximation with application to flexible image coding"
[18.05.2006] (:) [Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa] Wojciech Czaja: "Beurling dimension and wave packets of Cordoba and Fefferman"
[04.05.2006] (14:10) [] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Segal algebras and the ideal theorem"
[03.05.2006] (16:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium (C209)] Wojciech Czaja: "Beurling dimension and wave packets of Cordoba and Fefferman"
[07.04.2006] (10:00) [] Hans (resp. Harald) Feichtinger (and Schwab): "NuHAG database course I"
[28.03.2006] (:) [esi05] Joe Lakey: "Estimates for Walsh functions"
[28.03.2006] (:) [esi05] Y.Y. Zeevi: "HASSIP meeting only"
[21.03.2006] (16:15) [] Ewa Damek: "Invariant measures for random recursions"
[15.03.2006] (14:00) [Harmonic Analysis and Related Problems, Zakopane] Sadek Gala: "Multipliers spaces, Muckenhoupt weights and pseudo-differential operators"
[11.03.2006] (10:15) [poma] Dimitris Scarpalezos: "Analytic generalized functions"
[11.03.2006] (11:15) [poma] Roland Steinbauer: "Some topics in kinetic equations II"
[11.03.2006] (12:15) [poma] Diana Stoeva: "Frames for Frechet spaces"
[10.03.2006] (13:30) [poma] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The usefulness of certain Banach Gelfand Triples"
[09.03.2006] (10:15) [poma] Joachim Toft: "Modulation spaces, pseudo-differential operators and non-stationary filters II"
[09.03.2006] (11:15) [poma] Ole Christensen: "A survey on frame theory II"
[09.03.2006] (12:30) [poma] Roland Steinbauer: "Some topics in kinetic equations I"
[09.03.2006] (15:15) [poma] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Beyond modulation spaces (Alpha-modulation spaces and general decomposition spaces)"
[09.03.2006] (16:30) [poma] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Weight functions in time-frequency analysis"
[09.03.2006] (17:30) [poma] Michael Lamoureux: "Pseudodiffeential operators and seismic imaging"
[08.03.2006] (10:15) [poma] Joachim Toft: "Modulation spaces, pseudo-differential operators and non-stationary filters I"
[08.03.2006] (11:15) [poma] Ole Christensen: "A survey on frame theory I"
[08.03.2006] (12:30) [poma] Todor Gramchev: "Shubin type pseudodifferential operators"
[08.03.2006] (15:15) [poma] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Fourier Analysis based on Gelfand Triples and Modulation Spaces"
[08.03.2006] (16:15) [poma] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Time-frequency analysis: from wireless communications to abstract harmonic analysis"
[07.03.2006] (10:15) [poma] Stevan Pilipovic: "A survey on ultradistributions"
[07.03.2006] (16:15) [poma] Todor Gramchev: "SG-pseudodifferential operators"
[06.03.2006] (12:15) [poma] Patrik Wahlberg: "The Wigner distribution of second order generalized stochastic processes"
[06.02.2006] (13:30) [RICAM Linz] Massimo Fornasier: "Variational calculus, wavelets, and image processing"
[29.01.2006] (11:30) [bremen06] Franz Luef: "Gabor analysis over finite Abelian groups"
[24.01.2006] (:) [bremen06] Hans G. Feichtinger: "WIENER AMALGAMS and GABOR ANALYSIS"
[16.01.2006] (16:30) [ISDS-Kolloquiums] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Random sampling of trigonometric polynomials"
[16.01.2006] (:) [Harmonic Analysis and Related Problems, Zakopane] Wojciech Czaja: "Beurling dimension and wave packets of Cordoba and Fefferman"
[30.11.2005] (14:00) [defensio] Kim Johann: "Defensio: Mathematical Skull Modeling"
[17.11.2005] (15:00) [BerufungsvortrÀge] Thomas Strohmer: "Pseudodifferentialoperatoren, Banachalgebren und Mobilkommunikation"
[15.11.2005] (:) [MOHAWI] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Presentation: MOHAWI"
[14.11.2005] (15:00) [EUCETIFA] Holger Rauhut: "Uniform Uncertainty Principle for the Fourier bases"
