Talks given at NuHAG events

Harmonic Analysis at NuHAG (from the foundations to real world applications)

  Hans G. Feichtinger

  given at  ISTA workshop (01.09.09 13:10)
  id:  1458
  length:  10min
  status:  invited
In the last 5 years, beginning with the special semester on Time-Frequency analysis at ESI, and the EUCETIFA (= the EUROPEAN CENTER FOR TIME-FREQUENCY ANALYSIS, Oct. 2005 - Sept. 2009) the Numerical Harmonic Analysis group NuHAG at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, has become an highly visible international player in the area of application oriented HARMONIC ANALYSIS).

A list of recent research projects is found at

and an extentsive repository of publications, MATLAB-software modules and related infra-structure which will continue to make NuHAG a point of interest in the international landscape is found at

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