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April-July 2017:   Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger will be at TU Munich.
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  Philipp Grohs in the news:
  • Philipp was appointed associate editor of IEEE Trans. Information Theory. Congratulations.
  • Philipp teaches the first course on "deep learning" in Austria. The attendance of 60 students sets a new record for an advanced course in mathematics.
  • Finally, we congratulate Philipp on the birth of his daughther Mia.

28.03.2017:   The paper "What is variable bandwidth?" of Karlheinz Gröchenig and Andreas Klotz has appeared online in Comm. Pure Appl. Math.:
28.02.2017:   Markus Faulhuber has defended his thesis on "Extremal Bounds of Gaussian Gabor Frames and Properties of Jacobi’s Theta Functions", with distinction. Congratulations!

Oct.-Dec. 2016:   Prof. Dr. Hans Georg Feichtinger will be at
Technical University of Denmark - DTU.

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