[11.11.2005] (12:00) [BerufungsvortrÀge] Yuval Flicker: "Zahlentheoretische Anwendungen der harmonischen Analysis"
[10.11.2005] (:) [NuHAG seminar] Anna Grybos: "Application of Optimization Method to Transmultiplexer Design"
[09.11.2005] (10:00) [NuHAG presentation] Harald Schwab: "NuHAG - Databases :: training course"
[04.11.2005] (13:30) [MOHAWI] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Fastdiagonalisierung von zeitvarianten Systemen"
[27.10.2005] (15:00) [BerufungsvortrÀge] Bernhard Krötz: "Holomorphe Aspekte der harmonischen Analysis auf Riemannschen symmetrischen RÀumen"
[27.10.2005] (16:15) [BerufungsvortrĂ€ge] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Zeit-Frequenz-Analyse: von der InformationsĂŒbertragung zur abstrakten harmonischen Analyse"
[29.09.2005] (10:20) [birs05] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Mapping properties of localization operators"
[29.09.2005] (09:40) [birs05] Michael Lamoureux: "The Rotation Algebra in Time-Frequency Analysis"
[29.09.2005] (09:30) [birs05] Chris Stolk: "Combining finite elements and geometric wave propagation in 1-D"
[28.09.2005] (13:30) [birs05] Gary Margrave: "A stable, explicit nonstationary filter for wavefield extrapolation"
[28.09.2005] (09:00) [birs05] Joachim Toft: "Schatten properties for pseudo-differential operators and localization operators on modulation spaces of Hilbert type"
[28.09.2005] (15:40) [birs05] Maarten de Hoop: "Analysis of `wave-equation' imaging of reflection seismic data with curvelets"
[28.09.2005] (16:20) [birs05] Felix Herrmann: "Non-linear seismic data regularization and separation with directional curvelet frames"
[28.09.2005] (11:00) [birs05] Christopher Heil: "The Homogeneous Approximation Property for Wavelet Frames"
[28.09.2005] (14:10) [birs05] Lou Fishman: "Phase Space and Path Integral Methods in Seismic Wave Propagation Modeling and Imaging"
[28.09.2005] (09:40) [birs05] Alessandro Oliaro: "Continuity of localization operators in L^p spaces"
[28.09.2005] (17:00) [birs05] Peter Gibson: "Gabor deconvolution of one-dimensional seismic data"
[27.09.2005] (09:00) [birs05] Bernhard Bodmann: "Frame paths and error bounds for sigma-delta quantization"
[27.09.2005] (10:20) [birs05] Gitta Kutyniok: "Shearlets: Sparse Directional Representations of Images within a Multiresolution Analysis Structure"
[27.09.2005] (11:00) [birs05] Kasso Okoudjou: "On some Fourier multipliers for modulation spaces"
[27.09.2005] (09:40) [birs05] David Larson: "Frames and Operator Theory"
[26.09.2005] (09:00) [birs05] Palle Jorgensen: "Computation of wavelet coefficients in generalized multiresolution systems"
[26.09.2005] (16:30) [birs05] Ross Mitchell: "Time/Frequency Applications in Medical Imaging"
[26.09.2005] (14:10) [birs05] Sacchi Mauricio: "On the Regularization of the Local Radon Transform - Applications to Seismic Coherent Noise Atenuation"
[26.09.2005] (09:40) [birs05] Syed T. Ali: "A Suggestion for a Vectorial Gabor Transform"
[26.09.2005] (15:45) [birs05] Franz Hlawatsch: "Linear Methods for Time-Frequency Filtering [joint work with Gerald Matz]"
[26.09.2005] (13:30) [birs05] Massimo Fornasier: "Frame adaptive methods for signal processing and operator equations"
[26.09.2005] (10:50) [birs05] Zuowei Shen: "Deconvolution: A wavelet frame approach."
[25.09.2005] (16:00) [birs05] Peter Balazs: "Gabor Multipliers with Application to Psychoacoustics"
[25.09.2005] (09:00) [birs05] Pete Casazza: "Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Engineering: A common thread"
[25.09.2005] (16:40) [birs05] Bruno Torresani: "Identifying sparse hybrid time-frequency models"
[25.09.2005] (10:50) [birs05] John Klauder: "Signal Transmission in Passive Media"
[25.09.2005] (13:45) [birs05] Hans G. Feichtinger: "What do we know about Gabor multipliers?"
