Thursday 19.10.2017 at 4 pm Meeting point: Studicafe (room C 420) Nig, 4th floor What does Bagru mean and can you eat it?! What is the difference between Bagru and […]

Friday 13.10.2017 from 5 pm on Studicafe (room C 420) Nig, 4th floor Friday the 13th, to beautify such an auspicious day, we want to organize with you our wonderful […]

With the critical introductory days at the University of Vienna, you will be given the opportunity to discuss critical issues within the university and society. A cross-curricular alternative program: workshops, […]

We offer two dates during the summer holidays for student counselling, in case you have any questions: Wednesday, 20.9. 15:00-16:00 and Thursdy, 28.9. 11:00-12:00   Other than that, you can […]

Racist remarks during lectures? Xenophobic jokes in the canteen? Open hostility in the hall? Various forms of racist behaviour at the university are present. Perpetrators may be professors or fellow […]

Our page is “on” again…more or less… to some extent… we’ll try to make it 100% working again by february, so you will be perfectly informed again All the Best, […]