The Star Clusters Young & Old Newsletter

A newsletter devoted to star cluster research linked to the WEBDA database

Edited by: Giovanni Carraro, Martin Netopil, and Ernst Paunzen


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We are pleased to welcome you on the "new" SCYON Newsletter!

After a quite long break we intend to provide again up-to-date information on the topic of stellar cluster research.
Depending on the number of submitted abstracts and other contributions, the newsletter will be released on a quarterly basis. To accomplish a more frequent publication we ask for your support with abstract contributions and to provide also any other information of interest concerning cluster research (conferences, job announcements, tools/services ...).

The current last issue is # 60 (7th May 2014)
New abstracts submitted since the last issue are available in the preview.


forthcoming Conferences:

The Early Life of Stellar Clusters: Formation and Dynamics - Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 Nov. 2014 - 7 Nov. 2014