Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 1, October 1989

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Introductory Remarks:

by: Michel Breger

The study of Delta Scuti and related stars is truly international with reseachers scattered all over the world. At the last IAU General Assembly some disscussions centered on the problem of how to increase communication and cooperation among the many astronomers working in the field. Some of the areas, in which the newsletter hopes to achieve this, are:

In front of you you have the first issue of the informal newsletter, which is sent to interested individuals. I am willing to edit the newsletter for a while, but hope that other editors can be found among the regular contributors. This is, of course, not another beautifully produced, expensive journal with its own bureaucracy. The selection of the contents and the views expressed in the newsletter are deliberately highly personal, but a variety of opinions and discussions are sought. There will be more newsletters if you participate.

What can you do to help? Please send copies of preprints (and reprints). You can write us about your results, analyses, opinions, observing plans, calls for cooperation, etc. We are especially intererested in reports of the status of your work. An empty page for the next issue is attached, but your contribution need not be limited to this page.

An E-mail address is also available:

Finally, thanks go to the City of Vienna for its support ot the work of the Astroseismology group by providing a computer and laser printer.

Editorial Committee:

Michel Breger, Don Kurtz, Jaymie Matthews, Ennio Poretti, Jiang Shi-yang