Electron correlation and molecular dynamics for excited states and photochemistry

 Vienna, July 3-4, 2008 

   Symposium in honor of Hans Lischka´s 65th birthday

About the Symposium

The Symposium, to be held in Vienna, Austria, in the Summer 2008, will join researchers from all over the world. A broad range of topics on theoretical chemistry connected to the molecular excitation will be discussed in a series of invited talks and posters.

The Symposium is opened to public and there is no registration fee. The organizers, however, ask those interested in attend the event to send an e-mail to adelia.aquino@univie.ac.at stating it. This will help them to organize the infrastructure.

About Hans Lischka

Hans Lischka received his PhD degree at the University of Vienna in 1969. In the years 1972–73 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Professor Kutzelnigg at the University of Karlsruhe.

After finishing his habilitation in 1976 he became Professor of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Vienna in 1980.

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In the same year, during his stay as Visiting Professor at the Ohio State University the development of the COLUMBUS program system was started in cooperation with Professor Shavitt and Dr Ron Shepard. 

His recent research interests focus on simulations of non-adiabatic photodynamical processes and on solvent effects with particular emphasis on hydrogen bonded interactions.


Erwin Schroedinger Institute
Boltzmanngasse 9,
1090 Vienna


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