SCYON Abstract

Received on September 27 2017

The ages of (the oldest) stars

AuthorsM. Catelan (1,2)
Affiliation(1) Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile
(2) Millennium Institute of Astrophysics, Santiago, Chile
To appear inInvited review, to appear in the proceedings of IAU Symp. 334 ("Rediscovering our Galaxy"), ed. C. Chiappini et al.


Much progress has been achieved in the age-dating of old stellar systems, and even of individual stars in the field, in the more than sixty years since the evolution of low-mass stars was first correctly described. In this paper, I provide an overview of some of the main methods that have been used in this context, and discuss some of the issues that still affect the determination of accurate ages for the oldest stars.