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JWP1.1: Hypocoercive entropy method for linear PDEs (Arnold, Schmeiser)
JWP2.2: Entropy-dissipative schemes for Fokker-Planck-type equations (Arnold, Juengel, Maas, Schmeiser)
JWP3.3.: Geodesic convexity and functional inequalities in discretized PDE (Juengel, Maas)
JWP4.1: Singular network-limit solutions for trasportation networks (Markowich, Schmeiser, Stefanelli)
JWP5.2: Numerical methods for (magnetic) NLS (Markowich, Mauser, Melenk)
JWP6.2: Travelling waves profiles (Achleitner, Melenk)
JWP7.1: Finite element-boundary element coupling for time-harmonic scattering (Melenk, Perugia)
JWP7.2: Finite elements with WKB bases for the stationary Schroedinger equation (Arnold, Perugia)
JWP8.1: Spin diffusion processes in micromagnetics (Juengel, Praetorius, Schoeberl)
JWP8.3: Numerical aspects of Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert integration (Mauser, Praetorius, Schoeberl)
JWP9.1: Hypocoercivity for nonlinear mean field models (Arnold, Schmeiser)
JWP10.1: Automated numerics for GENERIC (Schoeberl, Stefanelli)
JWP10.2.: Automated numerics for distributed kinetic equations (Schmeiser, Schoeberl)
JWP11.1: GENERIC structures in thermomechanics (Juengel, Stefanelli)
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