Talks given at NuHAG events

On structure results for intertwining operators

  Wilhelm Schlag (University of Chicago)
    University of Chicago

  given at  Sky Lounge Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1 (19.04.17 15:00)
  id:  3302
  length:  50min
The intertwining wave operators are basic objects in the scattering theory of a Hamiltonian given as the sum of a Laplacian with a potential. These Hamiltonians are the classical Schroedinger operators of quantum mechanics. For the three dimensional case we will discuss a new representation of the wave operators as superpositions of reflections and translations. In addition, we will also describe some work on random decaying potentials, such as by Bourgain. This is joint work with Marius Beceanu, Albany.

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