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created by V. Schlosser
Institut für Materialphysik,
Fakultät für Physik der Universität Wien
A-1090 Wien, Austria


SolarWatch PanelThe software will compute the sun's Azimuth and Altitude as a function of the time, date and location. Azimuth is the compass direction of the sun in degrees with 0 degrees aligned with North increasing clockwise. The Altitude is the elevation of the sun above horizon in degrees with 0 degrees being the horizon. From the sun's position the Air Mass and the total direct solar irradiance incident on the earth's surface is derived. In the clock mode calculations will be done according to the actual day time. In the calculator mode the total solar energy which has arrived on the earth's surface between two dates will be calculated.

You can find a nice illustrated explaination of the basic definitions in the article of V. Quaschning in the internet.

Some experiments with photovoltaic solar panels which illustrate the influence of the panel's orientation towards the light source on the outputted electricity are described here.

If you want to receive a copy (free of charge) please send a mail to viktor.schlosser@univie.ac.at

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