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Public transport is convenient and safe. Trams and underground trains generally run until about midnight: first and last trains are listed at each stop. There are also night buses on some routes, but they follow different rules.

Inside each bus, underground or tram carriage there is a list of all the stops on that line. All stops are signposted (at bus and tram stops at the top of the stop sign). Free subway maps are available at information offices. Ticket vending machines take € 10 bills but it is advisable to have some small change with you. 'Zone 100' covers all of Vienna (except airport); the other zones apply to lines to nearby towns, or to Vienna Airport.

The following tickets are available at vending machines (at every subway station), tobacconists, or ticket offices at railway stations. Single tickets are also available (slightly more expensive) inside each tram or bus.

  • Single tickets for € 1.70 (€ 2.20 inside a tram or bus). Each single ticket allows travel for one person on a single journey in one direction, and allows any number of transfers between buses, trams and underground trains. The ticket should be stamped once at the beginning of the journey at a blue `Entwerter' machine found at the entrance to underground stations and in buses or trams.

  • 8-day strip ticket for € 27.20 for a total of 8 (not necessarily consecutive) days of travel. One of the eight strips has to be stamped at an Entwerter for each day used, at the beginning of the first journey of that day. After that you just have to carry the ticket with you. These tickets can also be used for several persons traveling together, provided that one field is stamped for each person once for each day.

  • Weekly tickets for € 14, valid from Monday through Sunday, and monthly tickets for € 49.50, valid for a calendar month. These are available from ticket offices and tobacconists.

(A1) Getting to the Schottentor/Universität from the airport

Taxis from the airport to Vienna are expensive, unless preordered, e.g., from C&K Airportservice or Airportexpress (around € 28). If you prefer public transportation, you can either take the CAT train (€ 8) to Bahnhof Landstrasse-Wien Mitte and continue from there (see below) or use the regular train to Bahnhof Landstrasse-Wien Mitte (price = 2 zone ticket = € 3.40, which will also cover the subway/tram within Vienna). Tickets are available from a vending machine on the platform from which the train leaves.

With CAT train, the travel takes 20 minutes. With regular train, 30 minutes. Both depart every 30 minutes.

From Bahnhof Landstrasse-Wien Mitte take the underground line U-4 in the direction 'Heiligenstadt'. At the second stop (Schottenring) change to underground line U-2 (direction "Karlsplatz") and get out at the next stop (Schottentor/Universität).

The travel time from Bahnhof Landstrasse-Wien Mitte to Schottentor/Universität takes around 15 minutes.

(A2) Getting to the Schottentor/Universität from Westbahnhof

From Westbahnhof take the underground line U-3 in the direction 'Simmering'. At the Volkstheater station change to underground line U-2 (direction 'Stadion') and get out at the Schottentor/Universität.

The travel time from Westbahnhof to Schottentor/Universität takes around 10 minutes.

(A3) Getting to the Schottentor/Universität from Südbahnhof

Take the tram D (direction 'Nussdorf'), and get out at 'Schottentor/Universität' many stops later.

Attention: Between June 01 and July 04, 2008, from Südbahnhof walk to Südtiroler Platz (7 minutes) and take undergroud line U-1 in the direction 'Leopoldau'. At Station 'Karlsplatz', change to undergound line U-2 (unique direction) and get out at Schottentor/Universität.

The travel time from Südbahnhof to Schottentor/Universität takes around 20 minutes.

(B) Getting to the Institutes and hotels from Schottentor/Universität

At Schottentor/Universität, take the tram 37, 38, 41, or 40 (unique direction).

If you are going to the Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Hotel Bleckmann or Hotel Am Schottenpoint get out in the next stop at 'Schwarzspanierstraße'. You can also walk from Schottentor to these places (about 12 minutes). In this case just follow the Währinger Straße.

If you are going to Hotel Boltzmann or Großer Hörsaal, get out in the next stop (Sensegasse).

If you are going to the Erwin Schrödinger Institute get out in the stop Spitalgasse/Währinger Straße.


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