In the transliteration only

String hole (schnurloch)
« »Correction in the original manuscript
«† »Deletion in the original manuscript
(–)Missing single akṣara
(·)Missing part of an akṣara
[ ]Uncertain reading
\Virāma with stroke
\Virāma with stroke and dot
ka etc.Fremdzeichen ka = /kä/ etc.

In the transliteration and the transcription

Dot (punctuation)
:Double dot (punctuation)
||Double stroke / Double daṇḍa (punctuation)
///Damaged edge of a manuscript fragment
-Morphological boundary (in compounds and verbal forms + suffix)
Unreadable single akṣara
·Unreadable part of an akṣara

In the transcription only

( )Restoration
〈 〉Missing akṣara or part of an akṣara without lacuna
Deletion of superfluous akṣara
{ }Correction
#Pāda end
;Colon end

In the translation

( )Missing and restored text
[ ]Commentaries and additions for the better understanding


/ /Phonological form
[ ]Phonetic form
〈 〉Orthographic form
>developed in
<developed from
*formReconstructed (diachronic) form
form*Deduced (synchronic) form
Zero ending
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