Project parts of the SFB 65

[P1] - Large-time behavior of continuous dissipative systems
Project leader: Anton Arnold

[P2] - Large-time behavior of discrete dissipative systems
Project leader: Ansgar Jüngel

[P3] - Structure preserving variational discretisation via optimal transport
Project leader: Jan Maas

[P4] - PDE models for transportation networks
Project leader: Peter A. Markovich

[P5] - Time dependent (magnetic) Schrödinger equations
Project leader: Norbert J. Mauser

[P6] - High order numerical methods for nonlocal operators
Project leader: Jens Markus Melenk

[P7] - Problem-adapted discretisations of wave equations
Project leader: Ilaria Perugia

[P8] - Coupling in computational micromagnetics
Project leader: Dirk Praetorius

[P9] - Large-time and macroscopic asymptotics in kinetic transport
Project leader: Christian Schmeiser

[P10] - Automated discretization in multiphysics
Project leader: Joachim Schöberl

[P11] - Multiphysics effects in solids
Project leader: Ulisse Stefanelli