Tropical Field Station La Gamba

La Gamba Station


The tropical field station La Gamba is an Austrian institution mainly devoted to scientific research and academic teaching in fields related to tropical ecology. Situated in the extreme south-west of Costa Rica, the major goal is to contribute to the preservation and understanding of rainforests in the Golfo Dulce region.

Founded in 1993, the station has since developed into an internationally recognized research site. Owing to its position directly at the edge of primary lowland perhumid forest and to its good infrastructure (including an air-conditioned laboratory, housing opportunities for up to 38 persons), the station La Gamba offers ideal opportunities for scientific research, field courses and excursions.

Staff of the station is deeply engaged in conservation projects (such as reforestation of abandoned pastures or the establishment of biological corridors) and in the sustainable development of the region, in close exchange with the local communities.

The station is run by the "Estación Tropical La Gamba S.A." and is essentially supported by the NGO "Verein zur Förderung der Tropenstation La Gamba". Scientific activities are coordinated by the University of Vienna.



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Aura Mariela Alonso Rodríguez:
Oil palm expansion threatens tropical moth assemblages in southwestern Costa Rica

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