[25.09.2005] (09:40) [birs05] Thomas Strohmer: "Capacity of time-varying channels and pseudodifferential operators"
[25.09.2005] (14:30) [birs05] Goetz Pfander: "Sampling of operators and channel measurements"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Timofey Rodionov: "Tight frames of Cauchy exponents"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Goetz Pfander: "unclear whether he can come"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Salti Samarah: "Local Fourier Bases and Modulation Spaces"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Anastasia Zakharova: "Frames and Riesz bases: their generalization"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Werner Ehm: "On detection of frequency-dependent phase synchronization in noisy signals"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Peter Soendergaard: "The Linear Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Zakiya Yamaldinova: "MODELING OF ONE METHOD OF KINOFORMS SYNTHESIS"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Roberto Vio: "Time-Fequency analysis in astronomical time series modelling"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Peter Balazs: "Regular And Irregular Gabor Multipliers With Application To Psychoacoustic Masking"
[23.09.2005] (:) [strobl05] Ewa Matusiak: "Uncertainy Principles for Finite Abelian Group"
[21.09.2005] (:) [birs05] John Benedetto: "On the Wiener-Wintner theorem"
[06.07.2005] (15:30) [esi05] Ursula Molter: "Riesz wavelets are dense in L2(Rd)"
[06.07.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Yang Wang: "Finite Frames and Bennett's White Noise Hypothesis"
[06.07.2005] (14:30) [esi05] Monika Doerfler: "Representation of Operators by twisted convolution and links to Gabor Multipliers"
[06.07.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Peter Balazs: "Double Preconditioning for Gabor Frames"
[06.07.2005] (:) [SampTA05 (Samsun)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Locality of irregular Gabor families"
[05.07.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Jacek Turski: "Harmonic Analysis on SL(2,C) with Applications in Cognitive Vision Systems"
[05.07.2005] (14:30) [esi05] A.J.E.M. Janssen: "Iterative Computation of Gabor Windows"
[05.07.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Zuowei Shen: "Wavelet frames and image processing"
[05.07.2005] (16:00) [esi05] Darian Onchis: "From multiresolutions to an efficient parallel wavelet transform algorithm"
[04.07.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Michael Orrison: "Decimation-in-frequency Fast Fourier Transforms for Finite Groups"
[04.07.2005] (16:15) [esi05] Thomas Strohmer: "Information theory for the 21st century - an attempt (TO BE CONFIRMED)"
[04.07.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Dan Rockmore: "FFTs on rotation groups - recent results"
[04.07.2005] (14:30) [esi05] Peter Soendergaard: "The Linear Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox"
[04.07.2005] (15:15) [esi05] Stefan Kunis: "Nonuniform FFT on the 2-Sphere"
[29.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Peter Wood: "Hilbert C*-modules and Wavelets"
[27.06.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Robert Calderbank: "Sparse representations and learning in groups"
[27.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Ingrid Daubechies: "TBA"
[21.06.2005] (:) [Functional Analysis IX/Dubrovnik] Franz Luef: "Hilbert $C^*$-modules in Gabor Analysis"
[20.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Ozgur Yilmaz: "Beta encoders for robust analog-to-digital conversion"
[20.06.2005] (11:00) [esi05] Kasso Okoudjou: "Weak uncertainty principles on fractals and fractal graphs."
[17.06.2005] (10:30) [NuHAG seminar] Peter Balazs: "Regular And Irregular Gabor Multipliers With Application To Psychoacoustic Masking"
[16.06.2005] (13:30) [esi05] Philippe Jost: "Tree-Based Pursuit: Algorithm and Properties"
[15.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Luigi Rodino: "Symbolic calculus for Wick operators"
[15.06.2005] (11:00) [esi05] W. Madych: "An estimate for multivariate interpolation and irregular Poisson summation"
[13.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Darrin Speegle: "The Feichtinger conjecture for wavelet frames, Gabor frames and frames of translates"
[13.06.2005] (11:00) [esi05] Pierre Vandergheynst: "Frames of conformal wavelets on the sphere with applications"
[10.06.2005] (11:15) [esi05] Carlos Cabrelli: "The set of wavelet frames"
[10.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Morten Nielsen: "Stable decompositions of $\alpha$-modulation spaces"
[10.06.2005] (15:15) [esi05] Kazuya Tachizawa: "An application of Frazier-Jawerth's phi-transform to the Sobolev-Lieb-Thirring inequalities"
[10.06.2005] (14:00) [esi05] Ole Christensen: "Riesz sequences of translates and their generalized duals"
[09.06.2005] (12:20) [esi05] Eugene Livshitz: "Greedy Approximation with bounded depth of search"
[09.06.2005] (16:30) [esi05] Przemyslaw Wojtaszczyk: "Greediness of wavelet bases in rearrangement invariant spaces"
[09.06.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Vladimir Temlyakov: "Simultaneous greedy approximation in Banach spaces"
[09.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Remi Gribonval: "Checking a posteriori the optimality of a sparse or structured approximation"
[09.06.2005] (11:20) [esi05] Joel Tropp: "Signal Recovery from Random Measurements via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit"
[08.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Qui Bui: "Approximation and spanning in the Hardy space $H^1$"
[08.06.2005] (11:15) [esi05] Peter Oswald: "Quarkonial frames and applications"
[08.06.2005] (12:15) [esi05] Guergana Petrova: "Greedy wavelet projections and the space BV"
[08.06.2005] (16:30) [esi05] Lasse Borup: "A new boundedness result for pseudo-differential operators with exotic symbols"
[08.06.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Ron DeVore: "Anisotropic spaces via level sets"
[08.06.2005] (:) [GPOTS 2005/ University of Central Florida] Franz Luef: "Operator algebras in Gabor analysis"
[07.06.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Massimo Fornasier: "Frames, greedy algorithms, and solution of operator equations: theoretical foundations and applications"
[07.06.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Jared Tanner: "Sparse Nonnegative Solutions of Underdetermined Linear Equations by Linear Programming"
[07.06.2005] (12:30) [esi05] Pawel Bechler: "Nonlinear wavelet approximation in BV-related spaces"
[07.06.2005] (16:20) [esi05] Rob Stevenson: "Optimal adaptive wavelet and finite element methods without coarsening"
[07.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Albert Cohen: "Wavelets and the space BV : some open problems"
[07.06.2005] (:) [NuHAG presentation] Holger Rauhut: "Continuous Frames and Sampling"
[06.06.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Philippe Jaming: "Discrete radar ambiguity problems"
[06.06.2005] (16:15) [esi05] Peter Maass: "An application of control theory to medical image processing"
[06.06.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Alex Powell: "Sigma-Delta quantizers for finite frames: error estimates and stability."
