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A newsletter devoted to star cluster research.

Edited by: Giovanni Carraro, Martin Netopil, and Ernst Paunzen


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Abstracts received since the publication of Issue No 72 (26th May 2017)

M. Netopil  (August 9 2017)
Metallicity calibrations for dwarf stars and giants in the Geneva photometric system

S. Cariddi, N. Azatyan, P. Kurfürst, et al.  (August 9 2017)
A search for peculiar stars in the open cluster Hogg 16

R. Carrera, L. Rodríguez Espinosa, L. Casamiquela, et al.  (July 19 2017)
The open cluster King 1 in the second quadrant

L. L. Watkins and R. P. van der Marel  (June 21 2017)
Tycho-Gaia Astrometric Solution Parallaxes and Proper Motions for Five Galactic Globular Clusters

M. Xu Cai, M.B.N. Kouwenhoven, S. F. Portegies Zwart, and R. Spurzem  (June 15 2017)
Stability of Multiplanetary Systems in Star Clusters

B. Shukirgaliyev, G. Parmentier, P. Berczik, and A. Just  (June 13 2017)
The impact of a star-formation efficiency profile on the evolution of open clusters

H. J. G. L. M. Lamers, J. M. D. Kruijssen, Nate Bastian, et al.  (June 6 2017)
The difference in metallicity distribution functions of halo stars and globular clusters as a function of galaxy type: A tracer of globular cluster formation and evolution

Genevieve Parmentier  (June 1 2017)
The dense-gas mass versus star formation rate relation: a misleading linearity?