Publications by Christian Reimers:

      The HERSCHEL/PACS On-Board Data Reduction Concept
Ottensamer, Roland; Kerschbaum, F.; Reimers, C.; Wieprecht, E.; Feuchtgruber, H., Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XI, ASP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 281. Edited by David A. Bohlender, Daniel Durand, and Thomas H. Handley. ISBN: 1-58381-124-9. ISSN: 1080-7926. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2002, p. 303.
      The Austrian HERSCHEL/PACS On-Board Reduction Work Package
Ottensamer, R.; Kerschbaum, F.; Reimers, C.; Belbachir, A. N.; Bischof, H., Hvar Observatory Bulletin, vol. 26, no. 1, p. 77-80.
      Shaping of elliptical nebulae - The influence of dust-driven winds of ABG stars
Reimers C., E.A. Dorfi, Höfner S.: 2000, A&A 354, 573
      Shaping of Planetary Nebulae by Dust Driven AGB Winds
Reimers C., E.A. Dorfi, Höfner S.: 2000, Ap&SS 272, 227

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