[06.06.2005] (12:30) [esi05] Shidong Li: "Optimal Noise Suppression: A nonorthogonal geometric nature of pseudoframes for subspaces"
[06.06.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Wolfgang Dahmen: "Learning and sparse grids"
[27.05.2005] (11:45) [strobl05] Ole Christensen: "Riesz sequences of translates and their generalized duals"
[27.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Ilya Krishtal: "Robustness of sampling and reconstruction in shift invariant spaces."
[27.05.2005] (09:00) [strobl05] Guido Weiss: "Wavelets With Composite Dilations"
[27.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Jeffrey Hogan: "Frame-based nonuniform sampling in Paley-Wiener spaces"
[27.05.2005] (14:00) [strobl05] Victor Wickerhauser: "Processing weak biosignals"
[27.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Sigrid Bettina Heineken: "Local bases for refinable shift invariant spaces"
[27.05.2005] (15:00) [strobl05] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Gabor Analysis: All questions answered?"
[27.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Hrvoje Sikic: "Structure of the set of dyadic Parseval Frame Wavelets"
[27.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Damir Bakic: "A description of GMRA Parseval frame wavelets"
[27.05.2005] (11:45) [strobl05] Wenchang Sun: "Two Banach Spaces of Atoms for Wavelet Frame Expansions"
[27.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Martin Ehler: "Compactly supported multivariate wavelet frames obtained by convolution"
[26.05.2005] (10:10) [strobl05] Radu Balan: "Estimation of Sparse Signals in Time-Frequency Domain"
[26.05.2005] (10:50) [strobl05] Patrick Flandrin: "Virtues and vices of Empirical Mode Decompositions"
[26.05.2005] (09:30) [strobl05] Carlos Cabrelli: "Determining the Right Model From the Data"
[25.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Pete Casazza: "Speech recognition and signal reconstruction"
[25.05.2005] (11:45) [strobl05] Michael Jachan: "Linear Methods for Time-Frequency-ARMA Approximation of Time-Varying Systems"
[25.05.2005] (09:00) [strobl05] Thomas Strohmer: "[CANCELLED!!] Numerical analysis of pseudodifferential operators"
[25.05.2005] (17:10) [strobl05] Victor G. Zakharov: "Compactly supported wavelets adapted to sum of differential operators"
[25.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Shidong Li: "A nonorthogonal approach through pseudoframes for subspaces and applications"
[25.05.2005] (16:00) [strobl05] Maria Perel: "[CANCELLED!!] Wavelet-based representation of the solution of the initial-boundary value problem for the wave equation"
[25.05.2005] (16:00) [strobl05] Ferenc Weisz: "Feichtinger's algebra and summability of Fourier series"
[25.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Stefan Kunis: "Iterative Fourier Reconstruction"
[25.05.2005] (16:35) [strobl05] Piotr Wojdyllo: "Direct Integral Techniques for Gabor Frame Problems"
[25.05.2005] (14:00) [strobl05] Anita Tabacco: "Anisotropic wavelets and applications to convection-diffusion problems"
[25.05.2005] (17:10) [strobl05] Oleg Trofimov: "About Fourier transform of one class of distributions (generalized functions) with power singularity"
[25.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Joe Lakey: "Estimates for Discrete Walsh Expansions"
[25.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Sofian Obeidat: "perturbation of p-frames"
[25.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Jared Tanner: "Sparse Nonnegative Solutions of Underdetermined Linear Equations by Linear Programming"
[25.05.2005] (16:35) [strobl05] Emmanuel Awunyo: "Frames, greedy algorithms, and operator equations"
[24.05.2005] (09:00) [strobl05] John Klauder: "Signal Transmission in Passive Media"
[24.05.2005] (14:00) [strobl05] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "Wavelets and wavelet frames on the 2-sphere"
[24.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Holger Rauhut: "Radial Time-Frequency Analysis and Embeddings of Radial Modulation Spaces"
[24.05.2005] (11:45) [strobl05] Apostolos Vourdas: "Phase space methods for systems with finite Hilbert space"
[24.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Patrik Wahlberg: "STFT and Gabor theory for vector-valued functions with application to stochastic processes"
[24.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Sandra Saliani: "On stability of refinable functions"
[24.05.2005] (15:00) [strobl05] Stephan Dahlke: "Weighted Coorbit Spaces and Banach Frames on Homogeneous Spaces I: Frame Constructions on Manifolds"
