Talks given at NuHAG events

Dyadic parabolic decomposition, approximation of functions by wave packets, and evolution equations

  Maarten V. De Hoop

  given at  strobl07 (19.06.07 14:00)
  id:  707
  length:  40min
  status:  accepted
  type:  talk
We discuss transforms in the family of curvelets and their
discretization, numerically honoring the necessary decay estimates in
phase space, in the context of constructing solutions to evolution
equations of limited smoothness. We present the concentration of
curvelets by the associated solution operator. We then discuss an
approximation of functions following the dyadic parabolic
decomposition that leads to sparse representations of initial data and
solutions irrespective of scale.

The is joint research with F. Andersson, M. Carlsson, H. Smith and
G. Uhlmann.

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