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27.10.2016 13:30 [Seminarraum 13]: Philippe Jaming (Universite de Bordeaux) :: "Heisenberg Uniqueness Pairs" 
31.10.2016 11:00 [Besprechungsraum 3.Stock]: Bayram Uelgen :: "Signal- und Bildverarbeitung im Kontext Höherer Mathematik. Grundlegende Vorstellungen und Chancen aus der Sicht der Mathematikdidaktik" 

Oct.-Dec.2016:   Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger will be at
Technical University of Denmark - DTU.
23.08.2016: Roswitha Bammer received a Uni-Doc-Scholarship for the project
"Innovative Signal Representation in Machine Learning (ISiRIM) - Methods for Music"
65th birthday of Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger

Celebrating Mihai Putinar's visit and Jose Luis's habilitation.
Jose Luis Romero was awarded the habilitation with excellent reports. Congratulation!
Strobl16 Time-Frequency Analysis and Related Topics
06. - 10. June 2016 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

15.-16.04.2016: WoATA16: Workshop on approximation theory and applications
First Austrian-German-Italian workshop for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Graz, Milano, Passau and Vienna.

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75% PhD position in mathematical acoustics
The position is integrated into a collaborative research project of the WWTF on "Computational Harmonic Analysis of High-Dimensional Biomedical Data".
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