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Nonlocal Seminar

Ever since 2004, our group with the group at the RCQI Bratislava and (since 2010) with the Masaryk University Brno have been meeting three times each year in order to keep each other (as well as visitors) informed about our scientific achievements. Talks are held on state-of-the-art quantum informational topics.

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Vienna Theory Lunch-Club

In cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology, we organise weekly talks on different topics of theoretical physics. They are held mainly by PhD-students and are - although the topics very well can be quite specialised - kept at a level such that they can be understood by a broad audience of physicists from different fields.
If you are interested in auditioning or even participating, you are most welcome to let us know or simply drop by.

COST action

European COST action

Fundamental Problems in Quantum Physics

Starting participants

Angelo Bassi
University of Trieste
Irene Burghardt
Ecole Normale Superiéure
Catalina Curceanu
INFN-LNF Laboratories
Lajos Diosi
Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics
Fay Dowker
Imperial College
United Kingdom
Detlef Duerr
Ludwig-Maximilian University
Beatrix Hiesmayr
University of Vienna
Salvador Miret-Artes
Institute for Mathematics and Fundamental Physics
Ward Struyve
University of Leuven
Stefan Teufel
University of Tuebingen
Nino Zanghì
University of Genova



Abstract:The challenges facing the research in quantum foundations are of primary interest, both theoretical and experimental: the status of quantum physics is still under debate, in particular concerning the transition from the microscopic to the macroscopic world. The understanding of the microscopic laws governing quantum phenomena is crucial for novel and innovative descriptions at mesoscopic and macrospcopic scales. The impact will result in a better understanding of molecular behaviour, in advancing focussed experiments and in the development of the theory into relativistic regimes. The proposal aims at strengthening the cooperation, and boosting the research activity, among European groups working in the foundations of quantum physics. The COST action will create the necessary platform for enhancing synergetic effects among the participants, exchanging knowhow, coordinating the research.

Keywords: Quantum foundations, Bohmian mechanics, collapse models, Bell-type experiments, entanglement, nonlocality, nonlinear Schrödinger equations, stochastic differential equations, relativistic interactions, quantum transport, quantum chemistry, statistical mechanics of equilibrium and non equilibrium, many particle quantum systems.


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