New paper in PNAS on Paracatenula symbionts

Paracatenula, an ancient symbiosis between thiotrophic Alphaproteobacteria and catenulid flatworms
by Harald Ronald Gruber-Vodicka, Ulrich Dirks, Nikolaus Leisch, Christian Baranyi, Kilian Stoecker, Silvia Bulgheresi, Niels Robert Heindl, Matthias Horn, Christian Lott, Alexander Loy, Michael Wagner, and Jörg Ott

PNAS 2011 - published ahead of print June 27, 2011, doi:10.1073/pnas.1105347108

The article is open access - go to

You should really watch the Paracatenula movie here and you might as well read the University press release here.

New paper in FEMS ecology

First detection of thiotrophic symbiont phylotypes in the pelagic marine environment by Niels R. HeindlHarald R. Gruber-Vodicka, Christoph Bayer, Sebastian Lücker, Joerg A. Ott, Silvia Bulgheresi

FEMS Microbiology Ecology 77:1 223-227 - online here

New Paper in the ISME Journal

"Sequence variability of the pattern recognition receptor Mermaid mediates specificity of marine nematode symbioses" by Silvia Bulgheresi*, Harald R Gruber-Vodicka*, Niels R Heindl, Ulrich Dirks, Maria Kostadinova, Heimo Breiteneder and Joerg A Ott

*these authors contributed equally

ISME Journal 5, 986–998 - online here