Delta Scuti Star Newsletter

Issue 1, October 1989

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57 Tau=HR1351

by: J. Shi-yang

Jiang Shi-yang from Xing-Long Observatory, China, reports preliminary results of their analysis of 57 Tau. They find three f requencies: f1 = 18.23396, f2 = 20.43533, f3 = 1.12781 cycles per day. Since the measured rotational velocity, v sin i = 100 km/sec, f3 might be identified with the rotational frequency. A possible identification of the other two modes is Pl, l= 2, m = 1 for f1 and m = -2 for f2, respectively. For a stellar radius of 1.8 solar radii, the inclination, i, becomes 71 degrees.