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30. Oct 14 Thursday
[morlet-conf] (09:00) ---Chair: Seip: Alexander Olevskii "On Fourier quasicrystals"
[morlet-conf] (10:10) ---Chair: Seip: Carl Sundberg "The transitive algebra problem"
[morlet-conf] (11:10) ---Chair: Seip: Omar El Fallah "On the Dirichlet type spaces"
[morlet-conf] (11:50) ---Chair: Seip: Roman Bessonov "Atomic decomposition of coinvariant subspaces of $H^1$"
[morlet-conf] (14:00) ---Chair: Baranov: Nir Lev "Sampling on quasicrystals"
[morlet-conf] (14:00) ---Chair: Sundberg: Dragan Vukotic "The Krzyz conjecture: an extremal problem for non-vanishing bounded analytic functions"
[morlet-conf] (14:55) ---Chair: Baranov: Konstantin Fedorovskiy "$L^1$-estimates of derivatives of univalent rational functions and related topics"
[morlet-conf] (14:55) ---Chair: Sundberg: Konstantin Dyakonov "Differentiation and factoring: Gauss-Lucas type theorems on the disk"
[morlet-conf] (16:10) ---Chair: Baranov: Grigori Rozenblioum "Finite rank operators in the Fock space and the $\bar{\partial}$ equation in certain spaces of distributions"
[morlet-conf] (16:10) ---Chair: Sundberg: Frederic Bayart "Bohr radius and infinite dimensional holomorphy"
[morlet-conf] (17:05) ---Chair: Sundberg: Brett Wick "Bounds for localized operator with matrix Muckenhoupt weights"
[morlet-conf] (17:05) ---Chair: Baranov: Gady Kozma "Riesz bases of exponentials for finite unions of intervals"
[morlet-conf] (18:00) ---Chair: Haslinger: Miroslav Englis "Analytic continuation of Toeplitz operators"
 CONFERENCE: Morlet Conference on FUNCTION SPACES [NuHAG: Faulhuber]
 CONFERENCE: ICIP 2014 The International Conference on Image Processing
 CONFERENCE: Variational methods in imaging
31. Oct 14 Friday
[morlet-conf] (09:00) ---Chair: Feichtinger: Haakan Hedenmalm "Weighted integrability of polyharmonic functions and the uniqueness theorem of Holmgren"
[morlet-conf] (10:10) ---Chair: Feichtinger: Luís Daniel Abreu "Gabor-Toeplitz and polyanalytic ensembles"
[morlet-conf] (11:10) ---Chair: Feichtinger: Nicola Arcozzi "Invariant metrics for the quaternionic Hardy space"
[morlet-conf] (11:50) ---Chair: Feichtinger: Davide Barbieri "A Bargmann transform for semidirect products"
[morlet-conf] (14:00) ---Chair: Madych: Luís V. Pessoa "On the structure of polyharmonic Bergman spaces"
[morlet-conf] (14:40) ---Chair: Madych: Yurii Lyubarskii "Direct and inverse problem of multichannel scattering"
 CONFERENCE: Morlet Conference on FUNCTION SPACES [NuHAG: Faulhuber]
 CONFERENCE: Variational methods in imaging
01. Nov 14 Saturday
02. Nov 14 Sunday
03. Nov 14 Monday
04. Nov 14 Tuesday
05. Nov 14 Wednesday
06. Nov 14 Thursday
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10. Nov 14 Monday
 CONFERENCE: ENOC 2014: 8th European Nonlinear Dynamics Conference
11. Nov 14 Tuesday
12. Nov 14 Wednesday
13. Nov 14 Thursday
14. Nov 14 Friday
15. Nov 14 Saturday
16. Nov 14 Sunday
17. Nov 14 Monday
18. Nov 14 Tuesday
 CONFERENCE: [flam14] FLAME project meeting
19. Nov 14 Wednesday
[NuHAG seminar] (12:15) Seminarraum 9: Maria Charina "Algebra for subdivision"
 CONFERENCE: [flam14] FLAME project meeting
20. Nov 14 Thursday
 CONFERENCE: [flam14] FLAME project meeting
21. Nov 14 Friday
22. Nov 14 Saturday
23. Nov 14 Sunday
24. Nov 14 Monday
 CONFERENCE: SPP-JT14 Final Conference of SPP 1324
25. Nov 14 Tuesday
[NuHAG seminar] (16:15) Seminarraum 9: Costanza Conti (University of Florence, Italy) "Active contours for biomedical images based on Hermite exponential splines"
 CONFERENCE: SPP-JT14 Final Conference of SPP 1324
26. Nov 14 Wednesday
 CONFERENCE: SPP-JT14 Final Conference of SPP 1324
27. Nov 14 Thursday
[Marburg DFG meeting] (:) : Hans G. Feichtinger "Function Spaces - State of the Art and Recent Developments"
 CONFERENCE: SPP-JT14 Final Conference of SPP 1324
28. Nov 14 Friday
 CONFERENCE: SPP-JT14 Final Conference of SPP 1324
29. Nov 14 Saturday