Mag. Stefan Schindler

PDF der Dissertation im Hochschulschriften-Service der Universität Wien

Dadia National Park, Greece - an integrated study on landscape, biodiversity, raptor populations and conservation management

Global change is currently causing a strong decline of biodiversity and in the provision of essential ecosystem services. Assessments of status and trends of landscapes, biodiversity, and endangered species are needed and should be conducted in the framework of an integrated conservation management. This doctoral thesis is a cumulative work dealing with landscape, biodiversity, raptor populations, and conservation management of Dadia National Park (Dadia NP), a local hotspot of biodiversity in north-eastern Greece. In the twelve research articles that constitute this thesis, I investigated with my coauthors 1) habitat heterogeneity and biodiversity of Dadia NP, 2) landscape approaches and GIS applications for biodiversity management, 3) sets of landscape metrics for landscape structure analyses, 4) the multiscale performance of landscape metrics as biodiversity indicators for plants, insects and vertebrates, 5) the use of ecological heterogeneity to design reserve networks, 6) the performance of a telemetry system for Eurasian Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus), 7) GIS-based methodologies for territory analyses of raptors, 8) habitat, status and population trends of the diurnal raptor populations of Dadia NP, 9) decision support systems for the conservation of biodiversity in managed forest, and 10) the evidence base of conservation management in Dadia NP and the Bulgarian part if the Eastern Rhodpes Mountains. It can be concluded for Dadia NP and similar Mediterranean reserves that landscape surveillance should be integrated into the ecological monitoring of key and indicator species to aid the evaluation of management effects on habitats and wildlife. Further and consistent ecological monitoring and research is crucial for establishing integrative biodiversity conservation and management. Conservation research is providing important evidence for conservation managers and decision makers, but lack of political will for competent conservation authorities leads to weak rates of implementation and evaluation.


Wrbka Th., Schindler S., Pollheimer, M., Schmitzberger, I., Peterseil, J., 2008. Impact of the Austrian Agri-Environmental Scheme on diversity of landscape, plants and birds. Community Ecology 9 (2): 217-227

Schindler Stefan, Poirazidis Kostas & Wrbka Thomas (2008). Towards a core set of landscape metrics for biodiversity assessments: a case study from Dadia National Park, Greece. Ecological Indicators 8 (5): 502-514 doi:10.1016/j.ecolind.2007.06.001

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