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THT 399

Other press marks:B 399, Bleistiftnummer 4994


Main find spot:Qumtura
Expedition code:T III Qu 10.02.1906
Collection:Berlin Turfan Collection (BBAW)

Language and Script

Linguistic stage:Classical

Text contents

Text genre:Literary


Material:Ink on paper
Number of lines:6
Remarks:Buddhalegende, In one frame with THT 398, Toch B 399, auf Glas T III Qu 5 Line b1 is lost.


THT 399 Recto

Images loaded from through by courtesy of IDP Berlin, the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften and the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Orientabteilung.


a1/// (pi)ś iltsempa m[ā] ///
a2/// tmane tsaṅkā – ///
a3/// (saṃ)khyaine śak\ tman(e) ///
a4/// ṣkas\ pāramīta(nta) [n]au ///
b2only traces
b3/// ś\ yärpont· k[\] ///
b4/// lpa vyākarit\ p· ///
b5/// skalñesa ///
b6/// [·ā]lcce tu ñi po ///


a1/// (pi)ś iltsempa ///
a2/// tmane tsäṅkā – ///
a3/// (saṃ)khyaine śak tman(e) ///
a4/// ṣkas pāramītä(nta) nau ///
b2only traces
b3/// ś yärpont· k ///
b4/// lpa vyākarit p· ///
b5/// skalñesa ///
b6/// ·ālcce tu ñi po ///


IDP: THT 399, TITUS: THT 399
Edition: TochSprR(B) II:



The International Dunhuang Project: The Silk Road Online, at:


Thesaurus Indogermanischer Text- und Sprachmaterialien (TITUS): Tocharian Manuscripts from the Berlin Turfan Collection. Transcriptions prepared by Christiane Schaefer, transliterations by Tatsushi Tamai and Katharina Kupfer. Edited by Jost Gippert, Katharina Kupfer, and Tatsushi Tamai, Frankfurt am Main, 2000–2007; at:

TochSprR(B) II

TochSprR(B) II: Tocharische Sprachreste. Sprache B, hg. v. †E. Sieg und †W. Siegling, Heft 2. Fragmente Nr. 71-633, aus dem Nachlaß hg. v. Werner Thomas, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1953. 399
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