Members of the Workgroup
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Mag. Andreas Gabriel
Mag. Gerd Krizek
Diploma Students
  Irena Bojic  
  Hans Schimpf
  Heidi Waldner
Bachelor Students
  Albert Steiner  

Supervised Theses (2 PhDs, 7 Diploma Theses, 3 Bachelor Theses):

Marcus Huber PhD 03.2008–06.2010 "Entanglement and Geometry in Multipartite Systems"; with distinction (graded by external reviewers)
Diploma 06.2007–02.2008 "Quantum information and entanglement in complex systems"
Heidemarie Knobloch Diploma 01.-06.2009 "Quantenkryptographie für die Schule"
Christoph Spengler PhD 01.2009–11.2012 "Entanglement and correlations in composite quantum systems"; with distinction (graded by external reviewers)
Diploma 02.-12.2008

"Geometrical Aspects of Qudits Concerning Bell

Florian Hipp Diploma 2011 "Geometry of Qudits"
Stefan Greindl Diploma 2011 "Quanten Computer für die Schule"
Christina Peham Diploma 2011 "Symmetrien und Erhaltungssätze in der klassischen Physik, Quantenmechanik und Teilchenphysik"
Veronika Baumann Bachelor 2011 "Verschränkung in biologischen Systemen - Light Harvesting Complexes"
Paul Erker Bachelor 2011 "Genuine Vielteilchenverschränkung und Dicke-Zustände"
Sasa Radic Diploma 2011 "Investigation of Entanglement and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relation in the Neutral Kaon System"
Stephanie Belohlavy Bachelor 2012 "A quantum mechanical view on the radical pair mechanism for avian magnetic compass"