e-Lerning: Basics of Pharmacology SEE MORE
e-Lerning exercise for the lab class in "General Pharmacology" LAUNCH
e-Lerning exercise for the lab class in "General Pharmacology" LAUNCH
e-Lerning exercise for the lab class in "General Pharmacology" LAUNCH

Latest News

Successful cooperation of the “Toxicology and Applied Therapeutics” research group with APEPTICO GesmbH: In April 2014 Apeptico announced top-line results in phase IIa clinical study of AP301 in treatment of pulmonary permeability oedema in mechanically ventilated patients. AP301 has been granted orphan drug status for treatment of pulmonary permeability oedema in ALI/ARDS, primary graft dysfunction following lung, and high altitude pulmonary oedema by EMA and FDA.

April 2014: “Next generation – chemo” by Rita Dornetshuber-Fleiss in Research Media, Courtesy of International Innovation – a leading scientific dissemination service (siehe Seite 120-121) read more read more

April 2014: The Selection Team at Global Medical Discovery has identified the publication “Mechanism of Action of Novel Lung Edema Therapeutic AP301 by Activation of the Epithelial Sodium Channel” by Shabbir et al. (2013) as a Key Scientific Article contributing to excellence in biomedical research. Global Medical Discovery alerts the scientific, clinical and industrial community to innovative papers dedicated to investigating causes and discovering cures for major diseases and debilitating illnesses.

Congratulations: The department of Pharmacology and Toxicology wants to announce that our PhD student Eva-Maria Zangerl, MSc (supervisor: Dr. Anna Weinzinger) was awarded with the Dr. Maria Schaumayer-Stifung for her diploma thesis. read more read more


MOLTAG application program is now open. Looking for a PhD position? Applications for period 2015-2018 are welcome! more information is here.

Ankundigung fur das Praktikum Allgemeine Pharmakologie 2015:
Bitte nutzen Sie zur Vorbereitung auf das Praktikum ALLGEMEINE PHARMAKOLOGIE UND PHARMAKOKINETIK die jeweiligen Skripten und die e-Lerning-Programme "Pharmakologie von GABA(A)-Rezeptoren" und "Pharmakologie der HERG-Kanale".

Our last paper "Neutralisation of a single voltage sensor affects gating determinants in all four pore-forming S6 segments of Ca(V)1.2: a cooperative gating model." is available online. read more read more

Opening of Doktoratskollegs "Molecular Drug Turgets". read more read more