P-2>F means Photometry to Fundamentals

Photometric Calibrations

Written in Perl. It's fast, it's free and it includes error calculation.

About P-2>F

Photometry to Fundamentals is a not completely shut black-box for determining fundamental parameters of stars from photometric measurements. It is not a classical black-box because we don't believe in computer programs to be able to make the critical decision of which calibrations to use in special cases and also to give the users of P-2>F the freedom to decide for themselves in this matter.

About the interface

The main routines of P-2>F are written in Perl. The basic and most versatile interface is the good old command line. Why? Because it is simple, fast and easy scriptable. We also provide a Web based interface, that lacks some of the functionality mainly because we don't want to open the web servers for file uploads.

P-2>F Web Interface
(s) Christian Stütz, Ernst Paunzen, 28-mar-2008