International Collaborators

During the course of the project there will be several invited guests who will join us in Vienna and participate in projects publications and events. More details and events will be added to the timeline and the news page in due course. For collaborations, leading to a joint paper, you are particularly invited to visit our project-publication list.

Our international partners include

Dr. Tobias Berger, University of Sheffield, UK

Dr. Neven Grbac, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Dr. Marcela Hanzer, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Prof. Michael Harris, Columbia University, USA

Dr. Jie Lin, IHES, France

Prof. Anantaram Raghuram, IISER Pune, India

Dr. Gunja Sachdeva, TIFR Mumbai, India

Dr. Ronnie Sebastian, IITP Mumbai, India

Dr. Shunsuke Yamana, Kyoto University, Japan