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 Today 11:30 Seminarraum 7 NuHAG seminar Markus Sobotnik: "The spectrum of the Gabor frame operator: part I, continuity on the lattice" 
08.12.2015 :: Hans G. Feichtinger :: "A Fast Track to Fourier Analysis" 

Strobl16 Modern Time-Frequency Analysis
06. - 10. June 2016 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

8. Dez. 1865, i.e. 150 years ago, Jacques Salomon Hadamard was born in Versailles (see wikipedia). He was the advisor of Szolem Mandelbrojt, who was the advisor of Hans Reiter (Math. Genealogy).

29.11.2015: Congratulation: Franz Luef became father of Maja!

04.11.2015: NuHAG seminar with Prof. Joachim Stöckler

Press conference about 650 years University of Vienna with the participation of Martin Ehler (Leader of the project "CHARMED" at NuHAG)
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15.10.2015: A busy day at NuHAG...
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