Claudia Schütz

Mag. Claudia Schütz

+43 1 4277 57402

Curriculum Vitae

University education

  • 10/2003 – 12/2009: Study of Biology at University Vienna (main subject: Zoology)
  • 12/2009: Final examination in Zoology; degree: Diploma in Zoology; Title of diploma thesis: Vigilance and feeding behaviour of Ruffs Philomachus pugnax during spring migration in Eastern Austria
  • Since 03/2012: PhD study of Biology at University Vienna; Title of PhD thesis: Functional diversity, functional homogenisation and foraging behaviour of birds in urban environments

Professional experience

  • Since 01/2009: Freelancer for an Austrian nature conservation agency in the framework of:
    • a LIFE and a LIFE+ project on the protection of the Great Bustard in Austria
    • environmental impact assessment of wind power stations and power lines on birds
    • scientific research on the West Pannonian Great Bustard population with a focus on habitat use and behavioural ecology
  • 09/2009: Co-supervisor of Field Course in Rapid Biodiversity Assessment and Island Biogeography (Krakatau Archipelago, Indonesia) jointly organized by University Vienna (Austria) and Agricultural University Bogor (Indonesia)
  • 09/2011 – 10/2011: Co-supervisor of a training course for staff of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in East Kalimantan (Borneo, Indonesia) in conducting avian biodiversity surveys and data analysis
  • 04/2012 – 07/2012: Monitoring of wetland birds of the biosphere reserve “Untere Lobau” for the Provincial Government of Vienna
  • Since 10/2012: Co-lecturer at the University Vienna: Field courses on urban ecology of wintering bird communities in city parks of Vienna and on fields methods in ornithology