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 Today 11:00 ARI Vortragsraum Afonso Bandeira: "Phase Retrieval from Coded Diffraction Patterns" 
25.04.2014 14:30 [Hörsaal EI1]: Karin Schnass (University of Sassari) :: "Optimisation Principles for Dictionary Learning"  :: »presentation«
30.04.2014 11:15 [Seminarraum 12]: Luef Franz (NTNU Trondheim) :: "Higher rank vector bundles over noncommutative tori and Gabor analysis" 

Strobl14 Modern Time-Frequency Analysis
02. - 06. June 2014 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

15.04.2014: Praktika für Schülerinnen und Schüler 2014
Talente - Ausschreibung Praktika für Schülerinnen und Schüler 2014 mit Schwerpunkt "Mobilität der Zukunft". (Einreichfrist ist der 25. Juli 2014)
Martin Ehler has presented successfully his habilitation talk
"Computational Harmonic Analysis of highdimensional data"!
01.04.2014: Congratulations: Severin Bannert

and Sonja became parents of Franziska.

18.03.2014: Austrian patent for "Rational Functions Approach to Weigh in Motion (WIM) data analysis and storage"
(Team: Saptarshi Das, Mario Hampejs and Hans G. Feichtinger).
04.03.2014: Angelika Höfler
has successfully defended her PhD thesis Necessary Density Conditions for Frames on Homogeneous Groups.
17.01.2014: Christoph Wiesmeyr
has successfully defended his PhD thesis Construction of frames by discretization of phase space.
»see presentation
ESI14 ESI semester: follow-up workshop on TF-analysis
13.-17. January 2014
04.10.2013: Nicki Holighaus has successfully defended his PhD thesis Theory and implementation of adaptive time-frequency transforms.
17.06.2013: The Kadison+Feichtinger's conjecture has been proved by Adam Marcus, Daniel A Spielman, Nikhil Srivastava (see image of Feichtinger & Kadison)
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