Talks given at NuHAG events

What is interference alignment (and why should I care) ?

  Maxime Guillaud (TU Wien)

  given at  NuHAG seminar (12.10.11 11:15)
  id:  2173
  length:  60min
The objective of this talk is to introduce "interference alignment," a concept which has recently surfaced in the domain of communication and information theory.

Based on an intuitive approach of the best way to deal with unwanted signals (interference) in a communication network comprised of multiple transmitters and receivers, interference alignment can, in its simplest form, be formulated using simple linear algebra. Despite this simplicity, the geometry of the solution space has remained elusive so far, although some ad-hoc numerical methods have been developed to find approximate solutions.

After introducing the engineering problem that motivates the study of interference alignment in the context of multi-user communications, I will discuss its formulation and the solutions currently available.

No prerequisites outside of basic probabilities and linear algebra are needed. A few notions of information theory necessary to understand the engineering context will be introduced during the presentation.

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