Univ. Prof. Dr. Konrad Fiedler

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Ongoing Master Theses

  • Carlo Lutz Seifert (Master): Species diversity and phylogenetic position of Eois (Geometridae) on Peperomia (Piperaceae) in a mountain rainforest in the south Ecuadorian Andes

  • Rebecca Fies (Master): Impacts of flooding control on communities of meadow butterflies in the Nationalpark Donau-Auen

  • Teresa Schumacher (Master): Bat communities of natural and managed forest in the nature reserve "Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein"

  • Darinka Blies (Diploma, jointly supervised with Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmitt, University of Trier, Germany): Caterpillar communities associated with Hedyosmum shrubs (Chloranthaceae) in a tropical mountain forest in Ecuador

  • Aura Mariela Alonso Rodríguez (Master, jointly supervised with Dr. Bryan Finegan, CATIE, Costa Rica): Diversity and composition of moths (Lepidoptera: Erebidae-Arctiinae, Geometridae) in mature, secondary and oil palm plantation forests in the Golfo Dulce Region, Costa Rica