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macha11 Download the two matlab files:
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NuHAG_Basic_GABOR This is the collection of
»NuHAG Basic«
»NuHAG Gabor-TB [1]«
»NuHAG Gabor-TB [2]«
+helpers +rowcolmode


NuHAG_Gabor-TB_1 basic Gabor analysis commands
NuHAG Gabor-TB [2] is independent, more advanced, but not necessarily containing this package

NuHAG_Gabor-TB_2 Nic-Vlad's Gabor Toolbox 2
containing spreading function, Kohn-Nirenberg symbol etc.

LTFAT This is the "The Linear Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox"

for downloading the toolbox please go to:http://sourceforge.net/projects/ltfat

IRSATOUR-Irregular_Sampling_Tour Classical collection (a tour through the irregular sampling problem) of irregular sampling algorithms developed at NuHAG.

Comments are welcome. These algorithms correspond to "second generation" algorithms and are not competitive anymore compared to mroe recent ones, but they are a good first introduction to field.

Andreas_Reuther-Gabor_package Output of an IAESTE fellowship at NuHAG, collection of Gabor routines (selfcontained) with some Demo's included and MAT-files for routines of length n=144 and n=288 respectively. ZIP-FILE

metaplectic_toolbox provides routines to compute dual gabor window for nonseparable
lattices using metaplectic transformations, that is first transforming
the whole gabor system to a separable setting, computing dual gabor
window there, and then again going back to a nonseparabe setting. It also
compares the computing speed with the methods already known (uses P.
Sondergaard's toolbox, below). The algorithm is based on a paper of
H.G. Feichtinger, M. Hazewinkel, N. Kaiblinger, E. Matusiak
and M. Neuhauser: "Metaplectic operators on C^n".

HSOperFramXXL Hilbert-Schmidt Operators and Frames - Classification, Best Approximation by Multipliers and Algorithms
This package is linked to a paper by Peter Balazs. It includes codes to find the best approximation of matrices by frame and irregular Gabor multipliers.


Version: 10/2007

OMP4NFFT S. Kunis' and H. Rauhut's Sparse Recovery Toolbox for Random Sampling

Implements Orthogonal Matching Pursuit and Basis Pursuit for sparse recovery with the (equispaced) Fourier matrix and non-equispaced Fourier matrix. Uses the FFT and NFFT (non-equispaced fast Fourier transform).
For Basis Pursuit the software relies on other Matlab-Packages for l1-minimization.

FinFramXXL Frames and Finite Dimensionality: Frame Transformation, Classification and Algorithms
This package provides an easy interface to experiment with frames in finite dimensional spaces.


Spline-type Spaces Collection of M-files for the implementation of various algorithms related to spline-type spaces of one or two (discrete) variables (e.g. orthogonal projection onto the spline-type space,... data interpolation, dual spline, etc. ZIP-FILE

NUHAG_BASIC_RESTRUCTURED This toolbox is similar to the NuGAG basis toolbox. Most of the
functionalities are same as that of NuHAG basis toolbox. But the
codes and files are more structured compared to NuHAG basis

The work on this toolbox is still in progress. New version will
appear as more work on structuring the NuHAG basis toolbox get

Trigonometrie(Wenth) Collection of trigonometry rules (by Andreas Wenth) ZIP-FILE

Gabor_Multiplier_TB_1 This is a preliminary toolbox (summer 2004) which contains a number of routines which can be used to build Gabor multipliers in order to analyze them (e.g. to do eigen-analysis of localization operators), etc.. HGFei (Feb.2005) ZIP-FILE

Tschurtenthaler_Gabor-TB T.Tschurtenthaler's Gabor-TB (NuHAG)

NuHAG master thesis,

PhdXXL Regular and Irregular Gabor Multiplier With Application To Psychoacoustic Masking
This toolbox includes the codes described in the the PhD thesis of P. Balazs. It includes codes for
*.) the best approximation by frame and irregular Gabor multipliers
*.) the double preconditioning of Gabor frame matrices


Version: 06 / 2005

EMG_Wavelet Toolbox to perform a wavelet transformation especially for EMG signals, based on the work of Vinzenz v.Tscharner [vT] and F. Borg [Bo].
[vT]: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1050-6411(00)00030-4,
[Bo]: http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1005/1005.0696.pdf

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