Univ. Prof. Dr. Konrad Fiedler

+43 1 4277 57400


Room: 402 Rennweg 14, 1030 Vienna

Appointments upon individual arrangement, preferably via e-mail.

Research interests

Much of my research is inspired by a long standing, deep interest in natural history. Being fascinated by butterflies and moths since early childhood days, I developed a keen interest in the evolutionary biology of the Lepidoptera.

I study various aspects of behavioural ecology, biodiversity, community ecology, conservation biology, phylogeny and insect-plant interactions, using butterflies and moths as major model organisms. I am especially interested in interactions between different kinds of organisms, such as butterfly-ant mutualism, caterpillar-plant antagonism, or Lepidoptera and their parasitoids. These themes are inspired by concepts such as co-evolution, the evolutionary biology of mutualism and social systems, or life-history evolution.

Much of my research draws on comparative approaches: analysis of multi-species communities, comparisons across various taxonomic groups, and comparisons across regions.

Apart from studies in Europe, I am also avidly interested in the ecology and conservation of threatened tropical forest ecosystems.

In our department we combine experimental approaches with field surveys and thereby aim at linking patterns observed in nature to underlying processes. Analyses of complex multivariate ecological data, therefore, is a central element of our work.