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Browser Requirements

To provide you with a high level of conveniency, we recommend you use one of the newer browsers, such as Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6.0 and newer or Netscape® version 7.0 and newer.

We also employ specific features that help make eLearning easy to use, such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and Flash. Nearly all newer browsers are capable of supporting these technologies.

You can download these browsers for free. Just click on the appropriate browser link below to begin your upgrade. When you have finished upgrading, return to eLearning system.

Microsoft Netscape

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Enabling JavaScript

You must have JavaScript enabled to use eLearning system.

Internet Explorer 6.x

1. Under the Tools menu, select Internet Options, click Security, and click the Custom Level button.
2. Under the Scripting category and Active Scripting subcategory, click the Enable button.
3. Click OK.

Netscape Navigator 7.x

1. Under the Edit menu, select Preferences, and select Advanced.
2. Preferences that are enabled will be checked. Make sure the JavaScript box is checked.
3. Click OK.

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