Here you find a map provided by Google Maps showing hotels in Vienna: Hotels (opens in a new window)

To get further information on hotels, hostels and other accommodation variants, please contact the Austrian National Tourist Office. Here are some nation specific portals:
Brasil | Canada & USA | France | Germany | Israel | the Netherlands | UK & Ireland

The Austrian National Tourist Office provides also specific portals for other countries. To find the specific portal for your country, please open the link to an arbitrary portal. At the top of the page there is a small gray list of links, the first of which is "International: name of some country". When you click on the name of the country, you'll be given a list of all supported countries.

Please note: We can provide some free sleeping possibilities. So, if you are a student or unemployed and in need of free accommodation, please let us know ahead of time, and we will try to figure something out.