SCYON Abstract

Received on July 19 2017

The open cluster King 1 in the second quadrant

AuthorsR. Carrera (1,2), L. Rodríguez Espinosa (1,2), L. Casamiquela (3), and 4 co-authors
Affiliation(1) Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias
(2) Departamento de Astrofísica, Universidad de La Laguna
(3) Departament de Física Quántica i Astrofísica, Institut Ciéncies Cosmos (ICCUB), Universitat de Barcelona
Accepted byMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society


We analyse the poorly-studied open cluster King 1 in the second Galactic quadrant. From wide-field photometry we have studied the spatial distribution of this cluster. We determined that the centre of King 1 is located at α(2000)=00h22m and δ(2000)=+64º23'. By parameterizing the stellar density with a King profile we have obtained a central density of ρ0=6.5±0.2 star arcmin-2 and a core radius of rcore=1'9±0'2. By comparing the observed color-magnitude diagram of King 1 with those of similar open clusters and with different sets of isochrones, we have estimated an age of 2.8±0.3 Gyr, a distance modulus of (m−M)o=10.6±0.1 mag, and a reddening of E(B−V)=0.80±0.05 mag. To complete our analysis we acquired medium resolution spectra for 189 stars in the area of King~1. From their derived radial velocities we determined an average velocity ⟨Vr⟩=-53.1±3.1 km s-1. From the strength of the infrared Ca II lines in red giants we have determined an average metallicity of ⟨[M/H]⟩=+0.07±0.08 dex. From spectral synthesis we have also estimated an α-elements abundance of ⟨[α/M]⟩=-0.10±0.08 dex.