[24.05.2005] (15:35) [strobl05] Gerd Teschke: "Coorbit spaces and Banach frames on homogeneous spaces II: mixed smoothness spaces"
[24.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Yevgeniy Galperin: "Compact Embeddings into Modulation Spaces and Entropy Numbers"
[24.05.2005] (16:30) [strobl05] Elena Cordero: "Analytic features of reproducing groups for the metaplectic representation"
[24.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Christina Lemke: "Wavelet-based target detection in non-stationary radar signals"
[24.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Darian Onchis: "Multisignal parallel wavelet transform for the investigation of car crash data"
[24.05.2005] (17:05) [strobl05] Markus Neuhauser: "Explicit construction of the metaplectic representation for finite cyclic groups"
[24.05.2005] (11:45) [strobl05] Miroslav Andrle: "Cardinal spline wavelet dictionaries and sparse representation"
[23.05.2005] (10:00) [strobl05] Franz Luef: "On links between Gabor Analysis and Noncommutative Geometry"
[23.05.2005] (16:30) [strobl05] Richard S. Laugesen: "Discretized Approximate Identities in Lebesgue and Sobolev spaces"
[23.05.2005] (15:00) [strobl05] Igor Novikov: "Biorthogonal compactly supported wavelets"
[23.05.2005] (17:05) [strobl05] Georg Zimmermann: "Moebius-wavelets on the unit circle: problems with discretization"
[23.05.2005] (11:45) [strobl05] Nenad Teofanov: "Time-Frequency representations, part II: operators"
[23.05.2005] (10:35) [strobl05] Jean-Pierre Gabardo: "Density of Gabor systems in L^2(S), Ssubset R"
[23.05.2005] (09:00) [strobl05] John Benedetto: "Finite frames and quantum detection"
[23.05.2005] (16:30) [strobl05] Fumiko Futamura: "On Localized Frames"
[23.05.2005] (15:35) [strobl05] Mark Lammers: "Alternate Duals For Sigma Delta Quantization"
[23.05.2005] (11:10) [strobl05] Alex Powell: "Time-frequency mean and variance sequences of orthonormal bases."
[23.05.2005] (15:00) [strobl05] Wojciech Czaja: "Beurling dimension and wave packets"
[23.05.2005] (14:00) [strobl05] Ursula Molter: "Riesz basis wavelets in L2(R^d)"
[23.05.2005] (17:05) [strobl05] Konstantin Runovski: "On the method of approximation by families operators: generalized sampling series in Lp-metrics and other applications. (Joint work with Z. Burinska and H.-J. Schmeisser)"
[23.05.2005] (15:35) [strobl05] Marie Wild: "Characterizing Discrete-Time Besov Spaces"
[12.05.2005] (13:15) [NuHAG seminar] Hans G. Feichtinger: "The usefulness of the Gelfand-Triple (S0,L2,SO')"
[06.05.2005] (11:20) [esi05] S.Twarequ Ali: "On the discrete spectra of some Berezin-Toeplitz and localization operators"
[06.05.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Radu Balan: "A Noncommutative Wiener Algebra of Time-Frequency Shifts"
[06.05.2005] (14:00) [esi05] Nenad Teofanov: "Time-Frequency representations, part I: spaces"
[06.05.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Isaac Pesenson: "Samping theorems on quantum graphs (CANCELLED)"
[06.05.2005] (:) [strobl05] Carlos Guerrero Mosquera: "Time-Frequency in detection and prediction of Seizures epileptics"
[04.05.2005] (16:15) [esi05] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Almost diagonalization of operators by frames and pseudodifferential operators"
[04.05.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Franz Hlawatsch: "Time-Frequency Characterization of Random Time-Varying Communication Channels (joint with Gerald Matz)"
[04.05.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Michael Lamoureux: "Wavefield extrapolation via Gabor multipliers"
[04.05.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Kasso Okoudjou: "On some Fourier multipliers for modulation spaces"
[03.05.2005] (16:30) [esi05] Arpad Benyi: "Modulation space estimates for bilinear pseudodifferential operators"
[03.05.2005] (12:30) [esi05] Niklas Grip: "Spreading function discretization for high accuracy efficient simulation of communications channels"
[03.05.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Gary Margrave: "Gabor Deconvolution: Practical experience inverting a pseudodifferential operator with a Gabor multiplier"
[03.05.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Goetz Pfander: "Identification of pseudodifferential operators in communications"
[03.05.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Rodolfo Torres: "Bilinear pseudodifferential estimates in spaces of smooth functions."
