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25.05.2016 11:30 [Seminarraum 10]: Michael Speckbacher (ARI (OEAW)) :: "SIC-POVMs, equiangular tight frames and Zauner's conjecture" 

Strobl16 Time-Frequency Analysis and Related Topics
06. - 10. June 2016 :: Strobl, AUSTRIA

15.-16.04.2016: WoATA16: Workshop on approximation theory and applications
First Austrian-German-Italian workshop for doctoral and postdoctoral students from Graz, Milano, Passau and Vienna.
10.03.2016: Award for the report of FFG-student internship held at NuHAG July 2015.
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19.02.2016: Nina Engelputzeder has sucessfully defended his PhD-thesis Linear Time Variant Systems and Gabor Riesz Bases
Extended NuHAG at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn
Markus Faulhuber Philipp Grohs
Karlheinz Gröchenig Akram Aldroubi

Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger:
"45 Years of Fourier Analysis in Vienna: Changes during an Academic Life Time"
Faculty of Mathematics, Oskar Morgenstern-Platz 1, Vienna

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29.11.2015: Congratulation: Franz Luef became father of Maja!
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