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Template Grown Nanostructures

CNTs provide an excellent template to grow metallic, oxidic, ionic or molecular nanostructures.

TEM of C60 peapods was the first demonstration of filling SWCNTs Smith et al. Science 2000


There is a balance between deformation energy and reaction energy Melle-Franco et al. Chem. Phys. 2003

Ordered pea structures were reported Khlobystov et al. PRL 2004

Raman spectra of pristine and doped peapods

After doping with Rb the peas turn into a polymeric phase Pichler et al. PRL 2002

Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes

High curvature effects for the innershell tubes

DFT yields larger tube diameters as compared to graphene zone folding
Carbon nanotubes with exactly two walls can be grown from peapods

The inner tubes RBMs exhibit extremely narrow Raman lines which indicates high perfectness. The interior of the tubes operates as a nano cleanroom R. Pfeiffer et al. PRL 2003