[02.05.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Michael T. Lacey: "The Nehari Problem in Several Complex Variables"
[02.05.2005] (16:30) [esi05] Maarten V. deHoop: "Imaging of seismic reflection data with curvelets"
[02.05.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Richard Rochberg: "Eigenvalue and Eigenvector Estimates from Phase Space Analysis"
[02.05.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Joachim Toft: "Continuity for pseudo-differential operators, and modulation spaces"
[27.04.2005] (09:30) [hassip05] Piotr Wojdyllo: "Direct Integrals in Problems of Gabor Frames"
[27.04.2005] (09:20) [hassip05] Bruno Torresani: "Sparse Hybrid Waveform Models"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Piotr Majdak: "System Identification with Maximum Length Sequences and Exponential Sweeps"
[27.04.2005] (10:00) [hassip05] DamiĂĄn Marelli: "System Identification and Approximation in the Time-Frequency Domain"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Remi Gribonval: "sparse approximations and source separation"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Sylvain Lesage: "Underdetermined source separation from a stereo mixture"
[27.04.2005] (08:40) [hassip05] CĂ©dric FĂ©votte: "to be confirmed"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Mitsuko Aramaki: "resynthesis of impact sounds based on time-frequency representations"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Richard Kronland-Martinet: "Analysis-synthesis of musical sounds using continuous time frequency representations"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Gary Margrave: "Gabor Deconvolution: Correcting Seismic Data for Attenuation Effects"
[27.04.2005] (:) [hassip05] Hagai Kirshner: "On Sampling Invariant Characteristics in Signal Representation"
[26.04.2005] (15:00) [hassip05] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Open problems in Gabor Analysis"
[26.04.2005] (16:45) [hassip05] Y.Y. Zeevi: "Blind Separation of Mixtures and Blind Deconvolution of Signals and Images based on Sparse Representations"
[26.04.2005] (15:10) [hassip05] Massimo Fornasier: "Localization theory and adaptive schemes in frame theory"
[26.04.2005] (15:50) [hassip05] Yves Wiaux: "Spherical wavelets and cosmology"
[26.04.2005] (18:30) [hassip05] Daniela Rosca: "Locally supported wavelets on the sphere"
[26.04.2005] (17:35) [hassip05] Thomas HĂ©lie: "Volterra series for the harmonic decomposition of the solution"
[18.04.2005] (12:30) [esi05] Ole Christensen: "Generalized shift-invariant systems"
[18.04.2005] (11:30) [esi05] Rupert Lasser: "Hypergroups and Banach algebras"
[18.04.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Yurii Neretin: "Zak transform ans integral operators with theta-kernels"
[15.04.2005] (11:15) [esi05] Jonathan Arazy: "Weyl calculus for complex and real symmetric domains"
[15.04.2005] (12:15) [esi05] Eberhard Kaniuth: "A topological Paley-Wiener property for locally compact groups"
[15.04.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Keith Taylor: "Projections in L^1-algebras and Tight Frames"
[14.04.2005] (16:30) [esi05] Joaquim Bruna: "Beurling-Malliavin density and spanning properties of discrete translates"
[14.04.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Miroslav Englis: "On the derivatives of the Berezin transform"
[14.04.2005] (15:00) [esi05] A.J.E.M. Janssen: "Two descriptions of Feichtinger's space S_0"
[14.04.2005] (12:15) [esi05] Judith Packer: "Projective multiresolution analyses for dilations in higher dimensions"
[14.04.2005] (11:15) [esi05] Eric Weber: "Admissible and Frame Representations of Groups"
[13.04.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Wojciech Czaja: "Remarks on Naimark's duality"
[13.04.2005] (12:00) [esi05] David Larson: "Wavelet Sets and Operator-Theoretic Interpolation"
[13.04.2005] (16:10) [esi05] Markus Neuhauser: "Heat kernels on cyclic groups"
[13.04.2005] (11:00) [esi05] Piotr Wojdyllo: "Decomposable operators and Gabor frames"
[13.04.2005] (10:00) [esi05] Jaak Peetre: "Introduction to trilinear forms"
[12.04.2005] (11:15) [esi05] Jean-Pierre Antoine: "The multiselectivity scheme: A pyramidal organization of wavelets with variable angular selectivity."
