Bernadette Strohmaier

PDF der Diplomarbeit im Hochschulschriften-Service der Universität Wien

Effects of structural and habitat diversity of backwaters on waterbird communities in the Austrian floodplains of the rivers Morava and Thaya

Due to their high species-richness the floodplains of the lowland-rivers Thaya and Morava represent an important refuge and key area for bird conservation in Austria.
Within the framework of this diploma thesis waterbirds will be used as bioindicators to evaluate the ecological conditions of backwaters in the Morava-Thaya floodplains. So far, 17 waterbird species have been recorded as breeding birds in the Morava and Thaya floodplains.
Surveys of breeding waterbirds in the Thaya-Morava floodplains in the years 1995 (Zuna-Kratky & Frühauf), 1996 (Zuna-Kratky) and 2008 (this diploma thesis) will be used to evaluate population trends and effects of water body variables (i.e. length, area, fragmentation, isolation, diversity of relevant semiaquatic habitats) on species richness, species composition and the occurrence of individual species.
Finally, the data will be used to identify types of backwaters with high conservation priority for waterbirds.

This diploma thesis is carried out in collaboration with WWF Austria and with support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research.