Amann, Anton;Feichtinger, Hans G.;Klotz, Andreas;Kracher, Guenther;Werther, Tobias;Gilly, H.;Baubin, Michael

CPR artefact removal in ECG signals using Gabor multipliers

IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering Vol.56 No.2 (2007) p.320--327, Zbl:-, -


We present an algorithm for discarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) components from
electrocardiogram (ECG) signals recorded by an automated external defibrillator during basic life
support. The method assumes a multichannel setting which uses additional reference information
and is based on special techniques in time-frequency (TF) analysis. The research goal is the
development of software for defibrillators disposing of a supplementary measurement device for
reference signals.
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