[12.04.2005] (12:15) [esi05] Massoumeh Fashandi: "Continuous Wavelet Transform"
[12.04.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Gerald Folland: "Analysis on compact Heisenberg manifolds"
[12.04.2005] (16:20) [esi05] Hartmut FĂŒhr: "Shannon sampling theorems on the Heisenberg group and applications to Gabor frames"
[11.04.2005] (11:45) [esi05] Jean Pierre Gazeau: "Continuous Wavelet Transform on the Hyperboloid"
[11.04.2005] (10:15) [esi05] John Klauder: "Coherent States: From Abstraction to Application"
[11.04.2005] (15:00) [esi05] Gestur Olafsson: "Inversion of the Radon transform with wavelets"
[11.04.2005] (16:10) [esi05] Nenad Teofanov: "Shift-invariant spaces and distributions"
[07.04.2005] (13:30) [esi05] Georg Zimmermann: "Polynomial reproduction in vector subdivision"
[04.04.2005] (13:13) [esi05] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Special course: every monday 1-3 p.m. (D.101)"
[28.03.2005] (:) [esi05] Stephan Dahlke: "Weighted Coorbit Spaces and Banach Frames on Homogeneous Spaces"
[26.01.2005] (10:00) [gabws05] Moritz Borgmann: "Interpolation-based efficient matrix inversion for MIMO-OFDM receivers"
[26.01.2005] (11:00) [gabws05] Franz Hlawatsch: "Time-varying communication channels"
[26.01.2005] (16:15) [gabws05] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Sjoestrand's Algebra of Pseudodifferential Operators"
[25.01.2005] (11:00) [gabws05] Peter Balazs: "Double Preconditioning of the Gabor frame operator"
[25.01.2005] (10:00) [gabws05] Goetz Pfander: "A few thoughts on Gabor multipliers"
[25.01.2005] (12:00) [gabws05] Michael Jachan: "Inversion of time-frequency moving average operators"
[24.01.2005] (15:00) [gabws05] Goetz Pfander: "Gabor frames on the lcag Z_N and applications"
[24.01.2005] (17:00) [gabws05] Niklas Grip: "Exact implementation of a class of underspread operators on L_2 (R)"
[24.01.2005] (11:00) [gabws05] Hartmut Fuehr: "Weyl-Heisenberg Superframes and Sampling Theorems on the Heisenberg group"
[24.01.2005] (12:00) [gabws05] Patrik Wahlberg: "Gabor and STFT analysis of (generalized) stochastic processes"
[24.01.2005] (16:00) [gabws05] Wojciech Czaja: "Remarks on a question of Fornasier"
[7...0.2005] (:) [dans14] Daniel Velinov: "Cauchy problem in the weighted Banach valued Beurling ultradistributions"
[.07.2004] (:) [dans14] Branko Dragovich: "On p-Adic Analysis and its Applications"
[.07.2004] (:) [dans14] Aleksandar Ivic: "Some applications of Laplace transforms to analytic number theory"
[7/./0.2004] (:) [dans14] Sandro Coriasco: "Global wave front sets and Fourier integral operators of SG-type"
[..2004] (:) [Borel Seminar, Univ. Bern] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Coherent Banach Frames and Non-orthogonal Expansions"
[25.11.2003] (09:30) [Faculty of Mathematics UNIVERSITY of VIENNA] Roswitha Bammer: "Innovative Signal Representation in Machine Learning (ISiRIM) - Methods for Musicb (PhD Project presentation)"
[06.11.2003] (:) [defensio] Tobias Werther: "Optimal Interpolation in Semi-Hilbert Spaces"
[.05.2003] (:) [Strobl/SampTA03] Tobias Werther: "Geometrical Interpretation of Consistent Sampling"
[02.03.2003] (17:00) [Institut f. Systemanalyse, Univ. Salzburg] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Vollstaendige Rekonstruktion bandbegrenzter Funktionen aus ungeregelmaessigen Abtastwerten"
[08.01.2003] (15:15) [Mathematisches Kolloquium] W.F. MecklenbrÀucker: "Signaldarstellungen im Zeit-/Frequenzbereich"
[..2002] (14:30) [Sem. Equations aux Derivees Partielles (Nancy)] Hans G. Feichtinger: "Construction and basic properties of Banach spaces defined by means of decompositions ( Feb 1986!!)"
