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A newsletter devoted to star cluster research linked to the WEBDA database

Edited by: Giovanni Carraro, Martin Netopil, and Ernst Paunzen


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Welcome to the SCYON Newsletter!

The mission of this newsletter is to help all the researchers in the field of star clusters with a quick and efficient link to the scientific activity in the field. We encourage everybody to contribute to the new releases! New abstracts can be submitted at any time using the webform.

The current last issue is # 62 (19th November 2014)
New abstracts submitted since the last issue are available in the preview.


forthcoming Conferences:

The Milky Way Unravelled by Gaia - GREAT Science from the Gaia Data Releases - Barcelona, Spain, 1 - 5 Dec 2014
MODEST 15 - Concepcion, Chile, 2 - 6 March 2015

Job opportunities:

Postdoc position on the topic of Theoretical and Computational Astrophysics (Indiana University, Bloomington, USA)
Applications will be accepted until January 10, 2015