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Edited by: Giovanni Carraro, Martin Netopil, and Ernst Paunzen


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We are pleased to announce the availability of a SCYON discussion forum.

It can be found at:

The main purpose of this forum is among others to share data, to look for missing data to complete a study, to foster new collaborations and to promote exchange of data and ideas.

There is no need to create an own account, but to avoid spam postings, we ask to indicate the email-address with which you are registered at SCYON (i.e. the email-address at which you receive the SCYON circular). However, your email-address will not be displayed, and it is just used as 'security' check.

Of course, there are other discussion possibilities (such as the Facebook group 'Star Clusters on arXiv'), but still numerous people are not on Facebook for various reasons. However, we strongly recommend to use also these possibilities. We hope that the SCYON forum will be helpful for your work and to establish new collaborations.