[.23.2001] (:) [NEW] Franz Luef: "From coherent states and Gabor frames to noncommutative geometry"
[.18.2001] (11:25) [ofoa] Xiaosheng Zhuang: "Matrix Extension with Symmetry and Its Applications"
[.17.2001] (17:45) [ofoa] Yun-Su Kim: "Hilbert Spaces with respect to operator-valued Norms"
[.17.2001] (:) [ofoa] Zhiwei Wu: "Joint Dilation Wavelet Set"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Peter Groebner: "Alpha-Modulation spaces and optimal embeddings"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Nenad Teofanov: "Pseudodifferential Oparators on Modulation Spaces"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Yu Shimizu: "Wavelet-Based Multifractal Image Processing Reveals Degrees of Complexity of Human Cancer Tissues"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Roberto Vio: "JTFA in Astronomy: Applications and Problems"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Bernard Keville: "So(G) and the Harmonic Analysis of Stochastic Processes on locally compact Abelian Groups"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Fauaz Labadi: "Application of tight Gabor frames to MIMO signal processing"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Niklas Grip: "1- On Irregular Sampling in Wavelet Subspaces"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Thor Ole Gulsrud: "Preprocessing techniques for improved segmentation of clustered microcalcifications in digital mammograms"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Erik Monsen: "Seismic Texture Classification by Hidden Markov Tree Modeling of the Complex WT"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Shidong Li: "On duality conditions: equivalence and comparisons"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Samarah Salti: "Nonlinear Approximation with Gabor Atoms"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Harald Schwab: "Fast local reconstruction methods for nonuniform sampling in shift invariant spaces"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Kasso Okoudjou: "Embeddings of Some 'Classical' Banach Spaces Into Modulation Spaces"
[04.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Mario Hampejs: "Best approximation of matrices by Gabor multipliers"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Radu Balan: "Gabor Approximations of Stochastic Signals"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Ole Christensen: "Tutorial - Expansions in Banach spaces"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Elena Cordero: "Anti-Wick symbols and Sobolev spaces"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Stephan Dahlke: "Modulation Spaces and Gabor Frames on Spheres"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Monika Dörfler: "Mixed Gabor systems (I)"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Hans G. Feichtinger: "A first survey of Gabor multipliers"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Massimo Fornasier: "Flexible Gabor-Wavelets continuous and discrete frames in alpha-Modulation spaces"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Hartmut FĂŒhr: "Sampling theorems for the simply connected Heisenberg group"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Yevgeniy V. Galperin: "Uncertainty principles and embeddings of modulation spaces"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Remi Gribonval: "Some results on nonlinear approximation with redundant dictionaries"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Karlheinz Groechenig: "Localization of frames, Banach frames, and the invertilibity of the frame operator"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Chris Heil: "Integral Operators, Pseudodifferential Operators, and Gabor Frames"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Oh Kim Hong: "On wavelets associated with MRAs"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Armin Iske: "Adaptive Sampling: Computational Techniques and Applications"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Phillipe Jaming: "Hermite functions and uncertainty principles"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Guido Janssen: "Characterization and computation of canonical tight windows for Gabor frames"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Norbert Kaiblinger: "Gabor frames with variable lattice constants"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Peter Korn: "On Epsilon-Localisation of Gabor Frames"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Werner Kozek: "Operator algebras related to Gabor systems"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Gitta Kutyniok: "Bounds for frames of exponentials"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Demetrio Labate: "Unified Characterization of Systems generated by a Finite Family"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Alexander Lindner: "Decomposition of Wavelets and of Riesz frames into a finite number of linearly independent sets"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Yura Lyubarskii: "Regular reconstruction from irregular sets"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] W.R. Madych: "Some examples of over/under sampling and a possible way to deal with them."
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Gerald Matz: "The multi-window Gabor filter: An efficient technique for time-varying filtering"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Götz Pfander: "Identification of Underspread Operators"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Lampros K. Stergioulas: "The Bargmann representation in signal analysis"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Thomas Strohmer: "Grassmannian frames, wireless communications, and Gabor analysis"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Gerd Teschke: "Reconstruction of reflectivity densities by wavlet transforms"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Joachim Toft: "Young inequalities for Schatten spaces in pseudo-differential calculus"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Bruno Torresani: "Hybrid time-frequency and time-scale models for audiophonic signal"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Apostolos Vourdas: "The growth of Bargmann functions and the completeness of Gabor bases"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Patrick Wolfe: "Mixed Gabor systems (II)"
[03.12.2001] (:) [gabor01] Dachun Yang: "New Characterizations of Function Spaces on Homogeneous Spaces"
[01.01.2001] (:) [strobl09] Iulia Elena Hirica: "Pseudo-symmetry on Riemann manifolds"
[01.01.2001] (:) [strobl09] Ioan GoleĂŸ: "ON SAMPLING AND APPROXIMATION OF RANDOM SIGNALS"
[.01.2001] (:) [strobl09] Serap Oztop: "A Note on Multipliers of weighted Lp(G,A) spaces"